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  1. Hamdy Sara says:

    IPhone 6 highlights on competition and older brothers when the light is gone, with less noise, good detail and fast operation.

  2. Zead Abozead says:

    In the hand the calm curve of the mobile phones feels actually pleasant, in spite of the smoothest plastic feel on hands and is not feeling as best as glass or metallic I say specially the alumunium.

  3. Sardar Mousa says:

    but the nexus and the note get more wide angles and they claim that this phone is slimmest not this is to slim phone.. m8 is good

  4. Abdellah Chakiri says:

    an intelligent apple design beating all of its predecessor as well as rival models without a doubt

  5. Ahmed Badr says:

    build and receive calls because this phone is able to give best multi task experience while surfing the intenet, continuing downloads and watching videos even

  6. Amjad Sy says:

    many of the facts makes this one one of the most best phone... i rate this phone 10 out of 8 because it got best design, display, performance, platform and finally battery life

  7. Rahsed Moin says:

    The perfect size of the Smartphone is 4 to 4.9 inches that I think that is Apple offering in the new phone with all the advanced features as no other can offering such a unique Touch ID, Camera and Display

  8. Sara Alsqoor says:

    there is no matter they are copying anyone or not because they are offering as possible best user interface .. as i am using before htc phone.. there is only one thing bad on these phone battery.. but Samsung has solution for all

  9. Ahmed Sayed says:

    if the phone got all the powerful features include the durable battery life, major features for the video recording, the modest OS Lollipop and should include the front facing camera pixels approx 13MP or 8Mp

  10. Yazid Fin says:

    I recognize the brand which has greatly enhanced the use of lenses and sensors in their note 5,

  11. Ramiro Melendez says:

    the edge plus or this one which will you recommend any comparison of the both phone prices and features

  12. Mezoos Simon says:

    Edge version, but other rumors suggest that there is difference in the sizes may be the edge plus model is more bigger screen with more resolution

  13. Ahmed Abd Elsattar says:

    Clever front-facing camera flash agains its rivals; Battery will deter power usersn and that is not that beeneficial than

  14. Oguz Gul says:

    Octa-core 64-bit processor, Up to 12 days standby time the same performance is for the note 5 and also the iphone 6s is got the same durability but witht the multi tasking more durable is the galaxy s6

  15. Farah Yaqoob says:

    Adreno 430 is so good and better for playing games because each and every game get the best graphics. simultaneously video recording features are well

  16. Zaira Usman says:

    when Lumia 2520 Dubai price are available, i am waiting for it for a long time

  17. Ahmed Oveid says:

    definitely it is good as compare to previous models because it is new phone. 9.7-inch display is good and look skinny i like this tablet by the world most best brand

  18. Pretty Solly says:

    screen size and thickness of nexus 8 is impressive ... any news about its release date in dubai???

  19. Frat Hameed says:

    Android OS 5.1.1 is builtin in this new phone or has packed kitkat which is upgradable

  20. Abu Yussuf says:

    something lg note 4??? am i right or not... because specs are more improved in this g3 model