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  1. Ubed Munim says:

    one-sided design is awesome and phone comfortable but very very big

  2. Omar Sayyad says:

    It unlocks all the things for us to easily study and develop in communication on Smart devices right now, hopefully all is been more productive in the next upcoming S models with some of the major changes in main sections like battery, ram and graphics actually.

  3. Tawfik says:

    gear 2 with camera but neo witout

  4. Tarik says:

    Very nice mobile but need amprovment

  5. Abdel Rady says:

    retina display is actually good at all samsung s7 got the stainless steel plus modify design elements make it more promising to give your hands a good grip with the s7

  6. Agha Abu says:

    Curved is just similar as the infinity pool of the edge phone and the best thing is the bend edge face of the Smartphone from the front that is capable to give you more ease to control you app with personalized the shortcuts and notifications as well.

  7. Waleed Zuraiqi says:

    this is make its first impression in the markets after june and yes the phone looks prettier than before; I expect that the battery will be improved

  8. Shambhu says:

    Xoloblack,blsck3gb how much the price? I want buy this.

  9. Tanvir says:

    Beauty in every detail with low prices, so what people now ant is a big screen device with sleek body and thin ... packed with good camera..

  10. Faiza Rasheed says:

    Maybe its means that the phone has a quite good display or they were trying to say that the display a Quality HD one which is the latest thing added in the Smartphones.

  11. Amine says:

    when coming an awesme phone with good and perfect slim looks.. a phone and and best camera phone

  12. Jedo Hamed says:

    in the design I give s7 edge more remarks to be more compact and great grip in hands. S7 is so nice phone and I impressive with the phone camera.

  13. Farhan Tandel says:

    similarly sizes and type of phones by samsung and I am really confuse with the a series or the alpha what the phone really distinguish

  14. Fahad says:

    i need blackberry bold 9930 verizon without cam

  15. Hamma Ammari says:

    options that could be droped, home button, headphone jacks. And may be a new placement of their phone anternna to make dimensions more friendly for their users.

  16. Anas Mansour says:

    Viewing angles are very good in normal use actually the best camera and advacnments on the v10 lg phone is really great but also two screens operate independently

  17. Fahad Wali says:

    5.2 inches screen size will be great but they are not making it more less bezel in this way. In my opinion they must have to change things specially their built

  18. Walid Sleiman says:

    and even that is consider to attract the high-end users of Android, Tim Cook has said in interviews.

  19. Alessandra Giuseppe Marrone says:

    It might get famous like 5s, becasue 6s and 6s plus does not got the place 5s got in the market i dont know why but i am 100% sure that Apple would thing in that way.

  20. Ammar Mohammed says:

    3d phones are coming by Apple well waiting for it