Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Bilqees Bano says:

    I like the screen resolution it is according to what I really want. I think samsung has started working on the right direction and this is the result of being working in the right direction.

  2. Syed Haque says:

    It become obsolute not just because it is luxurious fashionable thing also with the budle features as they are offering

  3. Bneeissa says:

    one of the best but not has the all things looking fine just see the mAh and the features of the phone which seems two different things

  4. Mortada Abolsiun says:

    The 5.7 inch screen is clearly a banquet for the eyes., but regret two points that Samsung strives to not correct

  5. Andallah Danesh says:

    More viewing space and many more things that are even much enhance but average user is not able to do task easily

  6. Mohammad Jamaal says:

    i heard that in this phone and x series Whatsapp and some more applications are not running ?? is it true??... overall handset looking good and quality phone

  7. Ghulam Rasul says:

    32 gb is available in muscat, but i have no idea about 64 gb.

  8. Xulfi Mahesar says:

    A powerful big battery and much unique camera of iPone 6. Tell me is iPhone 6 fully supports 2K display??

  9. Omar Alfourak says:

    waiting for its availability in markets of UAE

  10. Hafeezur Rahman says:

    no doubt the user who test both devices still confused to which one to buy

  11. Sampath Saleh says:

    In spite of all that spectacular needy features and specs and also the storage that is needed for 'more data & content

  12. Youssif Ibrahim says:

    boasts a very high-quality sound in the headphones and loud ringing speaker

  13. Haddadin Ward says:

    let take a look on the camera features that include hdr and more that give you good detail result in low light

  14. Salman Shojaa says:

    this not feel like a second class model at all same as other premium and matte chamfers with flat edges make it look just like the iphone 5s phone. I enjoyed their 2 years old design also it is good design

  15. Abdul Nawab says:

    Front camera is of 13 megapixels which is quite good but the camera at the back is just 2.1 megapixels and not a good image could be formed.

  16. Mohamad Trudy Rifay says:

    Interior Specs of this special camera phone is really nice also

  17. Abdallah Hussein says:

    almost impossible now for the rivals to compete with the new launch galaxy s7 and now there plan is to made available mini version of the s7 another revolutionary step from their side

  18. Hafidat Edres Al Mojahd says:

    LTE version prices are bit different but i know that simple c6833 also capable to give you fast browsing and streaming

  19. Mohmed Salah says:

    armors up in hard plastic and rubber this phone and just like the previous m8 which is the most solid phone of the year here is another

  20. Riahi Hassen says:

    there are nice features just wait