Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Viyan Barwary says:

    design usability, features and performance all are best expect value for this great phone :(

  2. Danyal says:

    i want nokia n 70 phone 0559708859

  3. Mohamad Alsado says:

    Smooth arc glass design finally after a long time by lg and from the front it looks more good as compare to iphone 5s really amazzing

  4. Jamal says:

    I want a7 2016

  5. Vayooos says:

    Yes I will....... ... ...

  6. Mushtaq Alattafy says:

    On paper, it immediately catches the eye, but in practice it turns out that with the exception of really sharper pictures on QHD-screens

  7. Anvarsadath says:

    best price

  8. Hassan Montaser says:

    the smartphone supports unibody as same as before but bit similar look like color combination as 5s from the front side

  9. Alshimrey says:

    moto e is just ok not too fast performance of this phone is. Android phone that offers an unbeatably features with such prices that is true

  10. Najeh Maghsudi says:

    The screen is really very big and you can consider it as a tablet rather than the Smartphone.

  11. Mohamed Akel says:

    I need prices of the phone in blue color if available

  12. Nona Nabil says:

    I would consider it a success to now unveil time after time another plus model

  13. Mohamed Hairani says:

    design is much excellent because of too big size not the phone give bulky feeling as the Lg flex phone..

  14. Naji Suliman says:

    torage, upgraded and also battery and best to know about the new lollipop

  15. Mudassar says:

    in Pakistan 17500.

  16. Ammar MA says:

    they showp up a biggy phone all packed with Top-notch specs that you like most as compare to other with similar size

  17. Ahmad Deab says:

    if they also introduced something unique as Samsung experimented with the Edge model they again make good impact in this era

  18. Gowtham says:

    International city Spain s 11th g09

  19. Rbah Tafa says:

    I buy Apple Watch Sport in black band and now want to buy charge dock please suggest me any page where prices comparison of apple watch charge dock in UAE

  20. Betea Ali says:

    microsoft going just ok with that phone but no one in World want that kind of phone that is just cheap and include Windows boring operating system