Find Alcatel Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ehab Mahmoud says:

    Under the tagline of Motorola is not the best option I think they have to make something in combination with South Koreans Samsung to bring a lot more for their users

  2. Fathi Mansour says:

    OS will bring a lot of great things than; No MicroSD; Battery Is No Longer but compare to the iphone 6

  3. Muhammad Umar Shafiq says:

    I need IPhone 6 . what's price of this mobile . I like this mobile. Muhammad Umar Shafiq

  4. Khurram Iqbal says:

    this one or htc m8 which is the best successor model. both desing are best and premium look but i found g3 to be more pretty looking in hands

  5. Danial Sheikh says:

    As a uni-body design, so unavoidably SIM card interface design on the outside of the fuselage.

  6. Figo Issa says:

    rapid upgrade traditionally can be made on this phone or camera applications modified in future

  7. Baghded Bounjeh says:

    Neither are hugely difference among change is the screen and the built however their curvy designs. Traditional flat display variant lack, silver, and blue colors with the good contrast

  8. Merle Niebres Gicale June says:

    front panel that is according to leaked images is same just they more increase the size and change the software features and camera

  9. Wlaeed says:

    Amazing Features phone with amazing software.. Love BB

  10. Hamid Yasin says:

    this is good price 54 0555611502 call me

  11. Almasry says:

    Live Photos are supported as well like same as in the iphone 6 or this feature is not belongs to the new SE model iphone?

  12. Muassam says:

    i want to buy lenovo k3 phone in qatar.... please tell me where is can get it....

  13. Hamode Sheikh Ali says:

    but i think they need to upgrade the battery performance and increase the durability because still i found this phone got heat up while doing some multitasking

  14. Mokhtar Ahlawy says:

    Is the mobile phone battery life instantly low down when you connect internet via 3g and 4g. I have this phone and facing an issue

  15. Amin Sayed says:

    when all versions of these phones are going to be available in qatar markets? And what is the prices of rose gold iphone 5e

  16. Zulqar Nain says:

    Q Noir A900 have same flip cover same B9400

  17. Roni says:

    highly durable Smartphone that is fine to give you cool experience with its fast technology

  18. Nashwa Mohammed says:

    digital image stabilisation’ (DIS) rather use in the apple iphone 6 is worse compare to other rivals but the iphone 6s is come with all positive things also 4k recording

  19. Tarek says:

    why still 2100mah battery .... it is not much powerful. s5 is nice with 2800 mAh battery

  20. Riyad Murat says:

    The fingerprint scanner same module is been now available for many users and currently used by Huawei also the same technology under the same circumstances