GoPro Hero 5

Category: Camera
Best Price: 1059
Price in Dubai AED 1059 | Price in Saudi SAR 1080 | Price in Qatar QAR 1048

Store Price
GoPro Hero 5 Session Camera 4K Action Camera
AED 1059 (Update 08.18.17) Go to Store
Gopro Hero 5 4k Ultra Hd Camera Black
AED 1399 (Update 08.18.17) Go to Store
GoPro Hero 5 4K Action Video Camera (12 MP, Black)
AED 1447 (Update 08.18.17) Go to Store
GoPro Hero 5 Black Arabic
AED 1599 (Update 08.18.17) Go to Store
GoPro Hero 5 Combo
AED 1899 (Update 08.18.17) Go to Store

Price Insights

  • Cheapest price for GoPro Hero 5 in Dubai, UAE is AED 1059 sold at Yallashop

Reviews & Comments on GoPro Hero 5

  1. Alhaedry says:

    SO and exposure compensation are the key features need to be improved in the gopro hero 5.

  2. Ammar says:

    there cameras are easy to use and a small improvement over the other action cameras in term of Speed

    • Mohamed Shahid says:

      it’s an awful camera, and actually a little beastie Gopro version. Black 4K Ultra HD Waterproof Camera is also available in the markets and prices are not so expensive

  3. Osama Elfaki says:

    in the same way as the last one they are upgrading the camera little bit but this time there are other rivals with 4k and same 360 degree action camera capabilties in the market

  4. Anah Djibo says:

    really nice benefit of using the hero gopro camera and special thing you must take with you while you are planning to make any journey

  5. Khaled Zwahreh says:

    major modern action camera is coming to us. The build quality of the traditional – no complaints for the design because it is good

  6. Almarae says:

    shallow hand grip that is why they are not expanding their camera design in even the next model. prices of hero 5 must be over then $499

  7. Mohamed Mousa says:

    is their is any extended battery accessory available for the gopro hero because around 1 hour my battery will be drain to 40%

  8. Sharhabeel Mohamed says:

    wice the battery life and half the size that is the best part than 1,000mAh other high-performance capabilities also a good part we seen

  9. Ashfaq Alnuaimi says:

    it is required to make the device more durable in the same way. Feature a dual lens however the new gopro hero 5 will be

  10. Hannan khaleel says:

    mp action camera is also the good one but predecessor is not something compareable to the gopros. Even tough the gopro hero 5 is equipped with a more advanced technology on it

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