Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Taha Mansoor says:

    Android 4.4 introduced a lot of problems. The first thing I'd recommend is to see if your carrier has provided an OTA 4.4 update. I'm pretty sure all A3 models in the Egypt have one available by now, except those without a 4G radio. Don't know about the rest of the globe.

  2. AlBakar says:

    some good parts of the newest phone include the amount of ram greater than ever. well they include the same screen resolution but 518 ppi pixel density on the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

  3. Yumna Rizvi says:

    You might have the heating problem after you droped it or pressed it tightly by any mean.. i dont thing there would be any problem because this is a wonderful phone by the LG and people like it a lot and this was the top sold phone of LG.

  4. Nour El-Sheikh says:

    Desire 612 mobile phone is looking a decent value . as compare to its precedessor i found some new updation with desire 612 resolution and screen... it will be a good value of money

  5. Amar Ali says:

    so now i am planning to buy samsung galaxy s5 in dubai .. because the prices are now as per i want it to be. it is good phone also having capabilities life resistance with water and dust. also sound quality is very good i check it before, and one thing i really like is its best camera features

  6. Noor Houbary says:

    The huge phone propose a improved experience while playing games, watching HD Videos and screening snaps, Absolutely, but few users have establish it hard to employ with single hand this phone..

  7. Ahmed Alsharifi says:

    Of course you can get around this, go to the native player or in the "My Files" and finish it from there.....everything works fine in this phone... a good one

  8. Mahmoud says:

    Lumia Icon is one of the best Nokia phones i bet you...

  9. Belal Ahmad says:

    Low price decent screen and performance of the galaxy s6 edge is same as the samsung s6 and the note 5 as well

  10. Huda Oshaibi says:

    I really want to se the new processor in the samrtphone and samsung has done it for me by putting the new Qualcomm chipset in it.

  11. Muhammad Faisal MAlik says:

    The only stuffsabsent here to complete the iPad mini gaze are a home key, chamfered ends, and an Apple symbol.

  12. Safi Milan says:

    is even more interesting

  13. Alnimri says:

    not the best but thing that is good within these cost. mile detection, image stabilization, panorama, HDR features on the camera but still not good camera of this phone

  14. Adham Kannanbi says:

    they really promoted this one in the event more than their standard model of Z5.. Overall this is the most high end and amazing high pixels

  15. Maher Kashour says:

    with new headphone jack well something really different might be coming soon because this is one of the major change as not any make improvments with headphone jack and speakers with their phone not the Samsung phone have different qualities

  16. Michael Rogelio says:

    this is much better as compare to last edition pof scend P series.. Because it has feature that include top technology

  17. Vaishnav says:

    Is this fake?

  18. Prince Tariq Said says:

    it is powerful and so good in performance in both maners body and display. Samsung is know for the unique display

  19. Ahmad Ibrahim says:

    There is only one benefit of about 20% in exchange for develops to 5 devices only

  20. Mehdi Dipes says:

    temporary some people saying that they are using the eye retina recongization on the new iphone 7 but it is not all that true because to know before year about the mysterious phone it is always so hard. about the design it is not serious improvment requireds