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  1. Totanje Karam says:

    e-readers and Skype and many more apps and updates with new os

  2. Rawend Hattab says:

    well now many apps are avaible as well you can add widgets and you can put now latest doom

  3. Tamilmani says:

    hai sir i need 1100 mobile phone my name Tamilmani i am in dubai

  4. Yafeai says:

    i like the new phones graphics even more bright and stunning display of the apple phones right now

  5. Hamada Radwan says:

    so some more accessories are coming with this watch like its stylish stand, and one feature i like so much is that watch is charable

  6. Samir Sobhy Elghamry says:

    every one steal from apple and now they claiming they are the best

  7. Rami Joudeh says:

    as you like the ipads mini version you may like the n1 tablet

  8. Depp Rayen says:

    please do not buy this phone if u are user of t2 ultra just keep it with you it is much better than this phone

  9. Abdlhadi Sinno says:

    not just it is economical as well 5.5-inches best phone i say

  10. Abdullah says:

    Curve not very useful as they also not successfully make it eye catching

  11. Faraj Alaujali says:

    on March 21 we will see what is the big things on this mini version. Of course with the iphone 6s such phone is not comparable

  12. Ceger Kelef says:

    Up to 14 h (3G) talk time and the more increase battery and camera is same. in some features i found Apple performing unbeatable

  13. Shaheen Khan Murad says:

    This aluminum is inconsequential and but is bit solider than standard aluminum. It is as well a lot more luxurious and problematic to work among.

  14. Mohamed Hafez says:

    statistic is that it is even modified and not detain the battery life either the new OS update allow it to reduce the power consumption

  15. Sohail Kamal says:

    prices of iphone 5c are not too low but still low as compare to iphone 5s... big difference on both but have ability to do all useful things

  16. Abdlkadr Idrissi says:

    forward gorgeously crafted glass not found in any other phone plus the perfect balance among the hardware and software on the iphone 6 plus; perfect companion to its rivals.

  17. Agre Rojava says:

    Thickness is indeed committed to a minimum in the iphone 6s , but the width! In my case - the width of the phone more than palm. Keep one hand uncomfortable.

  18. Rohit Meymo says:

    1440 x 1440 pixels, is this is ok and what about the ppi on this phone seems to be very good.. but why nano sim

  19. Ousama says:

    it is not just about the design all the time it is a well balance with good specs list but not comparable to the samsung phones because they have brilliant sharp display

  20. Mahmoud says:

    Yes it might be the most expensive phone ever by Motorola.