Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Clalu says:

    The battery is quickly sits down for a long time charging on my galaxy s6 phone. This issue I am facing after my galaxy s6 slips from my hands

  2. Qumber says:

    Hello Xperia Z2 is looking good…. hope its battery is something more..

  3. Alimam Abdullah says:

    i get really best prices here for this phone i love this blackberry

  4. Omar Khalaf says:

    using this phone and it give me best pay back of my value… In hands no other brand capable to give suitable feeling as Huwaei

  5. Anusha Farooq says:

    Dual core is working inside this stylish pad and that’s the one who is making the speed not just fast but really very fast.

  6. Shubhra Halder says:

    This smartphone is far more good from apple because of its functionality and new features. Samsung provide always the best smartphone with new design not with the old design like apple

  7. Muniruj Jamal says:

    there are two modesl 16 gb and 32 gb with the 3g and this one available after 23rd of novembet in uae. But what about the issues with the display of this device as I see video review in which they claim there is yellow tint and Google going to replace it soon

  8. Abdul Waheed Siddiqui says:

    The battery is as same as we have in s6 edge means a longer time could be spend with this smartphone.

  9. ArafAt says:

    display screen set in Full HD resolution (1,920x1, 080 pixels) and is quick and bright. comes with packing 4G support for both TD and FDD LTE bands.

  10. Hisham Anwer says:

    and because of same size they work with 6s iphone, it was accompany by an image of a brilliantly colored phone docked into it.

  11. Moussa Souf says:

    Goodbye to small and manageable iPhone? iPhone 6 is very accomplished, but I can not use with one hand, like 5

  12. Prakash says:

    lumia 525 is available in dubai..??

  13. Marwan ALameri says:

    i knw this phone packed with awesomeness and supports all best features ... hope that apple make this time most slimmest smartphone

  14. G.d.nyaupane says:

    I like this mobile phone

  15. Aeneas Jerron says:

    Battery timming is not so much bad instead it is good as I am not totally free for all day and it is good for office people not for kids.

  16. Abdellah Chahboun says:

    One need only consider that the screen of the new moto x model 2015(which is very nice too) far behind in terms of brightness by almost 20%, while many competitors

  17. Ahmed says:

    I love to check this phone

  18. Souqmobi says:

    Hi B V S RAO, Our product is only applicable for UAE Middle East. Regards

  19. Ezz Eldein Hussein says:

    yes we will ready to see the same size as before seen in the iphone 2014 model. where as 6s Mini for now it is in news and with the same force technology and may be the same battery it become an awesome update for all of us

  20. Yassine Izmar says:

    I think it has some shortcomings, but be objective. In fact I preferred to Samsung S6 one Note 4 which just bought