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  1. Abdullah says:

    just ok phone .equipped with normal features

  2. Repou Menaceur says:

    3 Important Changes they gonna make in the new phone well this time lense upgrade, low light features will be improved and the better part is the first used of 4k recording with the new iOS9

  3. Abo Alhassan says:

    when LG G3 Price are available ???? and is it is come in only black and white colors???

  4. Tabesh says:

    brilliant clarity of images taken by note 3 smartphone. offers a high resolution and good hardware

  5. Zaheer Kayani says:

    Sony please make a new version of z-ultra phablet in competition with galaxy note 4 edge. you are such a nice company and i buy all your new models...but know my little brother has bought note-4 and i want a better phone to make him show that sony is the best

  6. Jais says:

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 required for 44 AED

  7. Alaa Gawad says:

    Is sony xperia t2 ultra is waterproof or not???

  8. Danish Khosa says:

    I try this phone… I am first surprise with the extra screen because in hands it feels great and you can easily swap and go to you desire app by making the shortcuts.. You can see notifications

  9. Shuokria Yusef says:

    Personally with my operator I do not have any difficulty in the areas in which I move and in the few places where the 5s lost the line also loses 6 (obviously these areas are not covered).

  10. Salimoo Akrimi says:

    so more colors on iphone Se?

  11. Fahd Ali says:

    not just people want phone with big huge size and the same body and specs they need something new and different see Samsung first of all they unveiled Note Edge and now the S Edge another experimental phone

  12. Saad Ali Abualaz says:

    and the unique design fix all the gaps and give a more realastic look. it's splashproof and also a little waterproofing

  13. Karam A. Kamil says:

    to protect the watch from the dust and resistance any available accessory?

  14. Jada Beshir says:

    yes it is much attractive phone and something that we all are likely to buy because previous model has not such harder material and pixel desity is further more perfect in the galayx s7 edge

  15. Raes Qadir says:

    using the new note and it is so good experience of mine to use large size device that is not just slim and beautiful also able to give you all proper tech

  16. Rani Shaikh says:

    this phone has very good and advance features but the look is same as old ones. Samsung should change its colour and designs so every one can recognise between old and new.

  17. Alnaji Magdy says:

    Versatile and Reliable thing this one is looking. not like a before model of the surface i like this one and see many of the reviews and all trusty sites reviews are not focusing on the marketing they say what is best and tell clearly a bad things... and i found minor bugsq

  18. Asmar Dalal says:

    is thinner and lighter and the most expensive

  19. Alturk Tarek says:

    i want to buy this lenovo phone so tell me from which store and how can i buy in uae.. need no shipment charges

  20. Abokale Mhw says:

    Wow Absolutely; difficult keyboard interface indigestible "dialer", that is above all remarkable and on an excellent display.