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  1. Afzal Ahmad says:

    iPhone 6 is still used 8MP camera why, iPhone 5s consistent, and has a faster focusing speed. Note that the iPhone 6 Plus supports optical image stabilization, whiel the original phone iphone 6 just capable to support digital image stabilization.

  2. Muhammed Uzdas says:

    In these features as well highlights another section: 5.1 inch screen, a diagonal which in my opinion is the almost successful for a device that logically can not grow in size of their new samsung galaxy s6

  3. Meme Saleh says:

    apps, games and more things on this phone are good to run.. also available with different options of internal storage space and colors.. but why not htc include color like htc desire eye new phone in every model

  4. Ahmed Mohmed Amen says:

    barely better than BlackBerry Priv of this mobile phone well both performance is equal as I tested the performance of the blackberry and apple phones batteries that is equal actually

  5. Eng Yaser says:

    build fram aluminum on the both while that is really solid not like the iPhone bendgate issue but also back has glass protection that make it phone look little shinny

  6. Abdel Nassir Abedrahman says:

    As like befor the device is surrounded all among with a quietly curvy silver aluminum frame that is always better and feels really impressive in the hands

  7. Abdullah Halwani says:

    At max level of the brightness the display become too pretty and lights of the box is set to 70 percent, but it's worth it to unscrew even lower by about half.

  8. Abdellah Chahboun says:

    But it is not perfect, leaving aside the price, we have a device that is not going to the forefront of charging systems, nor have they made changes in autonomy, there is also room for improvement on the screen, and in design It is slippery and delicate.,

  9. Yemen Saran says:

    the sleek design.The phone is made by Apple and apple make all phone in a same way first ... make phone more slim, and resolution and also make phone good in performance

  10. Jak says:

    Overall, the surface is no longer the only characteristic of the LG G Flex series.

  11. Babba Ki Ranii says:

    any thing interesting about the new P-OLED screen used int the G Flex 2 version. All we know yet is that the phone has all high class not more about the innovative new features of the phone.

  12. Modar Zeid says:

    High-Quality Material used while making the phone specially things with the camera

  13. Alhamzi says:

    huawei pad 7 is much better than this samsung tab

  14. Noor Agha Ahmadzai says:

    5.2 screen size is ok if the dimension is thin and yest the battery life looks durable of this phone

  15. Zain Ul Abideen Khan says:

    No good camera and no good RAM always hang I dont know that why samsung launch it. it is a bad smartphone

  16. Mohamed Gamale says:

    As I will be browsing few of the most usually meet problems that users have been understanding all among the Korean note edge phone and offers some of the tricks on how you may fix them.

  17. Wasif Ullah says:

    When the Smartphone is put into the support for charging, ,. It is extremely suitable.

  18. Abdul Jawwad says:

    this time not sony give peoples just slim and compact design of the phone.. easy to hold in one hand phone is this ... best android os inside which which simultaneously embodies strength and beauty.

  19. Ahmed Nassif Nassar says:

    4k display for sure in the new lg g5 model and may be the stylus, extra screen new models are come to support the new Lg g series with the market trends

  20. Tagalden Mustafa says:

    better camera and battery life but the most strongest part is the internal memory. usage experience with the Oneplus phones is really impressive and great