Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Diwan Jamre says:

    their phone best fits to the environment and now the most higher amount of RAM on the superb oneplus three model. But still slightly uninteresting design built of their phone

  2. Mohammad Ali says:

    In today’s world there are no of devices are already available with the slimmest and high end packages. As the new rival for all is the Lenovo and Oppo

  3. Fajer Jamal says:

    wow iphone 5s is the best one.. now after sometime you can also update ios new version of 5s

  4. Wafiya says:

    zenfone is good an unique phone

  5. Soha Nooreldin says:

    active is also coming what is the prices of galaxy s6 active and is there is dual sim support?

  6. Ahmed Medo Medo says:

    release date and i see the rumors specs about the upcoming galaxy s6. owesome :)

  7. Abdo Hamed says:

    The mass of impressions, just not fitI...Tunes is not so bad, but on the contrary a great program where you have everything. Only need a little to sit behind him and it quickly becomes clear. me want new features and updation on itunes..

  8. Amr Hamed says:

    Other roles appear above the keyboard in 4-line hardware, content-based text input field. This behavior is really good and joyful.

  9. Youssef Kord says:

    WQHD screen means there is something more elegant in this manner. 5.2-inch screen size and more less bezel display make htc m10 look far more better as compare to lg phones.

  10. Yanis Anis says:

    balanced device, nor the most suitable to different users

  11. Liz Khounlavouth says:

    As of the entire AnTuT score record, it can be see that the Chipset with the 64Bit is 2nd in performance while the just to Nviidia K1 Chipset is capable to perform even more better with this..

  12. Ammar Mansour says:

    Permanent memory up to 16 GB and the has some consideration of its "ramp up" through microSD memory cards among capacity of up to 128 GB.

  13. Mervan Sleman says:

    i want this phone and not get prices for saudi arabia

  14. Fahima Choudhury says:

    identical dimensions and a similar arrangement FaceTime camera and proximity sensor.

  15. Alaa Abobasel says:

    hopefully that is so amazing and Pebble smartwatches are also good and like this

  16. Arslan Yaghie says:

    HTC M9 is getting popularity in the market and soon when it woulb launching the phone would have maent a market and people will be buying it a lot.

  17. Lila says:

    the big brother seems to be the most high end phone by them and look at the selling ratio of the Phablet. Actually they fail to impress consumers with such big device

  18. Habib says:

    prices mention above are very cheap .... hope mobile performance is also good and durable

  19. Blal Rbih says:

    As compare to charging speed to the phable iphone 6 plus what will be the best option tell me.. is the iphone or this

  20. Subaya says:

    what ever else nice mid range phone by Noki is new Nokia XL