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  1. Al Ataei says:

    their vr lg headset is even more light in weight and also thin as compare to samsung vr headset and google cardboards. YouTube 360 and Google StreetView content is also possible with this new lg headset

  2. Sakthi Vel says:

    People are so right I have this phone and really I like it and I like the curves and it has some amazing specs that is good for a gamer like me

  3. Ahmed Shaker says:

    actually polished design is always best and it is so much surprising for all of us.. The great blue color with shinny backside plus the edge design make it look elegant

  4. Mosab E. Mhadei says:

    first of all into entry of the S Health unit inquires about your Name ,Gender (Male/Female) , age, height and weight of the person, and some more information relate to your lifestyle

  5. Mohamed Mousa says:

    controversy begins who is the one copied first. Because this time apple comes with the big sizes phones meaning they first made big PHABLETS after samsung

  6. Mohammed Ziyad says:

    Wht is d pice of iPhone 5c 16 gb in UAE

  7. Abdullah says:

    i like this phone it is pretty and side look of the phone is very best many peoples love sony Phones because they all are equipped with amazing new hardware and specs are good..

  8. Saad Salem says:

    it is great to use this phone for professional use as well as do some photography and videography on my note 5. i think the sides and edges are like the iphoen totally which is why many people thing in hands i have something by apple :)

  9. Maeena Krar says:

    Some of the rivals are as follow (LG G4, Mate S, Nexus 6P, iPhone 6s Plus) but I really want to try two of this. Note 5 and iPhone 6s Plus; in Apple phones the only issue is with the camera

  10. Sherwan Koye says:

    New screen sizes of iphone 6 new model new designs that make the device feel less dense even though it is larger. There is a major paradigm shift from previous iPhones and iPhone 6 Plus because, at that size, the screen adaptation of iOS

  11. Zahid says:

    I come to know, it was launch 25 sep, but i dont have any idea availability in market.

  12. Yoonus Khan says:

    Just they intended to attract the consumers?? No actually look at the device size and dimension this time also they make a device with all the user friendly features.

  13. Sammad says:

    is it is available in doha??

  14. Eldeen Adam says:

    result of the each action is really impressive and quick compare to previous phone because a more amount of ram and processor is improved than

  15. PRAMOD says:

    I need this Asus Fonepad 7 FE171CG

  16. Farhad Jaff says:

    many things add to this phone design ahead of earlier edge model instead of plastic as well

  17. Rabab El Sherbiny says:

    The fact that Samsung decided to paint the side cover unit in body color, do not leave them entirely metal so the grand prime is not like this

  18. Waleed Ahmed Al-Jaudi says:

    Apple iphone6 Black 128 GB LTE price in KSA 445 SR Confirm

  19. Ahmed Galhoum says:

    another step to the success but sleek aluminium and glass beast size phone has not well balance combination with the hardware and their software

  20. Sahar Roushdy says:

    the finger print sensor is really at the right place just like the nexus obviously. catches my attention as there is something unique out their