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  1. Mokhtar Saleh says:

    definitely belongs to the rumors era because right now their is all news about the note 7 phone which will coming in august,, no news about the 3d technology they gonna use on the galaxy s8 phone or not

  2. Amira Ezzat says:

    good phone for entertainment, with 4.00-inch 480x800pixels best new series develop by Nokia

  3. Sara Faisal says:

    Front camera is off 8 megapixels and this is amazing because you will be having some good amount of pictures and you can put them on your FB.

  4. Nahass says:

    and you actually forger the previous technology use in iphone 6s as named as Force Touch on the iPhone is much resemble the haptic system that developed in the Blackberry Storm.

  5. Mahmoud Sabry says:

    but there is very big size and the top of the screen working good and not interrupt us while playing and watching

  6. Nawaf Alazime says:

    as compare to their own xperia z3 last year mobile phone that is looking much alike this one also the same finshing of material and back cover.. Dimensions change but not the phone is the world most slimmest and specs are good.

  7. Othman Hashem says:

    the application and the best one is the BBM; the battery of the phone give you upto 7 hrs

  8. Mohamed Shahba says:

    I feel that iPhones are more good looking and comfortable feels in hands; mate s at the other side has good features but not has such front face camera

  9. Alhasel says:

    nice cheap nokia x prce like to get my hands on this now

  10. Seif Riahi says:

    this phone consider to be the most high end phone by Huawein

  11. Ahmad Alomari says:

    more traditional sibling on the next model with max pixels as required now

  12. Majd Mahayni says:

    Wireless charging (Qi/PMA) - market dependent and the new phone got 3000 mAh battery capacity packs nice features

  13. Marwan Al Qayssi says:

    With cameras from HTC lately is going some mystic.

  14. Sahibsagar says:

    I want iPhone 6 but I have not more money I buy I phone 6 mobile

  15. Kashan Khan says:

    If you click on the shortcut, it opens on the main screen, but if a folder, it is also revealed in the main screen.

  16. Kamal says:

    little change in the design of this phone

  17. Abou Mohamad Abdallah says:

    afterall the ram and graphic is not the most advance tech. factor played a role here: whether a simple savings on the cost of the device, which achieves significant quantities in such, or care for the quality of experience on the iPhone and iPad from different generations.

  18. Hamid Tobakoo says:

    I wanted to analyze the Nexus 6, because I love (love) the Nexus and all phones that offer excellent performance found in the clean layer of Android.

  19. Sadeq Al-harazi says:

    and this is all ready mobile phone to compete and beat its rivals models like s7 and iphones. All ground breaking specifications and being metallic is a nice step

  20. Oussama says:

    is this ipad come after iphone 6 or with this phone... also want to know that is new iwatch is coming with these devices