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  1. Jalal Taher says:

    I think when they launch iphone 5s; with the comparable sizes phone they features are different and also far more greater in performance. Now with more big sizes they make comeback but not such taste

  2. Abdelrahim Hatta says:

    Uncomfortable to hold for long while this kind of phone but the another thing is the uncomfortable prices of there A-series

  3. Aafiya says:

    i bought recently blackberry z3... is blackberry z3 is also official in only 3g?? i use only 3g service because in my area 4g is not arrive yet

  4. Fatma Omar says:

    yes the fantastic design of the 2014 version moto x which is implemented similarly to the last year model.

  5. Ahmed Iniz says:

    5.5-inch IPS LCD Display is for many mobile phone yet used by their manufacturers.. however the look of xperia devices and feeling in hands is totally different.

  6. Ali Ashref says:

    Nokia need to set different name for this phone

  7. Shabzz Khan says:

    Your husband would going to love your choice because according to me this particlar phone is loved by more in the males not in the females.

  8. Silverado says:

    When it will be available for sale in the UAE?

  9. Mostafa Taher says:

    The new fingerprint reader is undoubtedly more responsive and functional than the S5.

  10. Alaa Abahre says:

    This all might have been all the fans of the Samsung Korean giant but not just that after the Note 4 and now the S6 on way just after the same period

  11. Yaser says:

    i not like lg g pads... too expensive prices are all the time.. and not too much better in performance. just a lag pads.

  12. Abdelwahab Soliman says:

    64GB model and with the same storage option lg g4 is even more costly

  13. Nesma Abdelazem says:

    Merely dissatisfaction is the back of the scheme. The appearances which breakdown up the backside are required to let the fabulous iPhone antennas to effort and work perfect

  14. Adam Araby says:

    New Glass Technology that is used before in ipad is a good thing to use in iphone. that make this phone extra looking good with such graphics as compare to iphone 5 and more of its kind. latest super phone

  15. Ayhm Mohan says:

    what we wait for company not provide us that feature similar to 4GB of Ram,128GB storage option and a lot more that we need but that is ok for me.

  16. Sandeep Kumar says:

    yes I knew that this phone is not have the reasonable price tag

  17. Yasir says:

    Pls send me updated price need urgent.. Thanks

  18. Sami Halak says:

    This incomes it textures attractive stitch decent in your Smartphones. The all metallic body building is enjoyable and offering different feel

  19. Noman Gamar says:

    preceding iteration - iPhone 5 and then iPhone 5s - in fact, was a opportune update of design as the iPhone 4.

  20. Alam Mohammad says:

    yes now Motorola Accelerated the performance of its phone and continuously they improving internal hardware but need to more even too much work is required to improve the exterior design