Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmed Abbasi says:

    best next gen phone… will be available in september now iphone 6.. Hope come in big screen size and have removable battery as well

  2. Nokia XL says:

    Nokia XL cost in Dubai 999.00 AED

  3. Subhajit Zuher says:

    nice design and combination of bright colors white white and silver finishing

  4. Aldeen says:

    nice smartphone but this features looks just ok

  5. Khalid Abdulfattah says:

    slow motion and really a perfect things on the huawei phones after the release of its mate series. i am sure if they reduce the prices of the 6p phone it might be good

  6. Ali Brnaw says:

    The phones look and feel fairly special from the Huawei for the first time. This phone is pretty in hands.

  7. Baasit says:

    You can capture a smile in any light, stay stable video on the go and get great pictures underwater... :) wonderful innovation..™. Say goodbye to the children's tablets

  8. Muhammad Kashif Mehboob says:

    Samsung give the impression of being one to experiment once more Edge in the new S6 pack metal frames that is the best thing to do next, QHD displays is used many times for now, powerful high end phone specification, sophisticated software and a handful of new-fangled features containing an better fingerprint recognizer and a modest Smartphone payments app.

  9. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    Processor is best 1.3 GHz Apple A8 chipset is best and comparable to quad core.

  10. Hamza AL-badani says:

    clever phone and performance is perfect but yes found some of the suspect with the performance of the battery. battery die very fat while playing games and is not because of waste background apps running

  11. Mohammad Nur Alam says:

    every body is busy with the Samsung and Apple devices and now nobody knows Microsoft … when will they make there first step in high end Smartphone era

  12. Mhamad Abdrzak says:

    one of the thing i really like is their live photo feature enable for s series. but the low light camera result with such feature has not such good performance as i am expecting in iphone 6s

  13. SELIM ALI says:

    For immediate sale iphone6 plus 16gb original pc with four month warranty left in mint condition.Images are attached for reference. Its a scratchless phone working in perfect condition.

  14. Mohamad Rajab says:

    so the Nexus 5 powerful processor and 2GB of RAM you move with total and absolute fluency.

  15. Ahmed Fawzy says:

    So I say (with Apple not only) that so far is a good start by all and will improve in successive generations

  16. Muhannad Adil says:

    The fetish of the camera, there should be much wary aim and catch the moment

  17. Mohamed Elganga says:

    So I recommend the phone to take a minimum of 64GB, as the photos, videos and application weigh much.

  18. Mahmoud Li says:

    With the assembly there is no problem, the edges of the aluminum, the same tradition was continued in the Z1.

  19. Abd Fatah Majar says:

    This function enables you to "instant" to the Smartphone camera to capture wider-running processes, such as the sun, the beginning twinkle at night, urban rhythm, etc.

  20. Abo Mazen says:

    i think the features and the hardware got the capabilities same we seen in the galaxy note 5 phone. same ram, processor and even the marshmallow update is available in the samsung galaxy s7 because it is one of the main phones this year