Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Shaikh Mohammad says:

    The Sport model and it is as the lightest on the market Apple Watch with much low prices

  2. Mona Salim says:

    A microSD card installation can be carried out immediately after removing the cover

  3. Asmita Charoliya says:

    The Smartphone is fast and if you love to play games on it so you can play and enjoy yourself so much it is faster and it is best for those who spend more time with this smartphone.

  4. December Hnin says:

    I will be personally refer you all the 12gb storage because it makes Smartphone more roomy and fast also with no lot of limits.. feel free to do all

  5. F says:

    the suspense is killing me

  6. Narjes A Shennieb says:

    Among the rivals of the G Flex 2 can be known as LG G3 its own, Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6 Plus.

  7. Abdul Fateh says:

    nice mobile...

  8. Rebal Syr says:

    I realized that all the units are not the same wehereas there is carrier issue and something we do not even know it. wherea s iphone 5 compare to iphone 5s is too old school thought

  9. Afaqullah Khan says:

    This is a god fone in Samsung

  10. Hamam Gomaa says:

    Launched now but no one knows that the biggest HTC Smartphone is released of 2015.. Because of no better plan of advertisement

  11. Syed Zahid says:

    feature that offering more incredible things for the photography as the camera focus and more features update with the new Operating Sytem. Many things more to be come with the Marshmallow

  12. Esam Yassen says:

    write more accurately and even small writing is possible because of more light wegiht on the improved s pen design but this is not with the default software they are using in samsung galaxy note 5.. i witness the performance is different slightly for the external professional applications available for the smart pen

  13. Riad Mohamad Deeb says:

    8-core Exynos works actually fine and the free bezel design also

  14. Yousef Eldhan says:

    Judging by the first beta of iOS will look like in the release version edition, of course we will not, but simply demonstrate the opportunities that are available to the ordinary developer

  15. Hamdy Nasr says:

    The top range 2015 LG has arrived. We speak of course of LG G4 whose debut on the Italian market took place and now people saying that the next one is on its way well it might be more variations of the g4 mobile phone unveils this year.

  16. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    On the mini-edition of the TAB Microsoft Surface is yet about nothing is known, apart from that the device might gets a screen diagonal of 8 inches that is good.

  17. Fauzia Njeem says:

    after the phone success there is need of more phones with different features might be i say are the replica Smartphones by Motorola with cheap prices

  18. Abd Al Alim says:

    tell me what u people found best in nokia xl phone... only that it supports little bit android OS application on something else and newAbd al Alim

  19. Essam Emam says:

    concept images has arrived so far well after than it seems like apple is on the way to amazed every body with the next one. wait and see what is going to be come next

  20. Najwa Alaani says:

    but i like its battery life... hope come with a cheap prices