Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Omar Ibrahem says:

    August 21 is the ship date for this mobile phone and will be there is a series of new notes come as the dual sim version and active version come

  2. Mohamed Samy says:

    LG might be bringing the same stuff in its coming model that is LG G4. LG alway comeup with new and amazing stuff which is making its market.

  3. Hema Man says:

    display has some thing new this time may be more big screen or the more ppi with support of expand resolution

  4. Rafik Guermassi says:

    absolutely HUGE and what a different look. i see the keyboard first and say what a joke but when i check the detail features of the phone it is amazing. and typing is very fast

  5. Olas Khan says:

    I need oukitel k6000 in Dubai good price Argent

  6. Nassim Khaled says:

    I'm interested, how was the battery will be in iphone 6.. If this one be in favor with the power point as well like iphone 5s.

  7. Kalid Rb-g says:

    iPhone 6 Plus in conjunction with the new, eighth version of iOS, which we have dedicated a separate review

  8. Foad Milani says:

    The Smarphone which is getting famous just becasue of its sibilings and family name. lets just hope that what would be its own existance when arrive in the markket.

  9. Ahmed Barodi says:

    Phone turned out perfect! camera, hardware, screen, stylus, a lot of memory to 32GB a lot to me, does not mean a lot of little well, it means good so everything is fine!

  10. Mestefa Beko says:

    the design of their phone is slim and even the glossy look like iPhones but the camera and all the things improve

  11. Raj Mahajan says:

    AED 529 is really a huge amont for this tablet. I can not afford it you might have put AED 300 so that any one could buy it.

  12. Hudad says:

    with similar specifications costs less than half the price, other options would be the Outstanding , nokia has produced some great flagships all of which have been hampered by competing phones at a better price

  13. Nadia Essa says:

    this phone got all command now.. May be coming with more than 4GB of RAM

  14. Fatma Masadeh says:

    The dissimilarity is insignificant and it sense cheer up hard and really smooth in the hand over measure up to to the iPhone 6

  15. Hidayath Sharieff says:

    3rd-party applications such as playing high definition games watching live streaming with such fast LTE band it is necessary to have more battery capacityc

  16. Arjon Sh says:

    Home sales Samsung Note 3 might take place in more than 140 states in the last month of the statement.

  17. Bahar Fatah says:

    it will be the most best phone as compare to galaxy s5 and iphone 5 but still not got the best sale

  18. Aminco says:

    Pa g i want to buy beam 1 ya beam 2 . new ya second hand any one bcz i love Kashmir

  19. Sleman Jawish says:

    Seems like that Apple's going for simplicity and takes the adjustments like the Samsung phones instead of their own pattern right now. Into its own hands in an attempt to offering us more affordable phones

  20. Mohammed Megahed says:

    up with multiple designs and you will now see many straps available in market. Apple Watch editions is the most expensive 38mm (that's about 1.5in and 1.6in) and 42 mm watchesa re more expensive