Find Asus Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Assi Ahmad says:

    Additional prominent part of the Phone that everybody recognized in the teaser of the phone that is now official by VIVO a memory slot and 3.5mm audio jack and phone has surprise camera

  2. KaZa Mezaa says:

    The similar type of capabilities as we saw previously appeared in Apple Watch and "MacBook" on the basis of Intel Broadwell called Force Touch.

  3. Boudissa Mohamed Amine says:

    in news this phone again featuring more than 20MP camera may be the most advanced phone; no need to change the sim with the E-SIM features

  4. Mohamed Magrabi says:

    still the Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery capacity on the htc devices well metallic choice is just another thing which just give first good impression

  5. Thaer Sabah says:

    going to buy the big phones but now I am looking for the phone with compact size but the specs list will be identical with the samsung galaxy a9

  6. Sohaib Ali says:

    Now you will feel in the shoes of user Apple, but should pay tribute to Samsung: the minimum amount of memory

  7. Wafiya Sain says:

    investor on these phone should know that reselling point of these phones is continously down

  8. Ahmad Sondos says:

    For now, all the things in the world change because Apple makes everything more smarter. First, smarter phones, and then the watch.

  9. Usama Abbasi says:

    May be more thicker but the pretty as well with extra ordinary specifications. There is need to include more options to unlock phone

  10. Rami Alsamman says:

    2015 Mobile World Congress is become more special with this set to take place among March 2 and March 5, so it is probable that we will perceive the next Galaxy S6.

  11. Said Kasht says:

    You might acquire an S5, for case, among Samsung's own Exynos chipset or Qualcomm's Snapdragon all on relay on where you buy it on the earth

  12. Mohamad Kattan says:

    In Use, Performance and Battery this the all things required most on tablet and all are perfect

  13. Amany says:

    phone is durable with great things like water proof and dust also not easily scratchable.. phone is solid and pretty with its slimmest body

  14. Mani Sahota says:

    Again a very lower quality of smartphone. I dont know that why samsung is producing such a lower quality of smartphone.

  15. Delkash Othman says:

    And the Galaxy Note Edge line up is already under stress, and might be even shaking. However, it look alike this is just vibrate

  16. Mouhamed Alhamoud says:

    Phone decent, a cut above the iPhone 5s; much more convenient to have all through the keep using their devices with one hand just

  17. Mohammad Katanasho says:

    i need this phone

  18. Gulal Ahmad says:

    essentially I am expecting xperai z6 or series of their ultra mobile phones to be come this year.. Well the quitely launch xperia x series withing the same hardware and design is once again the same as before so what is big thing around here?

  19. Fkhry Mohamd says:

    i suggest them to use few things like e ink buttons in galaxy s7 will be greatfull to reduce the sizes and actually dimensions.. also it is more comfortable to handle those phones and new gen entertains us with this .

  20. Basith says:

    When is it expected to on market in UAE