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  1. Abod Hadad says:

    G4 as well in some manners not the normal Smartphone because it is huge but in a market where now the performance is stunning in all age and you love it, the difference is in the details and aesthetic options that might be also risky for some people.

  2. Tasawar Shah says:

    In the synthetic benchmarks the performance difference with Note 4 Exynos, no, they are quite comparable.

  3. Nidal Kodimati says:

    The Smart watch is a design achievement, no substance how you give the impression of being at it. The building of the case, and the awareness to feature compensated to basics like the digital crown and band connector are exceptional.

  4. Ahmed El Gannam says:

    well after take a look on the leaked images of the htc m10 phone that looks like a same kind of phone as lg do with the lg g5 because this time there is more round and bit thicker looking htc m phone is

  5. Muddassir says:

    Dear Devraj, I have got try to find sim status about both sim working same time, but did not find any status about both sim working same time.

  6. Dadoa Mal says:

    utmost ease to use this phone features and also i like dual sim version of the moto g. uad-core snapdragon 400 processor is same use in lg g2 phone

  7. Masmoudi says:

    spend a little more money on the plus model of the apple iphone 6 and now thinking that why not i wait of the s series

  8. Sarah Mez says:

    Most likely, the fans will be pleased with the brand Samsung motives GALAXY S2, one of the most successful in terms of appearance of the smartphone line

  9. SouqMobi Admin says:

    We are not selling anything. We provide the information related to products, prices and sellers. You can compare the prices of products from different available stores and select the one that suits your requirements.

  10. Ravindranath says:

    I am waiting for sony xperia Z3 dual black with reasonable price

  11. Debby says:

    it is a nice phone right but still need to upgrade the softwear

  12. Christian Caisip says:

    have baterry?becouse my baterry is broken...i touch speed 6 m9002 plzz..if have col me 0567508422 thankz...

  13. Keiko Shibuya says:

    show fingerprints quite extensively and the shape of the phone from the back side is bit different this time and looks really beautifull in hands

  14. Jasur says:

    micor sd is available

  15. Shadya Ahmad says:

    Marshmallow 6.0.1 beta available for now 2015 models of samsung while there no news about the galaxy tab series got the marshmallow update or not

  16. Attyah Ahmed says:

    LG plans to stay in the similar spirit still offering a curved screen incorporating a definition this time in full HD and a self-regenerating hull.

  17. Mousa Abab says:

    13 megapixel camera is really becoming the cause of embaracement for this company and i just want to say that they need to flow like other companies are flowing or may be they have to see LG.

  18. Sarita El Aidos says:

    this is nice looking elegant phone hope it is coming this year

  19. Sarah Yahya says:

    alleged pricing of the iphone 6s and will be low down after the lawn of the next successor model of an iphone. Actually a 256GB model will be more impressive if they include like galaxy phones now flash storage

  20. Almira says:

    i get moto e phone and it is perfect in performace and in many ways... many peoples love moto Phones because they all are packed with morderen tech..