Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abo Youssef Korchi says:

    Samsung has make more advance there own Touchwiz interface and make it user friendly more and the supervision of the stylus over the ladest editions of both Note and the engineers looks to have reach a point of development where there is much more to put in apart from purify the details

  2. Ghada Shokry says:

    there is nice thing on it but obviously the prices are high but improve your gaming experience.

  3. Masum Billah says:

    accessing super-fast phone for the multi tasking; pretty much there is premium feel like the iphones than

  4. Burk Cheema says:

    Both the devices squared off in a latest dropped test 6 and 6 plus and also as compete to latest other with the same material made phone galaxy s6 it is pretty similar results.

  5. Khizer says:

    superb in performance i am one of those who get their hand on this phone... best looking in hands more thick and glossy screen is just awesome

  6. Jamha Nahsoo says:

    when will these phones came out in the market and is this one is really a jack-free iPhone?

  7. Mustafa M Kaml Shweliyya says:

    need to make the price tag similar as lenovo and motorola phones

  8. Ghazi Surchi says:

    In fact, there are quite a good reason - in Cupertino may sacrifice some performance for the sake of ergonomics, but never prefer quantity to quality

  9. Rami Mahmoud says:

    Thanks to the sound of high-resolution, each note will sound clean, and the technology of digital noise reduction removes all extraneous sounds. ... also to make this phone 13 MP is a great move

  10. Ayob Magde says:

    There are three famous now on the markets iPhone, HTC and Samsung. But the one thing everone focus now on the battery life and the usage of wireless chargin that is best thing to do

  11. Mohamad Yusif says:

    New display technology is said to come along with iOS9 on the iPhone 6S, and it may be start for developers for use in their apps which will updated by apple time after time.

  12. Bilal Hamadani says:

    i like this smartphone i have use to very easy handling

  13. Wesam Alkahoaje says:

    the prices fall down now and also the note 5 duos version hit markets

  14. Abozaed says:

    loud music wherever you are and do lot more in a best way and fast with the LG G3. high-resolution and nice color display

  15. Abdullah Alhiqi says:

    Have anyone of you supposed that the new moto x 2014 has some large display but many lags. Not a bit like nexus 6

  16. Ravi says:

    lulu price is 2685.

  17. Jasmir says:

    front facing camera of htc one is just good enough but not provide hd result.. i make video calls and result is not much clean

  18. Majd Riad says:

    After I see the S6 Edge phone I really change my mind because there is as well similar kind of glass coated this time that looks fabulous

  19. Ahmed Hany says:

    battery with fast charging but not so high capacity of their battery meaning with the more usage than normal phone hardly give 20hrs

  20. Abdallah Anwar says:

    very similar designs over and over again and the metallic build is same. with the glass front and rear the corning glass protection on the samsung phones make it bit looks similar