Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Magdy Asyty says:

    by the way heavier phone because of use of metal other than plastic. But the big issue is with the screen while they use their logo on the top of the device front side which is take over a lot of room

  2. Hisham Anwer says:

    any of your store offering credit sales tell me in want to buy this phone in credit actually

  3. Motaz Smaeel says:

    as i think it is been more nice if they use the same technology of force in the mid size and the smaller 4.7inches phones because it is more nice for handling and after exclude the home key more big screen in just 4.7 inches phone

  4. Amer Bk says:

    so like iphone 7 there is same expectation from them to just forget about the menu buttons and other jacks to connect device which is responsible to consume a lot of space

  5. Abdul Jawwad says:

    how many color options for this phone?? i wan this phone in silver color... however in performance desire phones are usually fine and quick enough for normal use

  6. Wasif says:

    yasir can share your experance of Nokia Asha501?

  7. Mannan Vohra says:

    it has different kind of involvements than the previous versions and the whole new generation built qualities borrow from iphones actually

  8. Joe Mando says:

    If you have a lot of money in your pocket than here is the master piece for you, drain the iPhone 6 and go for the Google Android Phablet phones.

  9. Nagah Abd Alkareem says:

    Hopefully Nexus 5 is placed at the top of the table thanks to the Snapdragon SoC ualcomm Q 800, in particular the model with the lower frequency GPU

  10. Arshad Afzal says:

    Square in shape wrist watch has come back again and at this time they are not just good but they are best as they are now no more just a watch but they are a small smartphone.

  11. Fabri Kam says:

    the tizen os has good features like camera app and other performing same as with android or what is more good??

  12. Hatim Awad ELtahir says:

    samsung give that the key feature of the smartphone with a excellent camera, a place in the photos really need.

  13. Paul says:

    Where can i find one here in uae?

  14. Maqbali Jan Afridi says:

    They just playing with the stunning display all the time sometime with the QHD and else also they now redesigning their products and make them little curvy

  15. Khalid Alnn says:

    i understand why people are crazy buying the new s6 because it has good ram, excellent camera and the beautiful external look

  16. Ahmed Tahir says:

    got good updates with the new iOS and also has nice specs list big enough for you and budget

  17. Smith says:

    I agree with you HTC is cheapest mobile brand, but it can not use long term.

  18. Ahmad Kak says:

    tell me device is hot or not

  19. Shahid says:

    Dear sir /madam I need 2pcs Pleas contact me Shahid 0559292362 Thanks

  20. Emad Tadros says:

    fashionable yes definitely it is but expensive also :)