Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Rashidam Fernandez Patasaha says:

    All the smartphones of samsung are being design in such a way that they could be use in the high light and in the low light as well. Samsung is working constantly on the camera and they have provided a wonderful camera in the model.

  2. Tulip Rose says:

    to make this kind of phone is really a big experiment by Samsung because other like Apple do the same this time and make impact on sell of Note 4 already... another time they ready to give us next edge model

  3. Abdul says:

    i want to buy galaxy fame 6810 please call me i want details 0551393955

  4. Ahmed Gilgamesh says:

    battery drain after playing the game more than 20min more faster than before. If find it is with the wifi as you if disable wifi it is more long lasting become than

  5. Saqer says:

    I spend extra money to a good cause…. So apple is just like what I want .

  6. Arain says:

    wait more 3 years may be

  7. Emad Omda Tamally Maak says:

    No! It's not tasteless bracelet as I see in the picture bit pretty watch look which appeared on the network the day before the presentation

  8. Abdul Hadi says:

    Lg g3 dual sim black 32 gb

  9. Ahmed Elzaabalawy says:

    The most noticeable difference in between the last edition of Note 2013 is with the brightness am I right?

  10. Septianih says:

    my bf gift me this mobile 1month ago, im so happy coz this mobile are so incredible.... :D thank you habibi

  11. Areej Ahsan says:

    feels good in the metallic materials than the plastic because there is use of corning glass that make phone bit more better and shinny.

  12. Arclan Bayg says:

    As everybody is thinking of the phone get a whole new body and the mixture look of the Alpha and the S5 last year model.They made this phone to be look more premium and looked to be more luxurious phone and the appearance is still mystery but very soon as this phone arrive people love this…!!

  13. Wafa Murad says:

    . And home is not only in line nokia, but also among all windows phone and now this kind of phone smartphone in general, given the dominant position of the company

  14. Lama Al-Hezayen says:

    In the resolution settings, along with a full 16 megapixel resolution pictures can be set with an aspect ratio of 1: 1 for Instagram, then the image will have an 8 megapixel resolution so as compare this features to iPhone you get the best thing to compare.

  15. Sameer says:

    increasing picture quality also work good in the low light situation this phone is very very good

  16. Jana Viland says:

    Make the price reasonable and i would bye it display and internal memory isnt a big issue for me. Awsome look and specs i always love sony the best..

  17. Ausaf Ahmed Chaudhary says:

    all the versions are now available in the markets and I really like the color of the ipads

  18. Smshad says:

    specs of this phone saying that smartphone has an ability to run 24hrs .he thickness of the new device is smaller than the previous models made by samsung.