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  1. Gayan says:

    I want to buy Nokia N 90. I am staying in Dubai..Sharjah.. Contact no.00971508521954

  2. Hafid Dardar says:

    Fantastic display and also for those who like big smartphones are the best yet option. S Pen still questionable is say that because s stylus is not yet fully tested in each task by me

  3. Abu Rafey says:

    Depending on anywhere the device is sold, the Nokia Xl approach with a bunch pair of JBL headphones.

  4. Haleemdad Khan says:

    Deliberate attempt to calculate the sensitivity of the radio promotion model look absolute ideal

  5. Ammar says:

    htc phones always charge very slowly.. And as well battery performance after this not much good as I m expecting

  6. Akeem Haider says:

    xepria z2 is pretty looking phone..and battery capacity is also good compare to other xperia phones... and good for running apps more smoothly and fast ...

  7. Miansherin Khan Swat says:

    Taiwani make quality product and HTC is one of their product thats why it is reliable and good in performance.

  8. Tugba Yilmz says:

    all-too-crucial smartphone segment and the nexus is might also been more affordable as more phones come in 2016

  9. Mithu says:

    its a single Sim?

  10. Ismail says:

    Hi I want this mobile nokia 101 please contact no 055-055-3442404

  11. Sleman Farah says:

    in four month the prices are bit more low and changing continously after the success of note5

  12. Dee Pee Kaur says:

    definitely you can discover so much now with the large size and explore a lot more with the best fastest Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450

  13. Sohail says:

    5.5 inches screen size is good but not a slim phone heavy.. i test its performance just ok phone .. there are some camera new applications that best work on this phone

  14. Samee Amer says:

    they required to make next time glossy back on the Note

  15. Abd Alrazak Alawad says:

    with Android 5.1, 21MP rear cameras so the most high end camera phone is ready to break all other phones

  16. Ali Raja says:

    The Apple watch is a special kind of a watch that has many amazing features and functions and they are having some unique designs and a large number of different strapes styles so that you would be having a variety in selecting the best for yourself.

  17. Sham Alaz says:

    The smartphone LG G Flex 2 has a removable battery capacity of 3000 mAh (at the LG G Flex - 3500 mAh).

  18. Rashmi Salhalli says:

    today this phone is not in the list of most amazing phones because iphone 6 take place for now

  19. Sheh Nawaz says:

    it is good looking not too big not to small phone..

  20. Hasan Abdulhadi Salih says:

    whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 is beautiful, and I remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived also in ACTIVE model alike the previous series