Find Apple Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mahmud Altug says:

    you are right that the s6 galaxy has pixel-perfect size compare to its rival like iphone 6 but other than that the display with the same brightness level has much more difference whereas at low brightness iphone looks more great and consumer low battery

  2. Naim Toufic Charaf says:

    I think now a days people are conisdering the size and the thickness so for them i just want to say that this smartphone is of 151.3 x 82.4 x 8.3 mm thick so get it and enjoy it.

  3. Anjaan King says:

    judge by the trend in the growth of Smartphone, each self-respecting producer of popular brands strive to make for every of its latest flagship a unique accessory.

  4. Lyes Chalal says:

    something much better but I am going to say this about the iphone 6 plus phone that it is too hard to fit this phone in your jeans pocket at all because it is huge one

  5. Sunil Ranjan Katta says:

    It has a large battery as LG has. Only those smartphones companies are showing good quality of products which are not famouse in the market.

  6. Nor Nor Mohmmad says:

    may be the great choice for playing high graphic games without draining the battery life of the device

  7. Matin says:

    Software complaint- incomings calls are not working properly while using apps or when connected to wifi. please update the software.

  8. Ezz Eldein Hussein says:

    yes we will ready to see the same size as before seen in the iphone 2014 model. where as 6s Mini for now it is in news and with the same force technology and may be the same battery it become an awesome update for all of us

  9. Yusuf Ahmad says:

    You can also leverage your S6 Edge overnight to have available a range of information such as the time, the temperature, the date and the percentage of charge remaining.

  10. Al Sharawi says:

    get brighter selfies is possible with them; memory up to six times and offering a lot more than with iphone 6s

  11. Amodi Tima says:

    rather boring previously but after giving the extra curve screen combination that all become really remarkable. looks like older device as samsugn s3 phone is because when it comes there is all prettier things on the phone

  12. Sarat says:

    I want to buy no camera smart phone please send store address detail in abudhabi

  13. Ras Biju says:

    it looks stylish

  14. Maha says:

    Hay i want this whn wil it come in dubai ? Plz tel if any bdy knw

  15. Satish says:

    Its best mobile phone in sumsong

  16. Uzma Nayeem says:

    A complete Smartphone like a complete man which is able to do all the things and is loaded with so many new and amazing features.

  17. Mahmoud says:

    i am really a big fan of apple... and i buy every iPhone... and use each one... iPhone 5s is just an awesome smarthphone.. will buy as well iPhone 6 .. and i know it is the best

  18. Daher Basit says:

    the phone is all packed with latest techs from lg.. including good features for photography and this phone is good for hd display

  19. Ahmed Sani says:

    so this is a good value if you are in searching of best android 9 inches tablet. it is good as compare to many galaxy tab also s series.. and might be go on sale with pretty price tag

  20. Mayank Mishra says:

    contrast will be superb as always with Oppo