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  1. Parthiv Raj says:

    i would say this is one of the best

  2. Gurmail says:

    i want to buy samsung galaxy 7 do i get a free gift with this

  3. Akrm Krem says:

    Waterproof and dust protection is required and i think apple phone is capable to give you more than a day if they include more battery capacity

  4. Ali Mhamad says:

    They include more things inside the phone and improve the finger print scanner and make it to perform more accurate with the first attempt user can easily get the access to their Smartphone

  5. Sankar says:

    0505926292 I want two pcs

  6. Emad Jad says:

    The LG disagree, arguing that the new chipset is heated less than all the others that exist at the moment.

  7. Ghislaine says:

    It was a dreary day here yesterday, so I just took to messing around online and found

  8. Wesam Alkahoaje says:

    Edge plus is also coming and is being killed off available internationally after just one iteration or just in the UAE available when?

  9. Lamine Bendada says:

    so i talk about the screen of this phone.. good in quality and slightly larger that make this phone good android and best run google application . screen give proper, clear and best display

  10. Nedal Qweder says:

    a price drop is possible than in the iphone 6. first of all the most basic model has possibilities to come to lower point

  11. Umair Asghar says:

    Another, additional cool twists, be supposed to be call self-healing back of the housing G Flex 2. This option was realize from side to side the use of a special polymer substance.

  12. Moka Hassan says:

    Wider than in previous edition, also the screen and entire new design with modifications stem from this fact. Place a 4-inch screen size matrix that was used in the iPhone 5 and 5s

  13. EL Excilance says:

    Well that is the example for those who say what is new in their devices; see the size, dimensions, colors even the camera now they jump and just the thing unchanged is their quality

  14. Yaser Murad says:

    how the shout can they make consider it`s water protected at what time one and all says it create presentation the within mechanism following a pair of weeks ?

  15. Awder Halonai says:

    comes with the new Lollipop and the great front camera 8MP

  16. Ola Aboagram says:

    iPhone 6S have a 3D pressure sensor built in to enable a latest Force Touch action; that is a new thing totally for Apple user and I hope so it is easy.

  17. Rafia Waqas says:

    The screen size is larg and I think it is best for the users who love to see videos and love to play diiferent games on it. The screen is providing some good kind of stuff and best for me.

  18. Nadeem Abbas says:


  19. Shamey Feras says:

    in gold color it looks so beautiful

  20. Louboutin says:

    Nokia Lumia 1020 Price in Dubai, Qatar & Saudi Arabia