Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Azzam says:

    get a exciting prices for xperia z2 here... iterested to buy this phone...

  2. Pankaj Nayak says:

    really fast in speed mobile is this htc m8 ... but which phone picture quality is best ... xperia z2 or m8...?? i not want comparison of both camera... i knw sony is best in this

  3. Sami Samer Bebani says:

    No there is'nt any problem with the phone the phone is working good. I have one and i dont have any heating problem nor the blutooth problem.. it is working absolutly fine..

  4. Ahmad Fahmeah says:

    gaming belongs to pc actually infact you can play little games on your smartphones but now every thing changes as people love to play games on their phone that is another thing required to play with more speed is the amount of ram

  5. Morad Ahmed says:

    Brilliants results with the 16MP camera but also the g4 has some kind of same cpaabilties for their bunch of buyers

  6. Mohamed Abo Argop says:

    This is an amazing watch is you got any problem try to make it can visit youtube if you have any problem there are so many video which can help you out in finding your solution.

  7. Ahmd Nazr says:

    good to see this kind of phones in future

  8. Mohamed Adel says:

    while it is expected that company is now going to extend the storage capacity on the new models as well the ram and rom

  9. Waled Salem Elturki says:

    I was taking a pic in a low light environment and with the help of the LED i found the pic was owesome and the Camera could be called the 20 megapixel one.

  10. Syed Zahir AL Mardan V says:

    the phone got full touch but yes body is too bulky

  11. Hama Gyan says:

    is need to improve battery life however the rear straying fans while as well be head the full metal body like HTC One M9 and the bottom and edges like the Apple iPhone

  12. Jaffar says:

    Versatile Uses of this phone in future. i definately like and many ofcourse like this beauty of the phone. prices are to be announced but i hope that it is good

  13. Ahmead Elsayed says:

    No good back up for music and for other different stuff so why samsung has launched this smartphone just to show that they are in the market and producing smartphone.

  14. Khurram says:

    z3 is a good phone I like its desing and color in black… but not many applicatiosn of android are acceptable on this phone

  15. Zaid Falah says:

    it is good in many ways ofcourse if they include the MicroSD cardslot option than it will be awesome

  16. Wali Abdul says:

    all the a series has bit similar graphics and HD display but their is different screen sizes which is why the expand level of pixels density on the galaxy a7 and a9 phones

  17. Riflando Abila says:

    or not while I think there is the same as before display technology while some news remind be about the display of Apple Watch

  18. Junaida J Omar says:

    This gadget surely promise a HQ among modest and the well set size that it was carrying. \

  19. Muhammad Arshad says:

    I want this mobile plz contact me

  20. Osman Uosif says:

    claim a place alongside such statistician phones coming time after time. new current flagships of these companies are more sophisticated than