Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Shereen Kadamani says:

    Use this Smartphone in the Sun ligjht you would be putting your hand on it to cover it from the light but do the same thing with the Iphone 6 and find the difference.

  2. Aga Abod says:

    How to enable easily family sharing with iOS8.1

  3. Mohamed Fars says:

    tell me is there is free shipping for qatar as well if not suggest me seller any with free shipping

  4. Omar Jajan says:

    i must say that now the s family meet the innovation the touch and not the traditional touch smartphone it is beyond imaginations and the meets functions

  5. Adeb Adeb says:

    so this watch is going to work same as work with the iOS devices. I have galaxy s6 and want to try apple watch

  6. Amr Ahmed says:

    but the Note 4 is still the best smartphone we finished that Samsung has delivered so far.

  7. Bota says:

    To be honest, I do not know, I have found as a result of a issue or not, run apps on a oneplus one picture in black and looking at screen couple of mins after some while the screen start to see few areas of yellowness

  8. Al Frarjeh Mohammed says:

    that is to say, the skills to make use of both apps at a time side by side or more balanced Apps.

  9. Jo Najm says:

    ever-so-slightly wider phones like galaxy s6 plus, nexus plus 5.9-inch screen and 5.5 inches phablet and agains the iphone 6 the galaxy s6 has more dpi, more resolutions and ram performance.

  10. Em Jehad says:

    every body like this phone because it is not too much bulky and has nice price point..

  11. Rada Saalh says:

    first time i saw this lg g5 i like the invention of removable option of battery from the bottom part a whole different way

  12. Alherir says:

    when phone is available in 16gb storage in black color i want this phone.. how much is the prices

  13. Asif Jahan says:

    This mobile is good I like this

  14. Zakwan Faour says:

    HTC as well has all the high end features so my expectation is that the rear side camera is so nice and provide quality photos

  15. Rawaz Hasan says:

    I hoped that the chipset is much more faster and reliable and has a great combination in this era. Absolutely apple iphone is step ahead on this way

  16. Rubi Kardi says:

    more energy efficient architecture given to the new xiaomi phone chipset to give more faster performance.

  17. Khaled Muna says:

    To build quality no complaints - all at a high level, there are no gaps between the elements; buttons fitted tightly, no squeaks.

  18. Hamza says:

    the must have products if you are the owner of the iphones; but I am hoping to be got more cheap prices may be prices low after the sequel model.

  19. Mohammed Abu Laban says:

    And by hold a point or any specific part of the screen for a while you can easily save manually all the adjustments with the Focus and do it same with the exposure as you like with the picky frame

  20. Amine Bouhachem says:

    mart devices prices are low... lumia family phones is good for business use