Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Khatib says:

    the new Verizon edition of the note 4 is also come now with a really best price tag i really want to buy this phone and now it is possible for me to buy this one

  2. Maham Hamad says:

    the material used in making Apple smartphones are of high quality as well and thatís why they charge heavily to the customers.

  3. Mohamed Abo Alouon says:

    You can of course record Full HD 1080p video, but also a fashion TimeLapse and a slow-motion 720p at 120fps mode.

  4. Saber Kahlaoui says:

    Despite the fact that Google has not yet said how much will it cost smartphone, created in collaboration with Motorola

  5. Hamad Nasser says:

    Unluckily, the sleek plastic look and experience is quite cheap I say. It pull towards you fingerprints and scrape extremely comfortabily. We would propose using a case alongside this Smartphone - if possible

  6. Abo Alaa says:

    On the back cover is the main camera - in the upper left corner, and an external speaker - in the lower left.

  7. Adeel says:

    not be ready for a spring launch may be they are just waiting for the apple iphone to be come this year. spec improvements and perhaps a lot of new things we gonna see now

  8. Mahmoud Talat says:

    Company makes attempt to maintain their sale as compare to its best rival iPhone that break all the records set by itself before. The big Smartphone among no delicacy and lots of achievement.

  9. Eslam Miligy says:

    they now in reality bigger has more stunning display and more things some of the benefits with battery as well

  10. Haris Ahmed says:

    Such a lower battery 1440 mAh which can not even survive for a 15 hours or more. The features are amazing but the battery has made some bad impact on this series.

  11. Moosab says:

    not just a screen resolution is low also camera is not much good.. so not need to compare this phone with high end rich hardware smartphones.

  12. Eimen Abdulxaliq says:

    it really quickly connect to your mobile phone and perform better. not that room on the screen to type messages at all but some how i manage with this watch

  13. Ahmed says:

    lets see.

  14. Jaimini says:

    I have been searching Blackberry Bold 9790 used factory unlock White for last three mont, anyone wana sale please reply this post.

  15. Mahmoud Valentino says:

    it is my favorite

  16. Kheira Samed says:

    if your battery that extra boost than your phone is the best phone.. and moto g battery is not much good and not too bad

  17. Asghar Baghi says:

    i need typing cover for my pro 3 surface a live in uae pleases tell me how can i order this one

  18. Noman Gamar says:

    i am waiting for the htc m10 to be available and start ship. although they are going to use some new technology on the device whereas Android 6.1 Marshmallow Onboard! and the pone launch in MWC 2016

  19. Loay Wael says:

    The watch has so much to explore and this is one of the best watch in the world according to the Apple their is so much to come this is just a trailer.

  20. Donny Keymon says:

    Magnificent look and an elegant design is making Apple Quaint. People love its glamorous body shape and drab color which looks perfect on it.