Find Ascend Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Muna Muthafar says:

    It provides a good grip if they decrase the size of the phone and also make it bit more thinner

  2.  Wajahat Hussain says:

    This is new in the market and showing some great stuff and i think that all those companies who is in the market for so long should think about it.

  3. Amru Ahmad says:

    in how many vivid colors this coming. i love the band like watches it give good feeling.

  4. Mussab says:

    it is the best smartphone with high price but really perfect for use and for videos calls, messaging, filming a this is good

  5. Ahmad Hasan Owis says:

    12MP camera of the edge model is working same but even more options should be included via software because of additional screens where we can clearly used many options even brightness set and zoom in and out

  6. Kaniwar Asmael says:

    a boost in performance but slightly changes over their bulky body in the next phone. at first glance it not looks impressive because of plastic housing

  7. Dlvin Abde says:

    Selfie excellent, as well as video calls on Skype or Hangouts. Among the options available, there is also the stabilizer for video and other functions dedicated to the front camera.

  8. Hussein Khalid says:

    commonly they just make changes to the display, sizes, resolution and ram which is why people know what is coming with the note family all the time. asmore powerful battery many times just exclude in their innovation which is the thing required

  9. Abdel Khalek says:

    will be fine but battery backup should required to got more improvements. Might get poor depending on your usage because if you are playing games and use it for multimedia all the time there is not so well management with battery

  10. Aref Dhieb says:

    the phone is not in the line up of high end phones while unveil at a time when Apple go for iPhone 6 and also note 4 like phone comes.. so people not know about this moto g2

  11. Asad says:

    6c coming when any detail about its release date and please provide me features of the phone

  12. Saboor Tareq says:

    Additional noise and clear sound of the nexus 6 Smartphone to hear. In support of best Dual front-facing speakers offers immersive stereo system noise to provide you the most excellent audio for movies and games.

  13. Sufyan Al Gargary says:

    Geo-tagging, touch focus all cameras features of this smartphone are pure and view angle is ok

  14. Alturk Alhady says:

    it is really beautiful smartwatch Elegant, fluid user interface and round screen make it looks best. But some of the disadvantages using gear is Laggy notification menu

  15. Mohamed Salameh says:

    2160p video recording at all fps rates. Exynos 5433 variant is more advanced

  16. Marmar Mohamed says:

    Totally I am confusing between both phones that note 4 or the nexus 6, kindly any suggestion for me? I need phone with the similar spec as nexus 6 but size of iPhone is what I need to. Small one is good

  17. Eyad Ahmed Kaddour says:

    android latest version marshmallo 6.0 update is rolling out for the lg g4 all models now also for uae carriers lg g4 users can update

  18. Mustafa Mahmoud says:

    no rapid charging. And just below the news Google Nexus 5X supports fast charging which is more less in the prices and has new marshmallow update on it.

  19. Axil Akeles says:

    one of the great and good looking phone but not like this kind of phones in dark colors except black ... however features and quality of this phone is great

  20. Rama Aghm says:

    So the cheapest one found here is the sport watch while the all editions got the similar processor Apple S1, and the operating system iOS but the flexible watch got the Retina AMOLED that is different..