Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Shifa Asmara says:

    Assuming they do not going to low down the rates of the phone. Still the same expensive prices set for the nexus 6p phone.

  2. Abdul Ahad says:

    longer battery life may be the best part of the phone but they need to more upgrade the life of the battery to perform more powerful… it is required and necessary on high res phones to have large battery because people see hd videos and more .. Of-course play games

  3. IMTIAZ ALI says:


  4. Al Mustafa says:

    It is great because seems very clear display and no noise while calling via front camera. Alongside with 4.7inches phone previous noticeably a new technology use

  5. Mohammad Akmal says:

    Need Nokia 1020 black or gray price

  6. Alkareem says:

    i am truly waiting for Microsoft Surface Mini .. to get my hands on wonderful device

  7. Sonam Wangdra says:

    scanner of the s5 is not that good whereas good to see such new technology in this age

  8. Biosa says:

    For the audio portion, the new iPad Air 2 now offers two gates at the stereo speaker, it does not change much in absolute terms compared to the iPad Air

  9. Abdula Almashry says:

    in favor of improving the quality of images obtained by other methods. Therefore, the camera in Galaxy S7 will be quite modest by today's standards the resolution - a total of 12 megapixels.

  10. Hussen Almazruai says:

    5.2 inches screen size with the 554 ppi pixel density is the advance and far more better than the apple phone, as well phone has Fingerprint sensor and it is (PayPal certified)

  11. Sushant432 says:

    No one called or send any msg regarding my order

  12. Hani Karaimeh says:

    While with the latest model the players can effort their way from side to side the career mode, unlock and open now many of latest included rides

  13. Redwan Osman says:

    Unmatched original style as before but the colors available is white, gold, blue, green and even the black and gold contrast will be soon

  14. Ahmed Taha says:

    one allows you to limit the performance of the processor, the brightness of the screen and keys, and vibration of the device, the other doubles or even triples the battery life.

  15. Darbaz Argushi says:

    but why so thick dimensions ?? Even the design is not so good looking

  16. Ahmed Abad says:

    i find some rumors saying that there is a similar design but different unique colors available for device. software is updated in future

  17. SACHIN says:


  18. Mohammed Ziyad says:

    Wht is d pice of iPhone 5c 16 gb in UAE

  19. Labieb Najdawi says:

    so the name of the watch is Microsoft smart watch or something else. and is this is fitness wearable watch.. so by it users can control microsft which kind of devices...or connect it with the nokia phones

  20. Hema Saleh says:

    every one by means of the similar refined plan, which we all will travel around in additional feature a small later on.