Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nazek Mostafa says:

    it is too much easy for us now to take this phone in our pockets and easily handle all of the operations with single hands. Also nice pair of accessories with this mobile phone I got

  2. Khalid Alnn says:

    a more impressive resolution if we compare the last come flex model to other Samsung and Apple devices, it is a bit competitor of the other high end devices.

  3. Osama Elagmawy says:

    This is a wide departure of this famous brand, mark a occasion when it is admit that the manufacturing, sharper design and the outer look is just like before little more smooth edges and last 4 Smartphone models of the same series is a bit out-of-date and required to up the ergonomics to actually compete.

  4. Mohamad Nael says:

    well if the housing of metallic case, as well as from the begind use glass protection it may be feels like a little monster in hnads. but even with the such material lg google nexus 5x looks good to pick

  5. Mostafa ELezabi says:

    Mobile world Confrence is the best place for samsung not for the Apple and HTC, Beacuse samsung got the highest ranking not the Apple or other Smartphone companies.

  6. Medhat Yasseen says:

    inside the box include cable and adapter and the protector?

  7. Abdelrhman Ahmed says:

    i am waiting for this phone hope the prices of the g3 screen new variant is not too much high

  8. Basim Al-Balushi says:

    As a user from Dubai and UAE Middle east, Note Edge is one of the most famous and now become talented device, immense display, and vast sunlight capabilities.

  9. Nody Abdoon says:

    for all stores at once updated prices or more stores prices are updated on daily basis!

  10. Jaishri Subhi says:

    i am waiting for the prices of grand 3 in uae

  11. Zahir Xoshnaw says:

    not to small and not too big. Just like that there is not so thickness and dimensions are well set with good handling

  12. Kader Tlemcen Four says:

    Manufacture problems allegedly disallowed the iPhone 6 debut by means of a sapphire screen display, but rumor declare that Apple has tipped Foxconn to obtain the hard displays set on occasion.

  13. Ahmad Zuhir says:

    Android M releasing 2015 that as well offering a lot of new features support for 4K displays for the first time.

  14. Dima Mghribya says:

    the price factor is actually a thing that make it a bit expensive one for their users. But as compare to the apple iphones right now inexpensive smartphone

  15. Kunal Ratnani says:

    Sony XperiaZ is really a wonderful Smartphone which is really wonderful and it works according to the need of the customers need.

  16. Mstfa Hmsho says:

    Even in terms of photographic experience Samsung has managed to make some significant improvements thanks to the Sony IMX240 sensor.

  17. Khaled Bennaoui says:

    the dessign is so perfect

  18. Ahmed Awad says:

    big phones always have to room to get more big battery meaning more battery capacity and life is possible on it. the iphone 6 plus and 6s plus just like that has similar things

  19. Khaled Saeed says:

    design is suitable for right and left handed. The keys are easily accessible from any point and the curved screen makes it fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

  20. Sumaiah Rabeea says:

    Nor is the most complete for specifications, but in this segment as it were just born, the technology is not in some cases the leading role.