Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hameed Shmsh says:

    note 4 is my next choice.. but why not samsung using digital image stabilization technology like apple is using yet

  2. Arafa Ibrahimq says:

    hauwei mate series of smartphone is packed with everything you expect in a premium smartphone.. waiting for mate 3 to be come in markets

  3. Mohd Aaqib says:

    When is release date of Samsung Galaxy Note3 in all India.

  4. Rami Abd Al Jabbar says:

    rose gold color is the most good looking and with the silver touch. Yellow Sport Band and some other sport bands looks at all bit cheap will try Milanese Loop that looks really awesome apple watch

  5. Shadi Hikmat says:

    oh now as well you can turn your lenovo laptop into surface pro 3 style??

  6. Taha Hamed says:

    The phone hardware offering ease features and high end tech is included also the camera is pretty.

  7. Abdulhadi Danna says:

    Absolutely I am the one who love the quick voice message because it is a required feature and I am thinking about it to be included and than the same thing I found in apple watch

  8. Lahiru Chathuranga says:

    Nokia has now enteres in the tablet market and has made a tablet all by his self and this is the boggest achivement Nokia has. To be in the tablet market would be difficult but Nokia knows that which product is in demand

  9. Said Alarimi says:

    it is good as compare to apple iphone 5S ... i like nexus 5

  10. Jahanzeb Ali says:

    through game performance test with both 5s and iphone 6 plus...You can see from the above test results, although the difference between the previous and new phones that they huge run, but in the actual game experience or less,

  11. Farouk says:


  12. Maha Elbakly says:

    Light and tough Ion-X glass display that is bit similar to corning glass protection but more light in weight meaning watch weight is so less compare to other watches

  13. Ali Alezi says:

    I hade at first many wishes with that phones and when it comes I just amazed with the phone abilities but than after the release of other devices it is a little ugly design and battery is not much with not much nice taste of hardware

  14. Ikram says:

    You have Samsung golden3

  15. Yaseen says:

    Samsung is really a vast galaxy that features the best smartphones in the world, i enjoy having a Samsung smartphones, the camera and the features are awesome.

  16. Ahmed says:

    where to buy

  17. Belal Alsraheen says:

    great for texting, long battery life and also now there is more important features we going to seen in the next galaxy s line up. OS 6.0 Marshmallow is now available for the Galaxy S6 and the new Plus S6 model

  18. Hamza says:

    Appearance - all genius is simple and does not look cheap in the hand is fine skin of this phone really looks oh-oh-oh, very expensive From a comparison with the previous phone

  19. Kassem Bushra says:

    full hd displau and pure crisp display that no one is offering like that. need some cheapest deals for this phone

  20. ???? says:

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