Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abo Alhareth says:

    Generally, be supposed to not be taken as benchmark overcomes Galaxy S6 Edge, but we have to be ready for shock in genuine games.

  2. Ahmed Deda says:

    So use your smartphone will have two hands. Such a display is significantly better than the display Moto X (2014), in which the resolution of Full HD.

  3. Mohammed Qennawy says:

    enhancment in some features with the iOS 8 to ios 9 and as well enables the capture of time-lapses in iphone 6s

  4. Nema Ahmed says:

    metallic body and seems to be a big phone but low end budgeted phone g8 has 13MP camera and front 5MP that has HDR on both

  5. Ali Algzeri says:

    I do not have ipad adapter to charge more fast my iphone; how can I do this with any other accessory? Is it is possible to this this easily?

  6. Onur Seyhan says:

    yes there is promising design seems to give the same ui as offering in the galaxy s6 model where as some issues fixed so far and consumption of some application is low

  7. Riyad Murat says:

    rumors arrive for this phone that they going to give 3D touch as well as with such superb display

  8. Salim Elhosiny says:

    runs very smoothly, looks nice - lovers of "pure Android should manufacturers required to look forward to produce some good power consuming os support low mah battery like apple phones

  9. Hussam Libya says:

    it is quite possible but not i think their is any change to give iphone waterproofness with the force technology. but possibly iphone 7 has good watertight features as suggested

  10. Khurram Shahzad says:

    this phone has all these capabilities to perform even more faster than the precedessor all models and its brother . Apple payment system not is the newest one

  11. Hassan Afifi says:

    google likely to enhance their LTE carrier and just the same is with the low end google nexus 5x. Qualcomm Quick Charging no longer supported but on this smartphone and that it is the thing which is need to be included on their phones

  12. Amineh says:

    Great design and the highest level of water resistance i love all time sony because of these innovations. pictures and shoot in the rain or even in the depth of the basin. With smartphone Xperia Z3 you can do something that could not afford before

  13. Moh Ayhm says:

    Good phone boast with remarkable screen display with 5.9 inches size and 493ppi is quite low than note 4.

  14. Hassan Sheshber says:

    nice mobile with great features

  15. Jayasiri says:

    I need IPHONE 5S 32 GB GOLD

  16. Shameen Shikhou says:

    Apple Watch - a breakthrough! We present a truly incredibly functional gadget, which will expand opportunities every day!

  17. Nahera says:

    in white colors sleek and thin phones look pretty ... absolutely camera have to be more that all expected from iphone... well this small size phone is easily fit to your pockets and resolution is best of best now

  18. Moamen Hassan says:

    As stated in the LG, the film is resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

  19. Khalil Ali says:

    still love iphones??? those are jokers who saying these kind of words.. just take a look with z1 and z2 and now see z3 specifications... fully packed with powereful hardwares ever used in any device

  20. Mouhamed Sidi Mouhamed says:

    they have to exclude the home button which is responsible for note 4 bulky size. the same size of the phone which has no front home button will be look more impressive with more big screen diagonal size