Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Elshorbagy says:

    In fact, iOS presents more problems since there are more types of terminal.

  2. Matthew Nusca says:

    I was uncertain to purchase this at first since so many people described the Smartphone injured or was unable to get along with som carriers which is not easily available after the official launch in the market online.

  3. Jo Najm says:

    too small for most but for me it is just that what I want their new phones to be but incase of the built it is old school toughts

  4. Mohamed Mostafa says:

    Either I take a live photo by means of my Apple new gen smartphones like iPhone 6S, it has feature to take with the full resolution snaps now and save it more rapidly?

  5. Mhdii Maroc says:

    the phone from the bottom and the top look alike apple yest but not from the backside and even at the front that is more nice look by samsung

  6. Nasser says:

    why not scree size of this phone is increased.. and in how many colors phone is available and internal memory is how mcuh

  7. Zeeshx Ali says:

    the right price tag set by the company and is there is a verizon availability now?

  8. Jihad Elbarkaoui says:

    this phone is now available in UAE??

  9. Imad Ghadouani says:

    you can now run all amazing collection of the applications on this new Microsoft model; not just that take selfies with clarity and do lot more

  10. Walied Shomen says:

    we will see some of the great monster devices now in 2016. specially htc m10 is the one I am looking forward to find out what they have this time with its unique style and the body structure. Meaning they are going to introduce now some special editions with a stunning device hold features

  11. Fahmo Ibrahim says:

    speaker has been reduced in the galaxy j1 phones whereas we will see in future many new j models to be come with nice experience

  12. Mahjabeen Ali says:

    Very hard to believe, however among decreasing thickness and dimension of the Phone Samsung plans to make large the size at the same time not just the performance but also the battery life need to be more powerful and durable

  13. Ali Ajmer says:

    5 MP camera a good affordable prices but not a good cpu speed i am looking for

  14. Mohammed Nader says:

    this phone going to beat the z3 sony phone as it looks really nice and the graphics and ram is high enough for users

  15. Ammar Fa Malla says:

    not a good choice.... Desire 310 has 5 Mega Pixels camera but still not flash ....

  16. Maki Glal says:

    The front camera is located above the screen, there is - a light sensor and proximity. Under the screen - two touch and one mechanical button.

  17. Labieb Najdawi says:

    so the name of the watch is Microsoft smart watch or something else. and is this is fitness wearable watch.. so by it users can control microsft which kind of devices...or connect it with the nokia phones

  18. Rohan Saran says:

    Heating problem and lower quality smartphone very darb camera result

  19. Mohomed Omar says:

    On the other hand, there is a group of public trade the most luxurious things, and for them this place Smartphone - the perfect find.

  20. Jasim says:

    Iam waiting for iphone 7