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  1. Abdul Adil says:

    camera is with with sound and shot features as well??? So I can also capture pictures fro front camera

  2. Salemi Jaber says:

    Nov 19 is the release date of the nexus 6 so I am selling now my iPhone 6 and buy nexus

  3. Ola Aboagram says:

    for those many expences devices still awesome value; blow up all the rivals and actually the functions are exactly like the note5

  4. Muhammed Aamer says:

    There is a third option, but it is the lack of support Gear VR originally from Galaxy S6, but may cause a certain adapter for the current headset. But all this is based only on hearsay.

  5. Abdalraof says:

    Offering the tiny size of the mobile phone edges frames bump into the most best size of the 5.5-inch PHABLET in its place of "inflexible association"

  6. Alaa Zakaria says:

    body dimension is i think just like the previous phone while 5.5 inches size is bit big than the orignal

  7. Hicham Idressi says:

    PowerVR GT7600 (six-core graphics) well that is something they are using to give us best as they can performance of graphics and screen while playing and watching game but in big model of iphone 6s there is more new things need to be implimented

  8. Suad Shahat says:

    is the cheapest nope!! the others style and the moto x play is the cheaper with extreme especs module

  9. Ali Naqi says:

    either android has many advantages but at the other side many lacks as well.. t is no more advantage or disadvantage of Samsung smartphones, but only their feature are just well as they upgrade their phones hardware.

  10. Sawasan Zen says:

    android kitkat in this phone is a good thing... but i completely not like with low pixels and camera of the phone..also the phone designed with plastic body

  11. Sarah Gamil says:

    price should be very cheap ... and pelase tell me that is it has only 16GB storage ???

  12. Youssef Alaoui says:

    How do I send a message? with my Apple iPod touch i have 5h gen which is the first one i buy yesterday

  13. Mousa Khatib says:

    with the previous iOS 8 i found little problem but now company also update the iOS8.1 that is good with this phone. battery life is excellent and phone is very instantly charge now

  14. Haedar Aliraqi says:

    At rest, the Smartphone sense be more best than the S5 and the careful use of metallic kept the next iPhone more light in weight

  15. Abu Ali Alhchami says:

    OIS is just perfect and offering some of the brilliant features at all. S7 has nice battery, nice package with the storage now

  16. Muostafa Alahmd says:

    they are once again using Metal casing and support for Apple Pay NFC also but will be two model coming right now Se and 5e?

  17. Rizwan Omar says:

    Like the design which is new and according to what I usually demand in the smartphones. LG has revised the idea of its slim TV in the smartphone.

  18. Mohamad Ali Layla says:

    tell me when exatcly this is available in the markets of uae

  19. Essam Hegazy says:

    The new stuff in this mobile is its fundamental keys instead of captive buttons. I havnt see somenthing like this in any smartphone.

  20. Mahmoud Saad says:

    available in four colors.. Copper, Black, White and Blue color.. well the prices of 64 gb copper is not updated