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  1. Humza Afridi says:

    I am very interested to buy a LG G3 amazing big size phonwe. But after reading these opinions, its making me confused... i need a best in all things p[hone.. Will I buy this phone or not is now become a mystery

  2. Moataz Abdelmagid says:

    as like the brother phone there is no option for cardslot but really nice options with the camera.. Also hdr mode for both front and primary cameras

  3. Ali Affan says:

    will anyone first just use this surface pro 3 and than post their reviews.. so can i make my mind to buy this one...because there is some problems microsoft is facing on this one hope it is now reconcile...

  4. Ali Hassan says:

    There is much more better display this time vivid colors and really impressive 2048 x 1536 display resolution also the ipad air 2 is great in contrast

  5. Mahmoud Mostfa says:

    Gorilla Glass 5 offering really nice quality and first implemented in the samsung note 7 smartphone. announced itself that the only phone right now still in the market with such capabilities

  6. Jahanzeib says:

    all I know about this phone after using it is that It is good one if prices are low.. Well battery is not so good but for personal use and normal multimedia usage it is good and battery life is just ok

  7. Abdulhameed Murshed says:

    Edge is one of the first devices from Samsung, who will receive an update to Android 5.0.

  8. Mohammad Azim says:

    good price thats why i want to buy

  9. Nadia Salh says:

    what about their future phones battery life? Becaue if they are making phones more thinner and sleek than it must be a challenge moment to give it more mAhs

  10. Raed Alzouabi says:

    not it is a bulku; a thin phone with lot more new

  11. Amira Mohamed says:

    nice quad core smartphone.. what i like more is its stainless steel frame.. and elegant technology use to design this phone.. to make it slim and easy to hold on

  12. Sadanandam Utnoor says:

    Lenovo a6000 mobile very nice gevme

  13. Wael Al Khateeb says:

    This phone is too much expensive, also another I know bit different Smartphone and too expensive is a Blackberry Passport but not worthy like Note Edge phone.

  14. Maher Salem says:

    the exclusive version of the top of the range from curved display was dedicated to Iron Man, depicted on the rear shell of the device, that to honor the superhero of Marvel Comics is tinged with red and gold.

  15. Arclan Bayg says:

    Where the A series comes short is high end features and suitable vivid colors with true display resolution. Although, the Superb AMOLED display is the same as used always by them should make up for the comparatively low loyalty with huge contrast and punchy colors.

  16. Kenda Albakour says:

    Imagine you are sitting in a resturant and your smartphone is near to you and it is getting charge automatically how'd you feel when this stuff is being done near to you. This is called the amazing technology.

  17. Khaled Kintar says:

    QHD Super AMOLED display and the nice 5.1inches screen it is good they not give huge display which impress really many consumers seems to be look forward to buy such phones with nice handling, body and great features as in galaxy s6 mobile

  18. Wasel Abbas says:

    Retina HD displays give bright colors, they are equally very best as never before you can see with Apple contrast and even wider viewing angles than the 5S.

  19. Ghulam Abbas says:

    By default, the adaptive mode let to become accustomed on the fly unevenness, saturation, and color range the next screen App.

  20. Mahmoud Saad says:

    always has Bluetooth 4.0, while the Wi-Fi was improved, going from 802.11n to 802.11ac (as on recent Macs).