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  1. Arunachalam Ragunathan says:

    The design is amazing and it is because Samsung understand that user now a days does not want a repeated design but a new kind of a design.

  2. Nejib Mahboul says:

    g3 is really a best phone of 2014... all are ok in this phone except its prices...:D that are too much expensive

  3. Shuaib ELyas says:

    in black it looks good, but in red and other colors it looks boring

  4.  Rahul Saha says:

    According to the Rumors the A8 chipset is specially desgin just for this amazing Smartphone. People are saying that why they dont did any think for the battery.

  5. Shibu Siddiqui says:

    Everyone liked their phones, disadvantages compared with Android are the same: security (if invent and store the password by iCloud in a safe place)

  6. Saeed Asse says:

    They are struggling for a long while with their design actually now compeleted with Note 5 and look forward to give same finishing and material to their future devices

  7. Mostafa Waleed says:

    all-new Taptic Engine well at first you have to simply lear how to use their new 3d touch by just watching some of the tutorial you know what actually it is and you will feel it definately.

  8. Mohamed AL Jaff says:

    the greater but increase in size will be little hard to use now.64GB ROM offering by them in successor model of the phone whereas previous phone not offering such ROM options

  9. Almasa Almas says:

    Several times the phone battery is very quickly low down… not I am using my phone in hard way just do simple task…

  10. Fahad says:

    i need blackberry bold 9930 verizon without cam

  11. Mas Ali says:

    my plan is to buy this phone but i am puzzle with the colors to choose. which one looks so premium i like the blue color but i use it before and now i wan to change my taste

  12. Belal Salih says:

    One obvious difference that I found about the performance of the lens with light sources. Apple is far good than others

  13. Ahmed Saleh says:

    the 3rd gen well the more pixels of the camera and the great battery not the design is good

  14. Mohammed Saad says:

    About some of the features on-screen keys in socket at the bottom of the screen, I was told, you need only add that you can change the graphic style of the panel and its color.

  15. Ali Sikandar says:

    Well build variety sense 7 is maybe the better Google place on top of them entire, influential performance, decent size and weight, SD card slot Support.

  16. Kussay Bader says:

    the winner is the new note has ggroundbreaking display with density and ram,camera is amazing well i impressed with the design and the new updates by reducing the size

  17. Waleed Aly says:

    You can pair it with a list of upcoming devices in 2016 like lg g5, google nexus 7, iphone 7s plus and xperia z6 following will be the big competitor of the galaxy note 6 for sure

  18. Mohammed E M Barakat says:

    unknown prices of this phone still please give me the best price because i need to buy

  19. Osama Muaddi says:

    version is comparable to the huawei most high end phone right now after the mates series but still many things required to enhanced for their future nexus huawei family

  20. Rokan Kalari says:

    in terms of features and how it works, nexus 6 by google devoid of obvious shortcomings which we are seeking for