Find Ainol Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohammad Azim says:

    good price thats why i want to buy

  2. Ashik says:

    sd card will not support and it have 32 GB internal, its price around 2200 ADE

  3. Sara Mohd says:

    i take a look on new phone bead-blasted aluminium which brings a great feel and more nice outdoor visibility of the apple iphone se.. i really like this model

  4. Myn T Wadja says:

    Phablets are absolutely terrific phones if they more include battery life. Powerful and well designed 2 year contract in UAE is available for this phone

  5. Arif says:

    grand line up phones are all good .. the processor requirements are higher, it will to some extent affect the overall performance of the machine.

  6. Chehnaz Edoo says:

    the major fact i notic is that the 4-inch and also now the 4.7 and then 5 inches screen with such sensors can easily wield a finger of the hand in which you hold the smartphone.

  7. Abdulrahman Mahmoud says:

    Useful software additions on their models; actually it is a mixed list of characteristics and there is no expensive thougts of mine over it

  8. Abdur Rehman says:

    is their burst mode camera is working - is the same as in the lg v10 phone or some different features included in the lg g5 phone

  9. Bilal Sheikh says:

    I like the Ram and the processor and I think it is best for me and it also come in my budget. I would be buying it so soon any thing some one wants to say to this. ?

  10. Abdul Ahad Jilani says:

    nice phone with good camera regardless of size.

  11. Mohamed Zourob says:

    so popular this phone become yes QWERTY keyboard is useful and now with the 3 rows

  12. Ismail Mla says:

    best buy has more prices tha other stores normal prices; winning stylus at all

  13. Musaab Alsadun says:

    Externally, the new GoPro Hero has not changed: a small plastic bricks encased in fiberglass casing - with three buttons on the small screen and monochrome information

  14. Ola Rihan says:

    QWERTY-keyboard that might be look like that this Passport phone is official in a region where Arabic for non-native speakers of users.

  15. Depak says:

    any person there who yet using iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus.. please tell me which one battery performance is more durable.. or both are same...

  16. Abdul Barr says:

    The size is really very good and fixes on my hand perfectly and i feel like that i am wearing a watch which is quite good and intresting.

  17. Iqbal says:

    It's a nice mobile. I will buy it 3 months later.

  18. Rishi Pandey says:

    People are buying this smartphone just because they are having a wonderful battery backup at the back and they dont want to charge again and again a smartphone.

  19. Abu Omr Sham says:

    well handset can be supposed to be overall success for apple this time or probably a nightmare for others expecting to launch a brilliant one with small sizes in future,

  20. Aljarf Alsamid says:

    Awesome mobile with a very cool graphics. But Admin price is not available on this post, Kindly confirm me the best prices of this phone and from which place i can get this phone.