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  1. Saif Shajera says:

    Note is really an expensive phone but it worth that amount and i believe that we should use it the way or the cause of its design. Not for the entertainment and stuff only.

  2. Mostafa Mahmod says:

    but not enough battery capacity while the dimension are not so much thinner is a thick phone with little bezel free front

  3. Saad Sheikh says:

    this is best the prices are budgeted and the Operating System is also upgradable to the new one but there is LTE or 4G network still missing

  4. Ahmed Mashhor says:

    I am not expecting the 5MP camera for Apple phone because there focus is not been like the others as we take a look on iphone 6 model but after seeing competition it is another requirement to include such camera units

  5. Abdellah Chahboun says:

    they actually survive through this mobile phone and Waterproof is a nice aspect by them

  6. Abo Sarya Taan says:

    either the surface pro tablet has the best features where as apple rollout more ios udates for the ipad pro

  7. Amira says:

    itune Radio and might be come with good accessories that enhance your experience with it, new isight camera features and also 8mp camera with more improvement, but what about iphone 6 speed

  8. Algmati says:

    Built-in speakers and dual sim support with the expandable card slot

  9. Malik Saleh says:

    of a staggering 518ppi which is the advanced graphics and 4K display would have a great benefits and also the display of galaxy s7 is more good

  10. Mohammed Anwar says:

    i like Android

  11. Marina Abdullah says:

    concepts designs appears now on internet

  12. Mohamad K Daboos says:

    Although it is we generally finding fault, and have already begun to measure the front camera

  13. Hasan Abdulhadi Salih says:

    whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 is beautiful, and I remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived also in ACTIVE model alike the previous series

  14. Hamada says:

    so htc 10 is come with the same prices of s7 edge what is the major updates on both phones i think s7 ede is more better phone this is my personal opinion.

  15. Wtban Harke says:

    Pleasantly surprised by the presence of few t3rd party Apps installed by default - Facebook (package contains the different apps now itself, Messager, manager pages) and Instagram.

  16. Sazan Koi says:

    G3 screen resolution is too high, 801 with up slightly difficult ah, A: The friends have sharply points out the problem with the current G3, G3 when using normal system operation does exist framerate shortage

  17. Zahid Mohamed says:

    actually they took all the major things from the iphone 6 and 6s phones and put the same technology in the iphone se phone. featured a fresh new design will made this phone more awesome

  18. Maher Omar says:

    A latest constituent selection mode (photos, messaging, files ??) by picture a selection by means of the S-Pen here and the option to fasten notes on the home screen there, an still additional elastic organization displaying 2 simultaneous apps

  19. OmAr ArafAt says:

    Just before the phone is coming people saying it is awesome in design and screen is very smooth ok the screen is all that kind of what people expecting but not I like the design and pixel density is low

  20. Jalal Taher says:

    Going with the sensitivity the iPhone 6 produces images with less noise, so as you can see in the picture