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The Apple Watch Series 2 was revealed alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus on 7 September, 2016.

Apple Watch in Dubai UAE

Apple Watch Price, Specs, Release Date and Review- Apple plans to introduce to the world its new innovation named Apple watch, with which you can not only learn them because it is not just a timepiece, you can also use the cards and make important calls easily. Find out the Apple Watch Price in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and more info relate to Apple Watch Dubai Price, specs and more. Apple analysts argue that the company very much in need of a latest innovative device which might be interesting and useful to every user different needs. To increase sale rates Apple should be promising that Watch Price is not too much expensive. Apple has a strong motivation and reasons to make their new items, same way as the Google- Also new gadgets included that makes features of this Smartwatch to be more useful, you can get daily updated Apple Watch Dubai, UAE pricing details and more, stay tuned with us to get Watch Specifications and new features updates. You may be check Apple iPhone 7 Price in Dubai

Apple Watch 2 is successor model launch on 2016; stay with us to know about the best prices of Apple Watch 2016 in Dubai, UAE. Apple watch is smartwatch recently launched by Apple Inc with the best feature including tracking, health oriented and many other features. Apple Watch is consider the best one after its launch. Apple Watch is also easily integrated with iOS. Here you can find out the best Apple watch price in Dubai prices of store with the different variations. Apple watch pre-order is available in Dubai and it will be schedule to begin shipping on April 24 2015. One of the best feature of Apple watch is mobile payment service which is recently introduced by Apple, Now you can easily payment in Dubai using Apple watch via iMessage or single SMS text message in Dubai via Apple watch. Apple introduced its third party software Handoff which controls the maximum payment gateway solution. If we compare the Apple watch price in Dubai than another Smartwatch is it is little bit high as compare to other Smartwatches. Apple on most important this is released in three different designs with the best features size 38mm and 42mm. The case of watch includes a mechanism which enable touchscreen sensitive. The best thing of Apple is they use core hardware with the best specifications now in this Apple watch they including Apple S1 processor which is a single ship which controls every watch feature in one single chip.

The Apple Watch is packed with an amazing new features- Apple make huge changes in design to make it more and more friendly with latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All packed with innovation new Apple Watch offers wrist based bundle of new applications, the Smartwatch available in Dubai UAE on 2015. It can be say that Apple now unveils most overestimated wearable gadget of all time, also it is the most predictable gadgets of recent years. Check at Souq Mobi Apple Watch Release Date, full specification and pricing details. Overall Apple makes all amazing new flagship continuously such as Mac with mouse, iPods, iPhone with retina display and many more. Now see what is inside in new wearable tech.


Smartwatch is equipped with Taptic engine that is more reliable to make calls. Also with the old fashion click wheel on Casual Watches is now included on this Smartwatch- that make users to easily get access and manage control with Click wheel and not just rely on small size touch screen on it. The best competitor for this stylish and unique watch is Motorola Moto 360 watch, while apple is trying to give the sapphire display glass, impressive digital crown, and unveil in future two more sizes for Smartwatch and 8k gold colored edition as well. Stay tuned with to find more relate to Apple Watch Price in Dubai UAE and Release Date.

The world is moving so fast and the things are rapidly changing day by day, as we see in our surroundings that we used to talk with the cell phones but when Smartphones came in the market we got to see another new look of phones and then we understand that things can be in totally a new look and shape. We have never thought that we using a phone as a computer which can provide us the internet access and can capture the High quality of images and many more. Same happens when with the wrist watch and some of us would have been wearing it during when you are reading this article.

Specs and Main Features

The microphone can also be used to talk to Siri, the voice-activated private supporter. It can also be used to read out text messages to send to your contacts, whose photos and details are handy via the watch. You can inquire for walking guidelines to your destination. It runs the iPhone GPS and as you loom a junction it will vibrate to inform you to turn. In fact you dont even need to gaze at the Watch as it attentive you with different vibrating alerts for left and right turns. The sapphire touch screen is able to identify the difference between a placid touch and a hard pressed touch and respond consequently. But you can still send little photos to other smartwatch users by making picture on the screen with your finger.

It is one of the famous and advance company in the world and you can also call it the best electronics producer in the world because of its new ideas and amazing use of technology which has make it the leader in the market. It is at present producing the Smartphone, LCDs, LEDs, Laptop and many other products and people has a unique mind set for them just because of something new in their products which other has never ever think of adopting for their products.


