Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Aljehishi Saed says:

    One of the most highlighted aspect of the Nexus 6 that is that this phone also support compatible turbocharger , which provides ultra-fast charging.

  2. Osama Sy says:

    best phone of this year but this sale ration will be impacted by two of the new google nexus devices come just soon as the release of galaxy s6. the phone ram, processing speed and design is so good but major differences between the prices

  3. Alshareef says:

    a zooming wheel on this mobile phone is just another additional accessory of this mobile phone; so it is actually more than a Smartphone

  4. Abdessalem Benamor says:

    samsung gear s2 is also similar looking device i am talking about the indeed features but not such beutiful editions and color finishing

  5.  Nauman Faisal says:

    The G4 is one of the best Smartphone by its specs and also by its price. You would feel that this smartphone is really good just check the specs.

  6. Farideh Ahmed says:

    Is It Worth the Money or the perfect value for your money this watch is

  7. Rania Selmi says:

    good one from Samsung with midrange features and specification,,,

  8. Sufyan Gujjar says:

    Its on both sided rounded makes a bold, ground-breaking plan that is not the only 1st profitable dual-curved display

  9. MOAYAD says:

    looks great

  10. Zohaib Khalil says:

    I wanna buy this phone. how can I buy this? its my number 0525760609 contect me and give your contect number

  11. Ahmed Doma says:

    The Screen size is just 4.7 which is quite lower than he LG G4 and the Samsung as well. The Screen should be of 5.2 to 5.3 what i think. Becasue the phone is of 5.5 inches.

  12. Latef Tahr says:

    need the good and powerful battery life, so usage times is a standout features.

  13. Zaid Farshi says:

    , you can shoot on the run reports. The camera interface is changed, in my opinion, has become clearer.

  14. Hossin says:

    this will qualify in all kinds

  15. Slman Maeroa says:

    i saw a stainless steel watch with Link Bracelet that has multiple colors from the front and rear side of the apple watch; rose gold and grey/silver combination for apple watch

  16. Abd Alsaigh says:

    they are offering nearly enough as user required storage and now the 64gb storage capacity is a mid way for their users.

  17. Aborose Aborose says:

    The best size of this phones are predictable to have 5.1-inch diagonal 3GB RAM and may be 4GB if possible

  18. Tamara Hanna says:

    Estimated date of launch of the Smartphone scheduled for mid-2016 and is 9th of September. The price of the new iPhone 7 will be quite high as always it was, even likened to the present model from Apple. According to preliminary applications, the new device will cost about $ 750, the option price is not final, and may not even true. The fact that know the exact price on the device can not be earlier than the official announcement will happen.

  19. Osama Mohamed says:

    Some of the really nice working application with the new 4K video feature you can do a lot of things without a doubt shortcuts menu to save you clicks is in that phone a new thing

  20. Muaeed Saeed says:

    that is great as they are keep modifying the design to make it as possible as slim and more friendly to our pockets.