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  1. Aseel S Nadafa says:

    this phone not just featuring nice ram and smoothness.. also has a good angle lens now

  2. Mohamad Moha says:

    rough surface of the rear cover allows the device to be securely held in the hand and does not slip.

  3. Naji Mohamad says:

    phone unlock with you fingers is actually a whole new way to give to android and also there are power button enable to launch camer on nexus 5x

  4. Hassan Elawamy says:

    the big version is not that dedicated and user friendly power/sleep button has shifted to the right and to press it you need to use both hands all the time because of the big size however with the basic iphone 6 it is slightly possible to do so

  5. Samar Bayomi says:

    this is a cool phone and still there is good demand in the market; other than that in future got more OS updates that is nice

  6. Emad Mostafa says:

    Zeiss plans to give now apple iphone 6 and other brothers phones a lens also contains zoom lens which can moves

  7. Eyad Ahmed Kaddour says:

    they actually reach on the extra ordinary level of the screen resolution and breachs all of the limits but smaller size is needed to give note 6 more personal feeling

  8. Pari Sundaram says:

    Really good product

  9. Abdul Waris says:

    the screen size of the phone is ok with this display.., perfect choice for those who want slim phones... and easy to handle with one hand...and good to play games as always sony smart phones are

  10. Housen says:

    what actually huawei done.... nothing is new all features are same in mediapad7 only os is upgraded to 4.3 jellybeand Android

  11. Riyad Saleh says:

    looks complete unit also packs with the top noth hardware with a good combination of display.

  12. Omar Ali says:

    what is change in this model ... l20 is the same specs... just with different color??

  13. Towfig El Shihibi says:

    For a short teaser in the video as I see, Samsung show a unclear photo of S6.

  14. Nooruddin says:

    Is this phone is DUAL SIM??? and LTE-A is 4G??? or something else...

  15. Ali Buhusayyen says:

    android fans now get all the benefits of the nokia phones but why not they just make the phone similar in dimension and body style like lumia phones they are great

  16. Mohammad Saleh Ballaswad says:

    This is all that relates to the most practical part of the new design. The rest - the lyrics, but logic dictates that a large screen, traced in almost all the features of the device

  17. Mohamed Osman says:

    tools made of glass or brushed aluminum look like work on the edges of the note 4 where as the same kind of handling with the galaxy a series

  18. Tamer H. Mohammed says:

    the mini version not got enough resolution also the GPU is not so high

  19. Whats Whats says:

    I like the black color becuase you can wear it any where and on any dress because it is a kind of color which groomed your personality.

  20. Anna Khan says:

    specs are really impressive and design is very similar to note 3 but ok...