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  1. Hamood Alqasim says:

    so the prices are from all orignal stores that is really a good thing i like it.

  2. Nouhad Haddad says:

    i buy this apple watch sports 42mm 5 months ago. well it really looks impressive in hands and not so much heavy as well as thicker one. but the screen of the device is also so much sensitive and force technology on it. Now I gonna try watch edition which is expensive in the collection

  3. Tarek Azeem says:

    But on the screen, camera, battery life and overall performance even better than the note edge,

  4. Praveen says:

    Hi I want to this mobile but I am exchange my lava v2+ please tell me ok

  5. Midassi Farid says:

    in stores now the one cheap model

  6. Thanaa Ka says:

    Advantage of the latest phone is with the display that is retina and mail application is really working so fie with such landscape mode it is perfect

  7. Lahig says:

    5.2 inches size is the best size of the phone also the display is very very good

  8. Ghayath Ibrahim says:

    Appearance in the different menus is made in the Material Design, interface elements and monochrome flat, if you just open any application, then

  9. Mehmood says:

    of course the user interface on this iphone is very very much improved.. after updating os to beta i think it is more stable

  10. Sara Ahmed says:

    great news for me 2.5D glass working on the front make it look elegant actually

  11. Medo Rashik says:

    This phone has the perfect class with the name Classic this time so smooth edges and dimension with the lightweight. I am expecting that

  12. Faheem Ahmad says:

    no applications are performing fast as android phones are... i am using this phone and now plan to sale it

  13. Hammad says:

    What is the difference between getting HTC and iPhone ?

  14. Ahmad Ibrahim Mousa says:

    just need to tap the crown at the side to just return to your home page

  15. Ballouza Bandrouve says:

    The is one of my favorite one but just a battery problem is you know making me to say something like from favorite one to good one.

  16. Qaisersardar Sardar says:

    they improve the autofocus technology on the note new line . slo-mo option and as well the burst mode is great this time..

  17. Hassan Essayed says:

    Though, there has been a huge loss of sharpness at the edges that is not use by any other with such improvements algorithm is there.

  18. Ayman says:

    Xperia Z1 will be 6 months , you may be confused about its predecessor Z2 is easy .

  19. Gaberr Gaberr says:

    again one more compeletely stylish device with the amazing new faetures and fast processor performance as expected.. recently buy this phone and got new Software update as well. all working so fine

  20. Zakariya Humza says:

    MacBook Air is also a good 4rth gen device but not like surface