The picture is sent and closes on display. You can send more as well as including your heartbeat. That is while in between the health monitors is a heart sensor on the rear side. There is no Lightning connector on it. In its place it uses amazing a little similar the MagSafe connector found on Apple MacBooks to give wireless charging. Obviously, the achievement or else of the Apple Watch will mostly depend on how extensive the battery lasts. Apple has time to elegance this flanked by now and next year.

Secondly, from the feature of the long wearable watch, the modern troubles of a lot of products, long wearing comfy tech is difficult to get together. iPhone achievers is because of its users are more comfortable with it, but if Apple Watch not capable to resolve the problems of human ergonomics long wear, It might become a bad product, so select withstand proven history that is the present figure of the customary band wise selection.

Of course, Apple alters and more modify the strap and fund ability on doing a more humane innovation. However, from the current release of the product that is a very valuable message that the soft screen and storage problem is difficult to solve, or that tech has not yet more matured as expected. From an ergonomic point of view, because of the traditional size of screen that is totally in touch based operation to get a positive solidity of the screen, however the screen is not too large and small, or gives you a good feeling in the hands.


As everybody is expecting from Apple; Now Apple official its wearable Smartwatch that is the biggest shocker by Apple this year, and the biggest news is that this Watch not just come alone; you can choose with whole raft that best match to your lifestyle. Company now get together the 3 different Apple groups, two of them come with the diverse sizes, and the other one with more features. Although, this time fans were more amazed because there is 34 different gears that give you a set of style and best suits you.

One the wrist of both Men and Women; this new design to comfortably fit. Now take a look on the display of both of the amazing Apple Samar watches (38mm Watch might dubbed 272x340 pixels resolution) and other one contains 312x390pixels resolution that is the highest resolution on any 42mm yet. The pixels per inch are expected to be similar as Samsung Gear S i.e 300ppi.

Updates: Apple is working in all the areas on which it can produce things and now it has started producing the Wrist watch. You have never seen an electronics device producing company has started producing the wrist wearables which is totally a new direction for them but it has its own direction and it can make anyone to think the way he wants to. A wrist watch is a set of 2 to 3 small bars which tells you the hours, minutes and the seconds but the iWatch is totally different. It is an electronic tech or you can call it a digital watch which not only tells you the time but do other things as well like you have options to use apps and the screen looks similar to the iPhone 6S.

It has confirmed that you need to charge your device in after 24 hours which is a bit of shame for apple but I think they give this statement just because they know that when people would be wearing it they would be using it a lot like their Smartphone and like other devices they have, but if you are a normal user then you got to have at least a back up of 48 hours. It has confirmed that this device will going to be in the market soon and people will going to love it a lot. This will bring totally a new experience for the users of this and know they would be thing of other devices like the watch.

Apple Watch Models

Back in September, the new watch unveiled, simply called Apple Watch come in different unique editions featuring stunning beautiful bracelet, leather band and Milanese loop. The Apple Watch Price of all sizes include 38mm and 42mm; so you can find all your styles in three different collections include Stainless Steel Case, Aluminium Case and 18-Karat Gold case. The display in all three collection was protected y same Sapphire Crystal. And an all the elegantly bodies offering a outstanding match.


The Stainless Steel featuring Leather Bands, Bracelet and a Milanese loop, the modest design developed in Milan remind you the 19th Century. Natural sequence on specialized Italian gear, the level steel engage wraps gracefully on your wrist. The Modern buckle is available in soft pink, brown, midnight blue, and black bands.


This beautiful engineered case crafted 316L Stainless Steel and machining course of the Link Bracelet is so accurate, I takes almost 9hrs to cut the links of each band. Apart that is due to they are not just a standardized dimension, but delicately arise in width as they come up to the case. The link bracelet is available in Space Black 32mm and 42mm both size.


The modest top particle leather is bit broken up and stumble to keep its advanced texture. The Modern Buckle Smartphone is really a look like a two piece magnetic closure that is gracefully plain to locked. Engineers as well included inner layer of Vectran weave usually used in fiber based products for strength and widen resistance. The following band is available in four different colors include Soft Pink, Brown, Midnight Blue and Black.


For the first time with the delicate pebbled texture, an innovative approach of the design inside the soft, cover leather offering you to just wrap the Watch for a exact fit a neat appearance. The model is available in four colors include Stone, Light Brown, Black and Bright Blue.


From the renewed ECCO tannery which is a Leather develops highly progressive leather quality used for this unique band that is crushed to offer the little bit a delicate, distinctive feel around your wrist. The simple and same stainless steel body is used that is look more elegant with the buckle which is available in Black color.


