Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Waqar says:

    want to purchase, how to purchase

  2. Abdul Xulfi says:

    a good phone that is offering perfect features with the camera. however Sleek Design and software is updatable to the new one

  3. Mary Makar says:

    A quad-core processor for a soft Smartphone skill. And if the built-in 8 GB of storage capacity and has packed 15 GB of free One Drive storage space that is not just sufficient, bulk up to an extra 128 GB by adding up a microSD card.

  4. Jalaleddin Shaheen says:

    behind the seen same material and design as use in Apple devices :) little bit more smooth finishing and color combination now

  5. Mueed says:

    I believe it's died in favour of the Huawei Vision which is due for release

  6. Ahmed Ghazal says:

    The have a different strategy and the follow that strategy and covers a samll but valid share in the market. Sooner according to rumors they would bring someting good or new in the market..

  7. Ahmed Abd El-raouf says:

    there is new Watch OS 2.2 on the new bands and it looks really nice with the combination of such bright bands.

  8. Abdul says:

    Huawei p8ascend gold front camera 8 Mp how much sir /mam

  9. Imran Buttar says:

    You are right my dear it has a long battery and amaizng Specs and I have one and it is working perfectly all right all the specs are of high quality and this is the best part…

  10. Samm Corp says:

    and while the first results were astonishing, then there were overheating to which the Taiwanese brand has solved with a software update.

  11. Moaaz Nadeem says:

    I love the design of this smartphone as it is not just good but instead it is perfect for me. I can handel large screen smartphone.

  12. Admin2 says:

    samsung continuously making a same like phone .but lte feature on this phone is good

  13. Bakhtawar A. Meher says:

    The design is killing the smartphone market. it is unique and best in its kind. There is no other company is producing such a wonderful kind of a smartphone.

  14. Zaffar Haji Kamal says:

    4,200mAh battery it is not possible if they going tom produce the same design once again like the note 5. Even by making it more bigger their is not such room to give phone that battery capacity

  15. Moayad Sadek says:

    nice mobile features

  16. Kawa Ahmoo says:

    The headphones sound decent, though noticeable that the maximum volume is limited to smartphone software.

  17. Osama Khsh says:

    why did people point out that this phone battery is not good.. while this phone is economical as well.. i m sure phone is best in normal usage..

  18. Maram Marmar says:

    oneplus one uae free shipment available?

  19. Sangeen KhAn says:

    best google android platform for the more best expeience of surfing web and lot more you can do with lot more ease

  20. Zaid Alzubaidi says:

    z3 plus is when available in markets of sharjah please tell me I wanna buy this phone online with best options like cod and free shipment please suggest me