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  1. Ahmed Oo Hussien says:

    I like the apple phones buttons that is on the edges very smoothly placed

  2. Nabi Jehad says:

    slightly taller and possibly wider than the processor model note 3. build quality and specs all are best and prices are set according to all the high techs

  3. Atif Rao says:

    planning switched to this phone with because of failure of the latter. for iphone... I am completely disappointed in this unit Apparently the main purpose of this survey self 5s.

  4. Ali Al-Shara says:

    but only 8 mega pixel camera is not much look at Samsung with 13 Mp and nokia's latest flagships ... as compare prices and features Blackberry still having low features in high prices

  5. Hamzarao Rao says:

    The phone got powerful processor to Camera capable to has 13MP give perfect photos

  6. Lutfullah Panezai says:

    Samsung and apple is working so hard to be the top seller in the market...You can call samsung the top seller nut when things comes in the reliablities Apple took numbers here.

  7. Hasan Al-qawzai says:

    LG has equipped its G2 gorgeous Full HD-TV, made by technology IPS, the size of 5.2 inches

  8. Umair Fixer says:

    Yesterday at CES, HTC proclaimed the latest device in their listing of Desire smartphones.

  9. Hazhar Biko says:

    yes the specs and all the hardware is enhanced.. Also the powerful camera and the resistance with the water capabilities make this one unique

  10. Ayman Hemeda says:

    The V10 is a piece of beautiful mobile that has no waste you look where you look and gives an example of how things well

  11. Karim Mohammed says:

    it can be supposed that the new ipad air 2 is much faster than before models and be the sum of its parts

  12. Awadh Babaqi says:

    must be the next one has the round shaped and more need to increase the pixels and camera features.. There is slow performance of the watch

  13. Narjes Abd El Rahem says:

    all high scores of the device but unfortunately not they make it more elegant looking but from backside it is quited lovely

  14. Elsayed Abo Farag says:

    Record-break specs of the phones and time after time they are giving not series more big sizes and more high resolution. but from the outer look this time do really well

  15. Omar Mohamed says:

    there is front and rear different to the previous phone but why not they included same in the lg g series wheras lg k10 has its different name but indeed all same things

  16. Mohamed Ragab says:

    well we all hear that the some first impressions regarding the apple iphone 6 never impress many poeople but just after the release of its new generation over the iphone 6 it is painfull for others

  17. Kameel says:

    this definitely won the race 1.76 lbs light and .36 thin

  18. Iffat M. Khan says:

    The images I see relate to this phone all is looks pretty touch-based recognition and many other features include finger print reader will be best work

  19. Shareef says:

    i think there is no primary camera is mentioned in pixels, the secondary is there in pixels but there is no primary variable, please tell me what is the primary camera of huawei p9?

  20. Hedi Chakroun says:

    different and good with variety of technology default smartphone and selection for those who really like to use QWERTY