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  1. Fahed Salem says:

    looks like a bit brother phones and more cheaper than galaxy A family and E7

  2. Shadi Alshayeb says:

    Aluminum frame agreeably cool with when hand over, but refined edge is not extremely nice to hit into the skin.

  3. Walid Alsayed says:

    next big idea will be more improved; amazing hardware will be kill all other rivals

  4. Mohamad Kheer says:

    If you have an Apple store nearby you always try there s family for sure which has more high end features and configurations at all levels which is amazing for sure

  5. Abdulhameed Murshed says:

    design that doesn't look anything and from anywhere like the apple and htc smartphones where as at the material and color combination is borrow from apple and htc to give huawei nexus 6p more premium look in hands

  6. Ali says:

    The battery is somehow low but it would be performing well just becasue it is non-removeable. so it wont be facing and shock of removing and being charged by the desktop charger.

  7. Nausheen says:

    The Apple Watch makes ordinary announcement simple to send away as custody you in the circle on existence the majority significant alerts.

  8. Nany Mtm says:

    A modest A9 chipset and the Snapdragon qualcomm with M9 coprocessor there is a really good battle in performance. A taptic engine by apple is awesome and play all of the game easily but there is low batter life

  9. Falcon Mahamed says:

    features best yet Quad HD quality that is the most advance tech on smartphone that enhance overall viewing experience as well so you can with more joy play games, watch hd movies and more

  10. Rona Maho says:

    they have dual channel ram and the same thing we saw before in some phones. It is nice that removable options are now available for the samsung phones a good step.

  11. Ahmed T. MuhaMmed says:

    to include another display on the phone is might be a big responsibility

  12. Erandi Kawshalya Gallage says:

    S6 is comparable to iphone 6 just few things are change in them like Iphone 6 has SD card support and S6 does not support the SD card and same in the battery S6 has larger battery and iphone is having a smaller.

  13. Rahib Ghani says:

    The thing is you guys has not notices one thing thatis, why it is offering a low battery in their latest Smartphones. The reason is the only that the battery is non-removeable and that makes it efficiency improve.

  14. Mukhtar says:

    compare desire phone with this c3 xperia.. big difference with display on both.. xperia is always making devices with lot more innovative things... Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor make this phone to perform well..

  15. Mohamed Da says:

    But why 2GB of RAM still they need to upgrade the ram because with all such specs only this is the thing remain low

  16. Moaaz Nadeem says:

    I love the design of this smartphone as it is not just good but instead it is perfect for me. I can handel large screen smartphone.

  17. Israa Sheikh Alarab says:

    the ram neeed to be more must be 4GB of RAM

  18. Yasir Zaman says:

    Each gen of Samsung Smartphone on the whole have comparatively uniform appearance genetic material is now improved, the Samsung GALAXY A5 similar with this generation of Samsung's

  19. Shwana Mohamad says:

    The Note has Now when it came out of its sheath, a function wheel "Air Command" is activated. Search in Mobile, Memo, selecting an area of the screen for sending.

  20. Hussam Kochar says:

    sunlight display of the phone is totally alike the previous phone infact no changes with the display a lot. Real-time contrast adjustments will be same like iphone 5s in the iphone se