Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abdellah Beladel says:

    do not wait any more now Black Friday is just on its way so I can definitely purchase it

  2. Muhammad Rafique says:

    why not they improved the battery life of there desire phones… still need much life

  3. Widad Jeratli says:

    Note 4 is worthy one but not bad with the OS Kitkat 4.4.4 and now running the latest Lollipop interface is so nice

  4. Al Torres Lugue says:

    curve is really ver beautiful and i am thinking that how would i use those curve menu. i mean to say i have to use my other hand or should i need to use only my one hand for the menu if i need to use them confuse

  5. Nahed Abdeen says:

    makes it easier to use the screen now with the edge and has no major camera bump we seen in the samsung s7 edge ahead the standard model

  6. Abdori Yusuf says:

    The phone provides the best desplay in the sunlight or when your out. You dont need to put another hand on it. The best thing i see in this mobile is the thing written above.

  7. Mostafa Salman says:

    20 mp camera make xpera z2a version to become more good ...really built in high quality and phone specs are very nice

  8. Abu Katem says:

    in news i find that huawei include finger print scanner on this new mulan series

  9. Nazir Shaleesh says:

    what a nice innovation.... waiting for long time for that kind of Smartphone.... such a great resolution plus all spec in 4.3 Screen Display...

  10. Bika Aninoor says:

    I just take a review of the top new updates of this phone with the lollipop new os software while some of the issues resolve some not found yet

  11. Fouad Berivan says:

    complete package of innovation this phone is. best and fastest!

  12. Abdul Ahad says:

    . In this they are inferior not only the note , but ios phones and other manufacturers - HTC, Sony and so on... i like samsung Koreans were able to take into account the errors of previous versions in the new flagship.

  13. Yhelruben says:

    Is Nokia xl really has good specs???anybody answer me please,,,it's my it really a nice android smartphone???

  14. Shakeeb Sanjari says:

    Looking very nice and camera so better any other mobile

  15. Ashraf Imad says:

    so the A8 chipset that Apple is used in the new iPhone 6 and now as a result of that something need to be come with the Samsung S6... CPU and graphics performance is all the time up as compare to Apple with Korean

  16. Tamer Youssef says:

    The smartphone has initially reacted positively to diving but the water is able to seep into the device reaching the front camera and this would put an end of selfie.

  17. Youssef says:

    When will iphone 6 come give it to me with a cheap price

  18. Taha Hany says:

    No headphone jacks that is not possible for the apple iphone 7.. may be their is some additional options for connectivity this time

  19. Raes Munbaeh says:

    this seems to be a massive update by them this year but why windows OS on galaxy tab pro s and is many models variant come for this also packs Android platform

  20. Humza says:

    to the newly added sensor for measuring the ultraviolet rays, can help determine whether you are safe to stay in work and to apply sunscreen to your skin of iphones ...neat feature, do not you think?