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  1. Ahmed Abo Ali says:

    there is so nice grip in hands while the note model is not so much user freidnly because of huge size

  2. Abdelali Sayed says:

    At the instant, just few consumers have turned to them with the complaints that "iPhone 6" bend when worn in the pockets.

  3. Elbasha says:

    this is a best didicated phone for the gamin purpose actually because of the big size and the perfect x future of the note phone is bright if they modified their edge version more

  4. Chaaban Zargo says:

    Following are the things are bi miniature. The outcome is, the better and also superior pixel, the brighter it can gather, and the additional graceful it can gather, the healthier image quality you must be clever to produce such kind of things

  5. Haji Klela says:

    The htc is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts long. This phone even offers wireless charging.

  6. Lena Brinjekji says:

    The phone supports closely the identical shape, mode and round corners as the Alpha, simply on a more superior scale and credit goes to the greater than before size the plastic back is additional noticeable

  7. Raebeen Lawyer says:

    there is a substitute in market already name Galaxy Tab S2 with more nice prices but both devices has many similarities also front and rear camera is similar

  8. Mohamed Dali Saidani says:

    a twin as looking to the built of the 5s and this phone but slightly inspired look of iphone 6 line up with the combination of same color combinations and metallic finshes on the apple iphone se

  9. Dawd Anwer says:

    when it is available in markets?/

  10. Rihawi says:

    instead of feeling like a compromise , a much good normal in size piece and its usefulness and no way actually

  11. Abdullah Alrefaei says:

    yes it is differ from the all previous launch edge series. make the Edge your second-best but i thinking that the their is need to launch some of the cheap edge devices for the middle class users of their phones

  12. REESMAHS says:


  13. Asem Al Sager says:

    The S pen is really working very fine in this phone and good for those who are a S pen user or want to use this technoloy.

  14. Hesham Samir says:

    xperia z2 price???

  15. PRAJAKTA says:


  16. Wan Kyle Rul says:

    Research note is obtained by the business Insider has obtained from Citi that lists prospects for the iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6s Plus.

  17. Shorooq Shehadah says:

    yes i agreed that the performing abilities of iphone with the 6s family is great but not such sharp as we found in other traditional phones by samsung like galaxy note 5 and the galaxy s6 which has much more pixels

  18. Karkora Eshak says:

    here is the best device nice shape and size but button placement should not ne kind of that

  19. Rania Abu Kataab says:

    Android-I could easily through the call log to find the person who called me a month ago and this phone is not support this feature as well :(

  20. Rienna says:

    Really the price is 65