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  1. Nasir Nadeem says:

    A new application called ‘PlayStation App’ will enable iPhone, iPad, and Android based smartphones and tablets to become second screens.

  2. Abdelrohman Mohamed says:

    you can quickly jump to the list opened recently or still keep minimized applications.

  3. Marah S Adwe says:

    And now the most important thing, the new XBOX 360 Slim has improved mat

  4. Muthnaa Garaam says:

    the right hanging cloud communications displaying and achievements in games, and messages from the built-in social networking.

  5. Eyad Nabout says:

    but now they were formed into a single silent fan that will cool at the same time two processors

  6. Yasser Youssef says:

    the noise is now loading disc will not distract you from the game.

  7. Alsid Taher says:

    Finally, we will report another important news for those who are still afraid of overheating console, despite all the statements and facts to improve performance, the company Microsoft has officially announced that the XBOX 360 Slim integrated overheating protection in the form of a circuit breaker.

  8. Moutassem Alhariri says:

    the new console was considered to everything little things to enjoy games and multimedia capabilities consoles to the maximum.

  9. De Galles says:

    Now decorate your room a new style of the console, which was convenient in size and has Low power consumption, quiet operation, as well as a willingness to interactive camera Kinect.

  10. Heba Mfa says:

    you see a new model of the XBOX 360 outperforms the old revision in all respects

  11. Belal Ashqar says:

    You have not forgotten that the XBOX 360 can be connected to a Windows PC and use it as a media center.

  12. Saeed Ullah says:

    Enternet-standard port is still here, so for convenience, you can connect the console to the familiar way.

  13. Koko Jalal says:

    to draw your attention that the standard is only used in the XBOX 360; , in entire other gaming consoles of the new generation, including the PS4

  14. Ibrahim Elmasry says:

    Secondly the new XBOX 360 is equipped with a built-in wi-fi module of the new standard 802.11n ,

  15. Rafi Hades says:

    Hard drive is at that time stored internally on the body of the XBOX that doesn’t ruin the sleek beautiful look of the XBOX 360 Slim .

  16. Adel Mustafa says:

    Now a useful innovation will move on to solid, firstly all console XBOX 360 Slim comes with a convenient hard drive to 250GB, which is enough to install games and additional content from XBOX Live.

  17. Ali says:

    The new XBOX 360 – Kinect connects via a special port is no longer usb-ports, not sockets are not affected, which is very convenient to use.

  18. Mohamed Bakry says:

    In general, then, that at first seemed small things, can eventually turn into a nightmare inconvenience.

  19. Firas AL-Hajjy says:

    and usb-ports in old prev models just 3, where one might be busy anytime, and in fact in the XBOX 360 can now use the usb-stick for storing content.

  20. Saad Shanabo says:

    As you can see it is uncomfortable in any modern house surge protectors are busy all kinds of household appliances

  21. Abo Issa says:

    For older models XBOX 360 device Kinect will connect through usb-adapter, which will be needed in addition to the free outlet.

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