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  1. Om Saher says:

    I think design afterall is ok because not the plastic material seems to be cheap in hands and bit glossy and shiny colors. They must include wireless charging options to their devices

  2. Richard says:

    i like this cellphone very much

  3. Djamel La ClaSse says:

    Battery 2550 mAh (not removable) Wireless charging (Qi / WFP) they are offering in galaxy s6 model with the more less slim and thinnest body

  4. Sourish says:

    I want to buy LG Nexus 5 in online store please suggest which online store is reliable

  5. Samee Amer says:

    they required to make next time glossy back on the Note

  6. Rahim Y. Baig says:

    Motorola is working on some great ideas and their invebtion is amazing. I like camera which they are using in their smartphones and it is amazing.

  7. Mahesh says:

    Please low the price

  8. Ahmed Konbos says:

    The screen is made up of the Super AMOLED QHD which produce the Crystal clear image which is good to play games and for viewing different kinds of activities.

  9. Imran Khan says:

    i recently lost my iPhone in dubai so what can i d oto how can i track my iPhone i do not have any specific application to track my phone.. is there is any way??

  10. Angel Coco says:

    sapphire display is comparable to that phone display and looks bit similar with the same wallpaper but while watching videos you can find a real difference

  11. Ewinat Ewinat says:

    Seems very strong, too but not durable as my expectations.. because of thin body battery got more shorter

  12. Ahmad M Alsaleh says:

    all specs of this phone model new xperia c3 indicates that the phone is mid range smart phone

  13. Junaid says:

    I thing Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5200 is based regionwise, please check some others ware.

  14. Saif says:

    Hello ho much is iPhone 7

  15. Hasan Wahid says:

    that will happen: Due to a fall on the screen was covered all through cracked glass that does not significantly affect the performance of your Blackberry Passport…..!!!

  16. Jaspreet Sekhon says:

    the concept images before of the phone is seems to be looking ugly but it looks more unique and well implemented screens

  17. Prince Ahmad says:

    The screen does not respond quickly. Shoot underwater is not very convenient, and the image quality is poor in the last model so need improvements

  18. Sebti Mekki says:

    speaker is on the right side because when playing games in some phones which has at the bottom speakers located at the landscape mode your hand interrupt audio effects.

  19. Misael Mj Basilio says:

    When you are in a place with no electricity spare batteries are an ingenious to enjoy continued use of your device and you geniuses decide to eliminate this? I love that my spare battery and charger are connected to the outlet and my S4 is always free from such hindrance.

  20. Nirmeen Jamal says:

    very different one looking any detail about how is the body?