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  1. PINTU KUMAR says:

    its realy.

  2. Rachid says:

    i like its new i sight 8mega pixels camera Focus Pixels technology and more advance focus and face detection.. that is manually also managable.

  3. Hany Yehia Zalat says:

    Sony make their phone scratch less and wonderful. This is the only reason why iam stick with this phone so long.

  4. Hadar Hamed says:

    the fresh piece meaning we will see many other compact phones time after time even with the iphone 6s and more modifications we will see than

  5. Majed Almajed says:

    tell me easiest way to update my os on note edge top lollipop... and tell me also the new enhancment best with the camera of the phone

  6. Raneem Mashih says:

    there focue on how it Look, Feel, and User interface. that is why we will see all things changes on the new iphones in 2015 and 2016 but the many hardware is just like before.

  7. Alishba Hemani says:

    I just like the battery which is of 3300 mAh and this is really very huge. You can use this smartphone for a long time.

  8. Dlshad Afren says:

    You can appreciate both stabilization AF speed as compare to prev it is much improved now

  9. Taimoor says:

    it is good

  10. Yahia Mahran says:

    Aascned 7 and now 8; need no increase in the size of the phone just Huawei have to make front and primary camera more powerful and sharp and work fine with low light and processor should have to be updated

  11. Haji China says:

    when the mi5 is available?

  12. Hassam Raza Khan says:

    But first let's see how to relate to the characteristics of iPad Air 2 with its predecessor and chief competitors.

  13. Ommar Al Abaade says:

    there is possibilities of the iphone 7 to packs 15MP camera lens and the video recording with the 5K recording video capturing features whereas i think it all required more battery consumption

  14. Ali Affan says:

    will anyone first just use this surface pro 3 and than post their reviews.. so can i make my mind to buy this one...because there is some problems microsoft is facing on this one hope it is now reconcile...

  15. Thaer Alsory says:

    decent value it is and also beautiful design of the device. Good quality HD display of the screen with support of nice screen and battery

  16. Reem Mohammed says:

    not know still the camera of the surface is nice or not in the low light because there is no ISO option found

  17. Sipan Saya says:

    in hands it is very big however the battery is not like note 4 the low power of battery

  18. Mimed Yemen says:

    innovative body make this phone one of the best looking blackberry phone.. quite hard to use with one hand but Square design is something new

  19. Waled Amer says:

    coming on this march 18 but many same things if they repeated is not such goodas the predecessor model and its predecessor has many modifications with the design and actually the performance

  20. Mian Sufyan says:

    honestly there is a need of dual SIM in Apple iPhone..