Find Ainol Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Belal Alkaial says:

    good chances to make new revenue with the new design and new courage of adopting Android

  2. Abdul Ghani says:

    respect this kind of phones equipped with good things… but beyond front camera this phone is not just a good value for ur money.. Xperia m2 phone and ultra t series is much better

  3. Elshabah Etan says:

    look and feel like as before but the rose gold color is likely to be unique. chamfered edges and the same location of the buttons

  4. Abed Rezake Amine says:

    the big phone not even mean that there is more work required by the manufcaturer even they have plenty of room enough to give more amount of ram, more big battery and else things

  5. Rayan Alsayed says:

    The battery maintains the whole day, if not enough to use for more than one day in the phablet like the xiaomi redmi note 2

  6. Omar Sh says:

    The iphone look amazing and in future is going to be more look bettery and there excellent viewing angles is now offering more good contrast and lot more

  7. Nazir Hussain says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note comes with the newest Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 800 chipset as well as it is powered by quad-core 4002.3GHz Krait processor.

  8. Jasraj says:

    It may be available start of next month.

  9. Moosa M Hanif says:

    awesome phone I have this one I really like the camera and within the very cheap price point we saw finally some great options in the galaxy j series

  10. Farhan Verdo Alsmoky says:

    Moreover, there are persistent rumors that Apple will somewhat reduce the amount of batteries in updates

  11. Anus Abdullah says:

    is this phone is available in Middle East??? i want to buy this phone

  12. Kalid Rb-g says:

    iPhone 6 Plus in conjunction with the new, eighth version of iOS, which we have dedicated a separate review

  13. Ali Hussein says:

    do is to produce Smart phones with beautiful features as this for economical prices in dubai.

  14. Monique Cockerham says:

    with tv can i connect my moto e how is this is possible and it is fastly connect with smart tv

  15. Rizlan Ouahman says:

    Apple is planning to launch production of the tablet in December, but this means that the company will miss all holiday sales.

  16. Wissam Tetos says:

    finally on the htc device Immersive stereo with & speakers. The good phone for gaming and other multimedia purpose. 13-megapixel Duo Camera actually deliver a lot great photos compare to galaxy s5 and other rivals of the htc m8

  17. Vinayachandran says:

    i can't accept samsung galexy note 4 note 4 rate may be 2799

  18. Ellen Recreo says:

    Obviously, Internet forums be inclined to type lack of enthusiasm by their niche so I cannot draw any solid enclosed detail about the pixels and anything else negatively as people saying that the new Galaxy S6 has 20MP camera and now there is 16MP

  19. Mohameed Samah says:

    To be certain that the following Smartphone some issue is concerned, it is sufficient to indicate the serial number on the program page.

  20. Mohamed Hossam says:

    turns their pixels to be more best within the great dpi. May be by making the pixels button like apple that would be more amazing than after this