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  1. Hanan Ahmed says:

    a great model but also galaxy note 5 samsung is expensive at any level compare to previous notes because they looks cheap and many things are just as they find it not much useful. now they also reduce the camera lens unit in the new one from 16MP to 12MP in galaxy s7

  2. Azzam Suleiman says:

    i am here to talk about the s5 samsung camera performance.. all the features are aweseme camera having capabilities to give you a perfect crispy snap

  3. Gammal says:

    xperia z3 smartphone delivers exceptional battery performancebetter graphics performance and speedy processing speed of the phone. good for multi tasking and

  4. Wassam says:

    i like Lumia Icon next upcoming phone

  5. Sddam Krem says:

    was now involve in making some kind of luxurious looking phones that gave Apple’s designers a run for their values

  6. Son Altalhi says:

    love thsi phone is it is releasing in different bright colros like blue, yellow, red and more.. colors/... and tell me is bbm new version is coming with this smart phone or not??

  7. Soad Altaier says:

    i need an armour case for protection of my 6 plus.

  8. Soufien says:

    Best phone coming soon in the markets now, tell exp. Oppo Find 7 price Dubai??

  9. Goo Da says:

    the both phones new iphone 6S and iPhone 7 are just coming in 2015 so that is the great response after the best sell of iPHones in 2014 last period.

  10. Abdullah says:

    stellar screen display and i advised 6s instead of the plus sized models at all iphone with higher power mode give actually a day easily

  11. Nadia Almhdawy says:

    5.5 is the size use by others before year and now they are start using that may be in future they use a size like nexus 6

  12. Monalisa Smile says:

    This is best because there is dual band and yes the 5300mAh battery is the most awesome innovation with such dimension no other brand of course Apple and Samsung now think about it.

  13. Droughi says:

    i like this phone and from the bottom of the phone it is more smooth as compare to s3 and s4 or other iphones..

  14. Yusuf Kadi says:

    And how would justify selling Nexus 5X if the Nexus 6P put everything they have the high-end of 2015 and now the sale rate for this phone constantly increasing in this manner

  15. Qanza says:

    ace style price for dubai markets???

  16. Lau Chooi Cheng says:

    Trusted KGI Securities forecaster Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the Apple iphone 6 that have launched this September

  17. Sanjana says:

    wats the price ???

  18. Sunil Kumar says:

    This one is 4G supported

  19. Rao Ehson says:

    enjoy the experience quite as much more got better now in next year

  20. Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    at&t rolls out with the new lollipop update but for the UAE carriers where I can get is this one got or not