Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mustafa Ismail says:

    what is good if they are even in the latest generation not offering wireless charging, others rivals models s6, lg g4 and more charge faster than iphone 6s

  2. Amreen Ehsan says:

    no need to make it more thicker main thing is to include more capacity to the battery of the phone

  3. Omar Magdy says:

    it is going to be the best innovation in the tablet era. i think this time apple make super size ipad air.. and it look amazing as seen in photo

  4. Jhanzaib says:

    I am still using the S4, and here we have the s6 now, but still in love with the features of Samsung galaxy s4, i will gonna buy Samsung galaxy s6 after few months.

  5. Siddique says:

    Ya I need to sell ma BlackBerry q5

  6. Ghamama Zafar says:

    icloud is same working as in the latest ipads and iphones,, so you can collect your data

  7. Prashant Khandekar says:

    We want purchese lava iris fuel 60.

  8. Sulaeman says:

    processor and innovative-click accessories all are coming with this amazing note advanced performance and professional-level camera features a higher level.Equipped with a powerful battery

  9. Yahya Maqbool says:

    what is the prices of the pro 3 with the 256GB storage tell me please i want to buy it

  10. Mohamad Shabaz says:

    The ram is working fine along with the processor and i think it good. I can play the game of my choice and can run different Apps. No issues till yet.

  11. Ahmed Hassan says:

    what is the prices of at and t model note edge and note 4 both in dubai

  12. Hasan Taha says:

    Apple is actually taking very nicely in all aspects as they before launch kingsize iphones plus models and than the small version. phone is color-matched stainless steel and new chipset to manage operations easily

  13. Naz Ambreen says:

    I like the kitkat but it is slowing down this smartphone which is not so good. A5 is a normal specs which need a normal OS

  14. Rajput Sikaari says:

    The powerful battery is always ready to provide the best backup to the smartphone and this is why people are buying it.

  15. Salaha Dheen says:

    what is the cost of their google pixel c?? Is it launch and how many models available in uae for this model

  16. Ahmed Hmad says:

    true Blackberry, never might go for good-looking interfaces iOS, favor no additional software basic function - work with the mail.

  17. Satish Kumar says:

    I want this phone

  18. Ayub Adem says:

    the same reason why i am waiting for their next mobile phone is the housing of cardslot, retina new scanner through eye recognization and yes the removable battery is just another part

  19. Mohsin says:

    i think note 4 is in many things much better as compare to this kind of phone but this iphone is small and pretty features inside..

  20. Mena Alkalidy says:

    best alternative to tabs like ipad but surface pro 3 actually significantly larger than the competition