Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Md. Tauseef says:

    device is very good i need also this device. i want to know what is the correct announcement date. and what is the price in uae. pls update me on my email id. [email protected]

  2. Rahima Bajeer says:

    lg g2 camera is remarkable and there is no of new camera features and capabilities while as compare to next phone lg g3 still I like g2

  3. Mohammed Alkefajy says:

    it is at top in the list of most high quality and

  4. Wael Alyahia says:

    yes you are talking about Samsung?

  5. Mian Shabir says:

    The Smartphone is packed and loaded with the 2.7 GHz and good for only those who are willing to work in a fast speed and they can run thier smartphone without any problem.

  6. Muzammil says:

    Life and heat dissipation comparison: apple iphone 6 victoroious as compare to all big like phones.. desire 816, lg g3, galaxy note 3 and 4 new...

  7. Wendel Bonatti says:

    when will the next air 3 is coming?

  8. Majd Hamdo says:

    It is argued that charging the battery for 15 minutes provides up to 8 hours of battery life of the machine

  9. Kapil says:

    speed of this pad hope will good in cheap price if available in reasonable rates

  10. Rabiya says:

    may be this phone give u good durable life with its battery than is looking just ok

  11. Mahmoud Farouk says:

    plan is to lay down my money to buy this aazing phone while i do some research and you are right high in demand of the samsung note 5 over iphone 6s plus and iphone 6 plus both apple phablets.. people find this one great regarding other

  12. Majdi Alsaleh says:

    give me a chance to take best selfies with a mobile

  13. Ahmed Hanafi says:

    hope South Korean would discourse the single speaker system it sited on the S6 Samsung, but unluckily it has not. It is reserved the solo speaker on the dishonorable of the Galaxy S7 and both edge s7 galaxy, rather than electing for dual front-facing helps like HTC and Sony.

  14. Sami Ahmed says:

    dual sim is really a smart action... to make seperate both personal and business with dual standby... and 3G data netwrking is really fast as well

  15. Muhmmed Yaseen says:

    expand the range. The division is not only a healthy and a giant, in there next model phone

  16. Cristiano Moh says:

    Great specs. but please not compare this kind of brand phones with apple and samsung smartphones

  17. Saulate says:

    One possible tale has Apple tapering connectivity to a lone Lightning port, manufacture it terrible to charge the device and usage also now wireless charging.

  18. Asmita Charoliya says:

    The Smartphone is fast and if you love to play games on it so you can play and enjoy yourself so much it is faster and it is best for those who spend more time with this smartphone.

  19. Tem Mohammed says:

    well it is durable and has resistance

  20. Nader Aboumusaab says:

    but could not express far of an alteration among photos engaged with the latest Smartphone and the elder and grown up iPhone 6