Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Zahviya Ibrahem says:

    now this phone available in the markets and the prices is very cheap you can find no other phone with this kind of size, best brand and also with this kind of great front and rear 5MP camera

  2. Fyyad Ahmed says:

    The 3D force touch yes it is and the new sensor may be come with lot more

  3. Mehak Sohayl says:

    This is the best time to invest every part of the market is stable at the moment you will be having some good amoun in profit.

  4. Khalid Alhadi says:

    but somewhat costly 5.5-inch Smartphone with an stimulating and amazing pressure detecting display.

  5. Gokul G B says:

    the new model is the new name iphone 5se.. se denotes special edition so may be this year phone come with SE tag with more enormous features..

  6. Sikandar Zaman says:

    multitasking doesn't feel slow whereas they are using still 2gb amount of ram. Really amazing user interfact with beautiful sharp display this time

  7. Adel Mohamed says:

    Where I took a Smartphone test samples also patched, in fact, it turns out, the same international version with CM.

  8. Ibrahim Hema says:

    looks good one

  9. Munna Alam says:

    Nokia 110 great phone :D

  10. Hevi Zaxoi says:

    there is minor changes of the new iphone case from the backside especially with the shell

  11. Youssef Rajawi says:

    really nice handling and it is so slim phone in nexus category

  12. Md.ehsan says:

    I need to new nokya7610

  13. Jagadeesha Jaluman Don says:

    Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is the best to prtect form the scratches as it is best in providing high resolution of results as well.

  14. Vivek Dhiman says:

    Camera resulr is amazing and a common user like a normal user would like it so much. The Dslr quality image would be loved by the user I think.

  15. Mahnoor Gul says:

    according to my experience with the Apple and Samsung. and also using many premium phones the most lightest weight of the device make it feel little cheap in hands

  16. Pari Sundaram says:

    Really good product

  17. Ayaad Mohammad says:

    The camera LG Nexus 5 felt a significant step forward compared with the camera of S5 Samsung, which was also very good.

  18. Elkili Ali says:

    540x960 only in 5 inches smartphone their is some kind of a joke. i mean look at the high prices of the phone and then look at the hardware of this phone

  19. Emad says:

    Am in Dubai how to buy it

  20. Jonathan Mwembe says:

    I need cheapest phones for wholesale price in Dubai