Find Alcatel Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mahamat Ali Fadoul says:

    It is too essential to make a note of that one Live Photo is concerning two times the full size as a usual photo.

  2. Redwan Jihad says:

    pocket-able size and sort of great physical appearance. waterproofing capability will be plus point if they given to it

  3. Ashok Kumar says:

    I want to by the samsung mega 6.3 but what is price in soudi arebia

  4. Anwar Abuawad says:

    a 3d touch panel with wonderful housing of new operating system. a soft spot for the chamfered changes with all new modification

  5. Alamrone Faisal says:

    iOS 8.2 has some really nice new updates and i love this thing

  6. Yathrab El Shafeiy says:

    Full HD 1080p (1920 1080 pixels), the pixel density of 321 ppi - not very bad, though not record figure.

  7. Yasir says:

    Wow love the way :D

  8. Nosir Romansi says:

    Them mobile phone has 64bit computing capability that is so best and work so fine with the fastest LTE connecitvtity with more fastest speed.,..

  9. Awf Naimat says:

    necessarily still for those who are in searching of best high resolution mobile phone with clarity like note5 is a bad thing

  10. Halil Mermer says:

    Apple adopted a new generation platform called ARM for the much high speed to give the new phones even in 2GB of RAM they give nice speed to iphone 6s and the advantage is best processing

  11. Qadir says:

    i think this g pad has only large screen size.. nothing more

  12. Robin says:

    hi is this item refurished or new???

  13. Musfrah Shahid Rana says:

    Other than while the iPHones official might be the main in terms of the physical size not I am saying the dimension and thickness of the phone that is so perfect and is solid phone but so huge for me.. actually they increase the height of the phone more not the width.

  14. Interiesta Ayoub says:

    This architecture allows you to do lot more like the all other moto x devices specially there is some feature nexus phone include

  15. Sabah Yak says:

    slimmed down and if they iclude more user freindly os updates it will be nice for those who previously using Android devices and now switch to Apple

  16. Omar Bayosh says:

    it is nice that there is more room to view each content but there is need of both hands to use this mobile phone

  17. Asad Mehmood says:

    All is perfect expect windows.... Android is much better then this

  18. Divyarajsinh Shaik says:

    not the stylus pen is working perfect

  19. Hazem Salah says:

    awesome phone i recently buy this one no issue with the new model as the prev has display issue

  20. Hamid Yasin says:

    this is good price 54 0555611502 call me