Sport Apple Watch band is specially made from a customize High Quality of performance (synthetic rubber), the band is durable and has powerful resistance, yet astonishingly more smooth. The smoothest design all around your wrist give you more comfortable feeling. This innovative band got two colors (White and Black).

At the other hand there are many more questions to be answered as the interface is easy and even there are a lot of tap, swipe, twist and bend mixed up in this Smartwatch. Nested applications and and Glaceable applications specially made for wearable designs and double clicks might puzzle many peoples. The battery life of the device hold up 18hrs that is sound great. User can easily now download with their iPhones apps available in Apple Store.

Apple Watch: True Premium Smart Watch

Time to get thrilled. The Apple Watch is not standalone watch, like most of others smartwatches. It's working like a smartphone, Smasung Gear, Pebble, Android Wear and other devices work the same way. But for Apple Watch, you must buy a latest model of iPhone.

Communication, information, fitness, time (these are the Apple watch functions), but the watch is amazingly aggressive, comes with so many features and apps.

Apple Watch receives messages, send text messages, speakerphone calls, ping people with emoji, it also tracks your long run, steps, oversees your heart rate. You can also listen to music, play songs, get notifications, run apps and many more. But, once again, you need the latest or any model of iPhone to do most of these things.

Here's why you will want the Apple Watch:

Communication Features

The Apple Watch has a few interesting functions.

Emoji: The little graphic images can be personalized. You can send a smiley face by using this.

Receive Calls & Texts: The Apple watch is usable with the iPhone, accepts texts and calls.

Examine Texts: The Apple Watch views of your incoming texts and examine the contents. For quick reply, you can send directly from your wrist.

Walkie Talkie: You can send quick voice messages to others, by using the Apple watch mic.

Wi-Fi: Of course, the watch gives us the Wi-Fi option also.

Fitness Features

As expected, the watch gives us the total fitness tools.

Measure Heart Rate: You can measure your heart rate any time by using a heart rate sensor, located on the back of the watch. You can also send your heart beat result to your friend.

Set A Goals: There is also an app in the gadget called a Workout. It gives you "Real Time State", like burned calories, time spent working and your steps. You can set goals for your fitness and an app will compile your success. It also collect your daily fitness data, and when you complete your goal and mark "done" on Workout app, you will earn a special badge. The purpose of the badge is to keep you encouraged.

Accelerometer: The watch calculates your burned calories, count your steps and measures total body activities.

Usage of Apps: The most exciting things of the watch is its total app functionality. That's why it is such a powerful tool.

Watch kit: The smartwatch comes with a developer tool called Watch Kit. Which allows planners to create new third party apps.


There are many other features of Apple Watch. Some important are as below:

Maps: You can use the new Maps app for direction on the watch, by asking Siri for direction. She will manage you like an invisible guide.

Siri: She is always with you on your wrist. You can access Siri and ask questions by using watch's mic.

Apple Pay: The most exciting app of the new Apple product is Pay. The virtual wallet, that computerized your bank information. It's also available on new Apple watch.

Product Description

The Apple Watch Mobile Phone is manufactured by Apple and was added around 2012-05-19 12:34:49 and is part of the Apple Mobile series.
This version of the Mobile Phone comes in Color : Stainless Steel/Red, White, Brown/Black/Blue Buckle, Blue/Stone Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet
Space Black Stainless Steel/Black, Black Link Bracelet 8 GB, 512 MB RAM , Special Features :
The model comes in 7 other variations including combination of 8 GB, 512 MB RAM Stainless Steel/Red, White, Brown/Black/Blue Buckle, Blue/Stone Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet
Space Black Stainless Steel/Black, Black Link Bracelet
The product is sold at 5 online shops in UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman.
The best price for the Apple Watch in Dubai, UAE is AED 975 sold at Compume,, Yellow Point, Fashlink, Trobone, DigiCost, Lets Tango , View Deal, Ecity-Uae, DubaiGamers, available with free shipping and delivery within 2-3 days.

Apple Watch Specifications

Initial setup requires a smartphone

This is not a GSM device, it will not work on any GSM network worldwide.

