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  1. Al Dafoor says:

    galaxy gear 2 price is very expensive to us... will be waiting for it to be available in all stores... than buy it when get cheap prices for it

  2. Toqeer Khan says:

    as compare this phone to all the QWERTY and keyboard Smartphones available after Blackberry own Passport this might be the best one..

  3. Zainab Alhussaini says:

    In fact, the sheer no of 326 PPI no one is wondering that. Amongst the Smartphone on Android in the course of the screens alongside with a resolution of more than 400, and even 500 PPI, and for good reason.

  4. Ali Khalil Almansor says:

    when they are coming in markets

  5. Tahiri Mona says:

    Biggest iphone rival is the note 4 and I think prices are different if compare to small one and also apple improve camera and more including display in same size and more make slim its device

  6. Shehabden Rahmany says:

    so what about the z is this is not coming? Or they are going to make jump and unveil just after or at the same time both z4 and z5

  7. Romyo Roma says:

    Tap an discourse in the communications with a lot of modest apps and you can also use new apps like Skype which will open also Apple Maps to make visible the site; obliging to rapidly see anywhere you or your networks strength be caption.

  8. Taher Halabi says:

    pixels density of the apple iphone se is just like the iphone 6 meaning there is more sharp and crisp display on 4 inches device. sensitive display technology allows quick actions also same like the other new gen iphones. In spite of all that why we choose the iphone 6 instead of special edition

  9. Abbas Ali Nahrio says:

    Not the big one I like much but I like the display and some features of iPhone 6.

  10. Mohideen Nazimudeen says:

    constantly increase the sizes of their phones is actually not a well thing actually. At all the s6 galaxy phone has nice display and compare to the lg phones display looking more elegant and stunning

  11. Terkmeny Ammar says:

    With respect to the Xbox reassure, Microsoft said it anticipates that units will increase, yet that clients will progressively incline toward less expensive models.

  12. Mouda Wey Dilmi says:

    Color, as usually depends on the chosen screen mode

  13. Mohammed Saeed says:

    what is the official date of its release internationally...???

  14. Saed Ebrahem says:

    the best big phone that is not just big also in each and every class it is built in most advance quality

  15. Saed Ahmed says:

    As a result, we face new thickness of less than iphone 6 that is i want

  16. Saajid Mehmoud says:

    seems to be just like a same device as Samsung Quattro

  17. Jak Guy says:

    The screen size and the battery is makeing its image and thats why it is in, in the market and people are buying it for both these reasons and the amazing techology in it.

  18. Alan Rebin says:

    The update as well comes up with a great things as they are consuming the battery with the help of software and expanding their features

  19. Mohamad Kattan says:

    In Use, Performance and Battery this the all things required most on tablet and all are perfect

  20. Ali Samy says:

    what if we can do some magical things with the note 6; 3d art and more via their pen will be an amazing effort. Why not they work on hologram technology to improve their user interface infact with the note series