Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Halil Mermer says:

    All their smartphones Super AMOLED display receiving you perfect similarity and unlimited blacks irrespective of whether you are external or anxiously transfer a text in the cinema earlier the promos of the phone.

  2. Abyd Almaslawi says:

    have already mentioned the hole for the stylus Pen, microphone and 2 connector Micro-USB, Support for USB OTG which is much more useful now

  3. Saad Al-mostareeh says:

    I feel it in your pants pocket hard, but there are those who, on the contrary, says that such a delicacy much nicer.

  4. Saad Sheikh says:

    Little things though not completely, but still smooth "shovel" smartphone and make it a little more comfortable to use.

  5. Moustapha Bosh says:

    In this device things have not changes so far as we take a look in specs of the device nearly so far; but also they make comeback with this thing and traditional goes one

  6. Silmaan says:

    Find 7 is a very beatifiul smartphone, i like oppo n1 and now it looks fantastic

  7. Muna Muthafar says:

    It provides a good grip if they decrase the size of the phone and also make it bit more thinner

  8. Mohamad Eisa Musa says:

    but in hands this is so hard to take this phone long while and use it with single hand easily.. Either it looks like a tablet like thing

  9. Thilan Isuru says:

    A larger battery means a longer time with the smartphone and you can spend your time with out thinking that you would loose your battery.

  10. Jamshed Kharal says:

    minor changes here over the last edition in iphone se but still the iphone 5 series is on the list of most personal devices

  11. Muhammad Abu Ahmad says:

    now its time to see videos and reat previews of the 12MP camera and test; but it looks like the design and the feel in hands of the phones are same as before we seen in iphone 6

  12. Ead Bassah says:

    Better a good plastic aluminum poor. I do not know if the aluminum of the iPhone 6 is bad, that bends I know.

  13. Ra Milu says:

    OLED Displays is more good and sharp as LiFi could mean 100x faster downloads which they going to make enable such features for the iphone 7 that is great

  14. Badr-al-din says:

    Love Nokia love windows mobiles ... which is much better than Samsung android os. all samsung devices are very expensive also

  15. David says:

    graphics of the phone is ok... but not resolution is what i am thinking

  16. Haidar Alamin Haidar says:

    so which one has the best camera is the xperia z5 and the htc smartphone tell me? both has bit similar front and back camera features

  17. Zahra says:

    white color on galaxy s series always bit looks cheaper but after use of the metallic material on their body it is a good looking phone

  18. Lina Alhaj says:

    i am the owner of the galaxy s7 and want to know that can i change the grid size of the applications through my phone software? is it is easy because i saw this

  19. Elrsam says:

    18-carat gold case around your wrist and looks like to be more amazing. One is 42mmn and 32mm both prices are same for the 18 carat

  20. ROOPESH says:

    where i get this mobile?