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  1. Valappil says:

    I did not expect to see the smartphones , looks like a 4K processing, because if this technology incldue smartphone more instantly heat up. and that is not something good for many

  2. Osama Shsmsh says:

    nokia xl is much better but when i seen nokia x2 mobile phone i really like this one as well... nokia is good in making this kind of phones as well ...

  3. Anas PS says:

    HI LG, Where I can buy LG L 60 mobile in UAE ?

  4. Saeed Ali says:

    but how do you put this phone in your pockets

  5. Mahmoud Youssef says:

    A9X processor well the look alike design of the ipad air repeate but with more slim dimensions

  6. Trojan says:

    Dear Fellows could you please tell me this new Nokia XL support online streaming?

  7. Abdul Kabir Pasha says:

    The Smartphone is good and the specs are really amazing I think this is the best Smartphone for a persone who do not have a variety of work to do

  8. Ayesha Khan says:

    I love to wear this Smart watch as it is good in shape and best in performing

  9. Heba Farouk says:

    but the iphone se is similar looking as the iphone 5s phone and also the specifications list is not so charming if the prices are just expensive as other phones.

  10. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    On the other hand must be able to improve G3, smartphone that not only had a good sales success, but along with the G2 arrived at a very competitive price through online store

  11. Galia Shamein says:

    what coming in the next version is probably something we all like to know. Best round up rumor I found for the apple iphone 7 is the oled display housing which is pretty acceptable right now

  12. Ali Humza says:

    seeking a big screen with high end specs and expensive prices phone really more distinctive-looking handset.

  13. Xaynerb Hayder says:

    only good thing they have done today is the announcement of Samsung Pay you can overtake Apple in UAE

  14. Ashraf Fawzy says:

    though at first the Chinese version arrive among ColorOS on board, in UAE Dubai it is sold, as a rule At least in the online shopping store

  15. Lasantha Perera says:

    The battery is good for me I think and I like its camera according to me it is of higher quality.

  16. Nadia S Matalqa says:

    HTC by now experimented with alike camera setup on the One M8. The Ultrapixel camera lens allow in more light than your standard lens to get better image quality, and a second sensor is there for extra information like depth of field.

  17. Ahmed Afifi says:

    sports watch when the display power off is bit same look alike as the samsung gears. well apple watches are more premium and slim. but if not an expensive one i should buy it

  18. Jayoung Kim says:

    A series of well manage high end phones are keep coming now like this,, they are huge they are powerful and durable. But now once again a battle begin for both of them Apple and Samsung with an nice handy size Smartphone

  19. Ewinat Ewinat says:

    Seems very strong, too but not durable as my expectations.. because of thin body battery got more shorter

  20. Shreif Abid says:

    Requiring drag your finger along the center button, it imposes a two-handed use, and its error rate is not negligible.