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  1. Tanton MW says:

    superscalar processor capable of receiving the performance 6 instructions per clock cycle.

  2. Adnan Almadni says:

    is not so good option for us if you want something looking elegant and more awesome in performance go for huawei mate series it is more powerful phone and is same specs but cost is economical

  3. Adeel Akram says:

    ascend mate 2 lte version of the phone.. is especially included feature in this new phone... i really impressed from Huawei ascend features, new included applications and body design

  4. AbrahaimFurqan Khan says:

    my experience with this smartphone is ok but not the good phone for those want the best multitasking and easy to use phones.. Unfortunately not competable to the note 5 family

  5. Badr-al-din says:

    As compare to LG Optimus G Pro it might be a good one with best huge screen and performance as well

  6. Mohamed El Drebi says:

    It leftovers the greatest important driver of income for the business upholding deals for deals and is totally vital.

  7. Afaf says:

    it is a superb windows phone by huawei great one

  8. Jamal Khodr says:

    Three weeks of utilizing glass is not scratch, however in the event that dropped or warming is not prohibited that it will split.

  9. Saif Al Islam says:

    instead of iphone 5 simple prefer you to buy this

  10. WorthLess Lad says:

    metal or glass body it think have samsung s6 that is prev use in galaxy alpha

  11. Namrata Borgaonkar says:

    battery drain issue remain same and become more affective now in ultra model

  12. Ziyad Ziyadn says:

    premier Big Phone built in good quality but some how the phone is feels like an outsized iPhone

  13. Ahmed Shika says:

    Phone is good for photography but secondary camera is not good for photography at night.

  14.  Aman Jaisinghani says:

    The phone is really cheap and providing some good stuff. i recommand you all to buy one to see what is the difference it is genrating with the other smartphones.

  15. Mateen Almayhani says:

    After I have fun with this phone just want to say a word, and feel really * cool.

  16. Kais Nassir says:

    colors look pretty and other than this also too sharp because of the world most high use of resolutions and pixels density

  17. Meshal Abdullah says:

    every body is busy in buying the new note5 no one notice that they also unveil note4 this year :)

  18. Haydar Ibrahim says:

    Watch Operating System by Apple itself and has even more nice features to integrate their users and 2GB amount of ram which non removable alike the battery

  19. Laura Jesus says:

    interesting to know about this phone camera features; tell me any alternative for Android devices as Live Photos which work similar bit alike Apple Live Photos

  20. Andre Micheli says:

    decent camera and strong specification list on the a3; however some of the ergonomics are not enough on the device. As the poor battery life and plastic material effects not attractive