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  1. Lallosh Lzezeh Ana says:

    but this time it is still worth noting improved viewing angles and anti-glare

  2. Mona Ali says:

    good mobile phone... good price tag and will be a next one is more good

  3. Ahmed Khafaguie says:

    Dear sir, please i search for mobile E65 gray colour

  4. Hassan Haredy says:

    Apple needs to think again before launchinh any smartphone and i think this has to be compalsory before doing anythink. Apple has launch a piecs i think for childs not for us. Small battery is really not appricated.

  5. Ahmed Silivanay says:

    fancy new features and wow-factors for their fans and right now it is a big deal for us to buy all the accessories even is their is any issue after the update of the new software on their phone.. if anyone buy it?

  6. Renato Brito says:

    Rumors expand few of the theries relate to that Korean did not give this chipset Exynos a latest and unique name… well the 64Bit artitecture and is a good to get lollipop propably made specially for it.

  7. Hussen Sharf says:

    If you're going to take advantage of Live Photos, we are the same as they hold twice a normal photo. They are also quite greedy panoramic - excellent on the iphone 6s plus

  8. Silmaan says:

    Find 7 is a very beatifiul smartphone, i like oppo n1 and now it looks fantastic

  9. Nepalds says:

    absolutely a good prety wide screen phone.. Previously have nexus and now I come to htc phones now planning to buy htc one m8 next phone

  10. Om Gehad says:

    without reaching the phablet size this time they take over their own previous tablets with the most stunning beautiful body as well. nice to see samsung galaxy s6 phone with such allumunium design

  11. Abdul Mannan says:

    The only disappointment they are doing is the price tag. I feel its too expensive...

  12. Salah Jaber says:

    identical beautiful body of the tablet not expected with the Nokia but it is all ok if there is an Android Operating System

  13. Kasem Mhmmad says:

    There are a lot of reward of the polycarbonate back, a few you rather correctly mention, I would put in it make the phone improved and safer to grasp.

  14. Mamon Al Refaei says:

    A7, A6 and A5 respectively opted for a more conservative way in choice of sizes SoC but low specifications as compare to note 4 which is the leading in class of its time

  15. Honeylee says:

    how much the price in uae the iphone6 and when arrive the fone

  16. Arif says:

    grand line up phones are all good .. the processor requirements are higher, it will to some extent affect the overall performance of the machine.

  17. Mohamed Khalil says:

    Looks better but similar to the iPhone 6 because the same color combination in some color matches like silver, white and bold colors. however i like samsung galaxy s6 alot but not actually galaxy s6 edge is such good phone it is bit expensive and also not so useful thing with the curvy screen for me

  18. Basma says:

    Although both based on the same set of UI system to create, but because there are many different hardware configurations

  19. Raees Mushtaq says:

    7.1 mm no doubt the phone is good but not apple make the world most slimmest high end phone. glass screen is perfect and ideal i like it.

  20. Sayf Salman says:

    actually I mean that too big devices a lot more heavier and bulkier it is not easy to handle those devices for long while in hands. resolution display of the iphone 6s plus is on the other hand really bad in this way