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  1. Paavan says:

    over all great mobile phone,but nfc is market depended and also not supporting browsing and edge.

  2. Asghar says:

    Moto 360 Women 42mm and the other editions are coming well many in metal band and the leather

  3. Nishtiman Hussein says:

    the new one is able fast charge and still note 5 has the same quality so might be s6 is still a good option

  4. Medhat Fawzy says:

    Appearance smartphone - this is perhaps one of its main features. In principle, there are many similarities with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  5. Nafsi Maqbool says:

    No it do not agreed to you sir, you can find best uniqueness and value from the Apple new iPhones that you would not feel with any other

  6. Hisham Alrabba says:

    shape of the phone is not like the g3

  7. Saima Shaheen says:

    more manageably sized device is this one because this is people need to have this kind of phone in hands with the good camera and front camera is working well

  8. Ali Hosdin Daood Daood says:

    the most awesome phone of the year

  9. Ramardevaraj says:

    Please 6131 aed

  10. Omar Al Fauore says:

    give you easily full day and possibly you can do same multitasking on iphone se .. A good alternative if you like apple and not have much money

  11. Saeed Bendada says:

    this phone is my choice and i am planning to buy it.. soon

  12. Haiam Edrees says:

    attractive price tag for uae markets of lg g5 new brought us a freah and such an amazing built of a transformer that we know will grab the attention of many

  13. Emano Sydney says:

    There is still good camera with the both phone.. not need to go to advance setting on this phone… S6 edge is great high end phone. But I need 16gb storage

  14. Zafarkhan Pasban says:

    The proper version of the device and also the edge model is best and cool factores included inside the phone

  15. Nasn Nadab says:

    Not all of the fantastic games are more huge, sleek glass case titles, but entire have been optimized for big Apple phone for the first time it is change the screen dimensions to robust the latest displays

  16. Rehab Maghawry says:

    I phone 7 should be more attractive than previous models. I am eagerly waiting for this pone. As per the specification this phone is looking awesome.

  17. Nasma Alaby says:

    No other can comparable with such high life battery and fantastic stunning camera sensor.. thanks to Samsung using OIS instead of Digital image stabilization

  18. Abdalla Busati says:

    The phone is equipped with actually more than 3,000mah battery capacity well that is great thing but not something surprised many because the phone dimensions are too much thick and note modify design actually

  19. Seraj Almajdoby says:

    in the game StarWars from Disney you can see how the map is drawn in sequence. On the tablet such problems have been reported.

  20. Eng Mezoo says:

    waterproofing as rumoured said in the galaxy edge phones now well let us see such features if possible on the curvy screen phones in 2016