Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Zeeshan Asmaa says:

    This is the preceding repetition of Qualcomm’s Krait processor core, with 4 cores working at up to 2.65GHz.

  2. Faisal Mustafa says:

    The front-facing camera, the ambient glow, and the proximity sensor are as well in the part and the mouthpiece and the additional stereo speaker be able to establishing underneath the screen

  3. Mohammed Arsal says:

    finally all my wait is over. i check all specification of the smart device both.. when prices are available for uae markets.. and are pre orders are available .. can i make it through you??

  4. Aaqib says:

    anyone found any issue of nokia xl phone.. Camera quality in twilight is I think very very low on this phone.

  5. Khaja Zahed Ali says:

    i want Motorola Nexus 6 64 GB cloud white

  6. Hemen Mythos says:

    1080p displays offer a great balance in these diagonals and althoug samsung has AMOLED screen offering much good sharpness to display than iphone 6s previously phone we seen. Samsung would have won in this fact

  7. Ritikesh Ghadouani says:

    this available now??

  8. Khalid Marey says:

    TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6: the perfect interface Android?

  9. Aqeel Alsalih says:

    I have a Nexus 5 in which protrudes and I have never heard complaints about it, and also going to see other smartphone family Android / Windows Phone This is a very frequent.

  10. Khaled Salama says:

    Note Edge sold in two colors only - black and white. But the memory of the two versions, 32 and 64 gigabytes

  11. Ahmed Abd Alaaty says:

    size comparison reveal that they are master of making with the nice dimension phones

  12. Wageh Wegoo says:

    That is surely worth it for the excellent unique design and the outer look with slim dimension, plus cloud storage is attractive much famous, suggestive of that might be micro-SD card slot that are not as valuable as they once in a time

  13. Abo Ammar Msallam says:

    Enjoy it or be sad, but in 2014 seems the main flagship in the series of as entire other rivals and their big size has little bulky for many peoples

  14. Halil Mermer says:

    A Smaller iPhone 6s Mini is also making may be the new compact version got different name than before or else it is called iphone 7c

  15. Samil Kobani says:

    Super AMOLED and the gift is not necessary to its sunny problems.

  16. Kam says:

    iPhones are also infested I hear. But it's easy to dialbse from a setting somewhere. In Android, you have a little work to do, but can dialbsed. In both cases, you're being tracked without you knowing, as default, which is bad from both platforms!

  17. Rida Hakim Mehdi says:

    to come back to the market and make good entrance and to play an active role in the line up of modern Smartphones so there is need to make it more slim

  18. Naddo Adnan says:

    it is good and fast in many ways but Apple Pencil might not the best part of it because it is not something required on their devices. Air is still looks to be one of the excellent choice over ipad mini 4

  19. MAhamed Hamed says:

    The phone has a wonder ful camera result and good for making long videos and you can also take it to the long journey with out having any fear that your phone battery is going down.

  20. Sherwan Koye says:

    Dramatic design may be the best thing the attracts consumers