Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abu Omar says:

    after long time htc is now make a good smartphone.. with all useful features and completely a nice package in these prices

  2. Asif Ghuman says:

    With the gaining of the signal from GALAXY Alpha no troubles have been reported. SIM-card is new format - the first time the Samsung Smartphone with Nano-SIM (probably to iPhone users and HTC have been easier to move, plus the physical limits of a compact body).

  3. Shaheer Khan Abbasi says:

    Glass and metal! Be packed in a great way than, will become thicker strips (1 cm) is the same, and I think the camera should stick out twice more that style would be traced in the iphone 7 pro version than

  4. Faheem Hoosen says:

    I dont like its camera and the screen out put but the new varients of it is quite good and having quality in them.

  5. Ali Hassan says:

    Nice company mobile

  6. Mohamed Abusaida says:

    the phone got the wonder full display but high pricing is a big issue

  7. Alzubaidi says:

    i am dying to see this mobile ... looks an amazing phone when it is coming in markets??

  8. Wali says:

    Hi I ned da vertu constellation

  9. Boudissa Mohamed Amine says:

    in news this phone again featuring more than 20MP camera may be the most advanced phone; no need to change the sim with the E-SIM features

  10. Mohamed Elagha says:

    well this phone is not much nice and the prices are high I not like the camera as well

  11. Muhand Kadeki says:

    The plus really plus every thing in it like; it has a long battery along with a wireless charger and an amazing display screen.

  12. Kadhiam Hassan says:

    simply because it looks so great is not means that their is some compromises but yes we seen some low resolution with the plus model and the ram is low.

  13. Simoo Alamir says:

    The best display for me is the 1334 x 750 and i have found one in this phone. Feeling good ahaha

  14. Gentle Muhammad says:

    As for the said rear cover, it has also undergone some changes in appearance.

  15. Yousef Hims says:

    Confused among the surface new book and this one because both are same and also specifications has no difference

  16. PAT says:

    how mush is that in USD.

  17. MahMoud says:

    built quality is good and UI speed as well. ith maximum usability, Excellent gaming console not worry about the battery timing of the nexus 6

  18. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    mass production required but this is not the first time they do with iphones. The same we seen on the iphone 5s and the 6s series not got such great revenues as well all knew that there is already in markets to many options over it are available with monster features

  19. Arebi Hari says:

    vs galaxy s6 the design is far more better and fashinable but other features specially the camera has not such like capabilities also the front camera

  20. Waliid Ibrahim says:

    sales really good for the galaxy s7 edge but the standard model sales decline as we know. Alongside with the features there is also a good looking design for this one speically