NetworkTechnologyNo cellular connectivity
2G bands N/A
LaunchAnnounced2014, September
StatusAvailable. Released 2015, May
BodyDimensions38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5 mm (1.52 x 1.31 x 0.41 in)
Weight40 g body (2.72 oz)
BuildStainless Steel
- IPX7 certified - water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes
DisplayTypeAMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size1.5 inches (~55.1% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution340 x 272 pixels (~290 ppi pixel density)
ProtectionSapphire crystal glass
- Force Touch display
PlatformOSwatchOS 1.0, upgradable to v2.0.1
ChipsetApple S1
CPU520 MHz
MemoryCard slotNo
Internal8 GB, 512 MB RAM
Camera No
SoundAlert typesVibration; Ringtones
Loudspeaker Yes
3.5mm jack No
CommsWLANWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetoothv4.0, LE
FeaturesSensorsAccelerometer, gyro, heart rate
MessagingSMS(threaded view), Email, Push Mail, IM
- MP3 player
- Photo viewer
- Voice dial/commands
Battery Non-removable Li-Ion 205 mAh battery (0.78 Wh)
Stand-byUp to 18 h (mixed usage)
Talk timeUp to 3 h
MiscColorsStainless Steel/Red, White, Brown/Black/Blue Buckle, Blue/Stone Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet
Space Black Stainless Steel/Black, Black Link Bracelet

Price Insights

  • Cheapest price for Apple Watch in Dubai, UAE is AED 975 sold at Cost Price
Currently 5 store are available to offer Apple Watch with 789 (seven hundred and eighty-nine) reveiws has been posted for Apple Watch till April 22, 2017 with 50546 (fifty thousand, five hundred and fourty-six) pageviews of Apple Watch page.


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prices of the apple watch is down and now the Nike Apple watch version is also available tweaks make the Series 2 even more good looking and in favor of the sports persons

Wed, Nov 9 2016
Taha Hafez

The bulk of all programs for the Apple Watch - is a secondary screen that comes on the iPhone, though there are full-fledged game.

Wed, Nov 9 2016
Hisam Kabawi

most capable smartwatch but missing round shapes. pebble watch is also another affordable option but not that pretty

Thu, Nov 3 2016
Hossam Abdul Ghani

not the new version of the watch coming in 20165 so when will it come or there is more days to be wait for it

Thu, Nov 3 2016

very valuable upgrades many of your common activities can be detected and calculated by the Apple Watches.

Tue, Nov 1 2016
Fadi Salameh

Apple Watch was very sincere gadget that no doubt will have the liking of all emotional and creative personalities.

Mon, Oct 24 2016

the crown at the side of the watch is bit bigger than the normal crowns we seen in many other wartches and also button is big

Thu, Oct 20 2016
Siyaf Mustafa

Pebble watches packs 130 mAh battery and lasts for 5 days of active use and Apple trying to put in fact much longer than this but still not able to give the same

Tue, Oct 18 2016
naddo ghorab

the best on the list are moto 360, samsung gear with round shapes. Whereas the Apple watch with the rectangular shape is the only one

Mon, Oct 17 2016
Saad Aljarah

in depth the design has not big changes, the screen is bit different this time may be they work with the sensors. Control panel of the watch is completely change and now more icons included

Fri, Oct 14 2016
sulafal hamd

this time design and shape is duplicate but genuinely looks like more personal with the new straps collections.

Mon, Oct 10 2016
Montajab Ebrahim

sport watch is a best option indeed because of the low price and a better choice for most sportsmen

Fri, Oct 7 2016
Sameh Helwa

Aluminum Case with White but the same sizes 38mm and new colors just same as the iPhone like rose gold and gold are included.

Thu, Oct 6 2016

the least expensive aluminum model but the same palm wearing this watch as before. Not going to collapse after the Samsung Gear S3 because of positive personal features

Wed, Oct 5 2016
Ibrahim Abu Muonir

so this is a proper name? series 2? or series 1? what difference the watch from the predecessor actually. I think that they going to launch very soon a whole new Watches this year

Tue, Oct 4 2016
Husein Maamo

after reading some of the quick verdit one the new watch series 1 and 2. The major difference is with the resistance of these Smartwatches and the Watch Series 1 is lower priced

Sun, Oct 2 2016
Ahmed Ramah

watch OS 3 is included and the thicker body of the new watch series. Multiple input methods and some special power given to their screens sensors

Fri, Sep 30 2016
Basel Jarbouh

looks the same watch the new series but has far more better abilities for the protection. Previous Sport edition price drops now after the announcement of new apple watch series 2

Fri, Sep 30 2016
Bachar Hakim

dramatically increased battery also with support of iOS. Especially on the 38mm you will find more good durability than before.

Tue, Sep 27 2016
Bilal Aljakh

new ceramic Apple watch edition is the most beautiful actually remains the best designed either they are not using the round shapes

Tue, Sep 27 2016