Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Majoris says:

    just feel pride with the Apple nano Sim phones always also in future i think they switch itself to make Dual SIM phone one include Nano-SIM and other Micro-SIM as Samsung and many other doing.

  2. Kurdstan Kocher says:

    has the perfect 30hrs battery life and i am here to indicate that there is also fast charging capability on the blackberry phone this time. 128GB MICROSD is allow you to do lot more

  3. Khaled Kintar says:

    QHD Super AMOLED display and the nice 5.1inches screen it is good they not give huge display which impress really many consumers seems to be look forward to buy such phones with nice handling, body and great features as in galaxy s6 mobile

  4. Fareed says:

    As well as in Note 4, it uses glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3, but it curved shape of the screen, is another technological challenge - such models on the market are scarce, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

  5. Mayada Salah says:

    I will actually see how this resolve for me, but at the present time this is not the outshine I predicted for that one. Looks really impressive and the edge extra display is the best with vibrant color and phone got a wide viewing angle that no other Apple phone got

  6. Azad Mouslem says:

    This way you can point to two days of autonomy by restricting the use of the smartphone.

  7. Noor Alkhaledy says:

    heart-rate monitor and all more features like split and multi tasking with the split screen is same ... you can also now view with more wide view angle and perfect clear crystal display

  8. El Assas W Asas says:

    Touch ID and there is dual LED flash with the similar touch of the 5s may be and the iphone 6.. will be the dimensions are same

  9. Amjad Oy says:

    Filling Note 3 tops, running fast. As is the case with GALAXY S4, then multiple versions for different markets.

  10. Khaled Al Mohamad says:

    my fav one is the 32gb midnight blue one ... it is great

  11. Ibrahim Hassan says:

    android is somewhat more impressive and has responsiveness as no other is offering with keen user interface. But Samsung after Apple has the most high rates for their devices and same I think set of Samsung s7

  12. Tarek Alnaji says:

    laptop in a lightweight and having all advanced features inside it. have to say that finally Microsoft make something better than a tablet

  13. Farajalwrflle Farajalwrflle says:

    5.5in full HD screen among all the support of the latest curve bent, the body looks so good

  14. Ranjeet says:

    is it now available in UAE

  15. Gemma says:

    I want one wiko fever 48aed pls

  16. Jasem Algbori says:

    To the left - a gap Blu-ray drive. The strip, which is perpendicular to this horizontal slot represents just two types of items: a button on the front panel and the LED on the top.

  17. Mohammedtajuddin Baba says:

    so this phone is just been confirmed or the official release date is as well unveiled

  18. RS Choudhary Singh says:

    I think this particlar smartphone is better than the Samsung s6. it has a wonderful design and a large screen along with a heavy resolution that can make the color more brighter and image looks so fine.

  19. Agila Agzim says:

    There is a dual led flash on the Apple any phone or device for the first time

  20. Sora AYa says:

    well they not practice anything on the iphone 6 but we seen more big sizes and more high capabilties with upgrade camera and display in the s series .. Special phone with a lot more and also prices are too high for iphone s