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Find Online current International Gold rate in Dubai (TT / Ounce: $0.00) & live today's Dubai UAE Gold rates (AED. - TT) in particulars cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman etc.

Gold Rate in Dubai (AED Dirham) - Find out best gold rate in Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE Gold Rates Dh. AED). Find out Gold Rate which provides the best rate with latest live international gold rates. It is update on every one minutes also Souqmobi provides all somewhat Gold rates to its customer with latest today gold rates. People stats searches from all around the world for Gold rates in Dubai, Gold rates in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah for finding gold rates in Abu Dhabi. Souqmobi also provides Forex rates covering covering more than 30 countries including India Rupee rate in Dirhams, Bangladesh Taka in Dirhams and Pakistani Rs in Dirhams. Find Malabar Gold Rate, 24 Carat per 10gram, 22K per Tola, 22 Carat per 10gram, 21K per Tola, 21 Carat per 10gram, gold kilo bars, gold biscuit rate in Dubai (AED DH.), and the spot silver rate at Souqmobi.

Gold rate in UAE in AED (Dirham) is a free of Cost offering service from the Souq Mobi website; it is a place by which you find each day reports relating to Dubai, UAE Gold Prices in Dirham (AED). The latest Gold Price in Dubai deliberates in United Arab Emirates in AED (Dirham) bring up to date after every 1-hour. On some occasions from time to time Gold Price bring up to date more frequently when prices are moving strongly on liver-spot in UAE. Find Todays most recent Gold prices in UAE (United Arab Emirates) in Dirham and in UAEs various major cities; In addition, you can also find here Global rate of Dubai Gold Price in (AED) and in USD Dollars ($) as well. With Gold rate UAE section, now you can examine the ongoing live Gold Prices of (24-Carat Gold Price rates and 22-Carat Gold Price rates) of Dubai, UAE in Dirham, Grams, Per-Tola, kilogram (KG) as well. At the other side UAE Gold Price in AED (Dirham), a report offering you the history of Gold Price Dubai in Dirham (AED) and it keeps you all the times up to date by act of compiling a list of current news and events that produce an effect on the Gold Price in UAE, Dubai. offers the service of Gold Price UAE in Dirham (AED) only for the determination of knowledge and information; we have repeatedly tried to make available the correct information on Gold Rate in Dubai, UAE to our viewers.
Dubai is a place where there is a huge amount of Gold located at different areas and there is a huge demand of Gold Rate in places Like Dubai, Saudi Arab and other UAE places. The Dubai has a huge quantity of various gold mines which are spread all over the city. There is a large amount of Gold in place like Gold Rate in Dubai which is circulating all over the markets of Dubai and is being sold all over Dubai. Gold Rate Dubai is recognized for really inexpensive gold.Unlike whatever you have seen in the realm, Dubai,s Gold Marketplace is a market that cabinets seemingly endless quantities of gold jewels. With over 300 jewelers on site to house all your gold connected needs, the roads during the day are teeming with visitors from all around the world liking the sight of wall-to-wall gold, and sequence, the souk,s remarkable prices.
Whether you are observing to buy or just check, the Dubai Marketplace is surely worth your visit. With a regular of 10 tons of gold obtainable on the buildings at any given time, you are unquestionable to be awe-struck with the radiance displays, with gold brands in almost any style you could envisage and even obtainable in an array of insignia counting white, yellow and pink. If you are feeling so motivated to make an acquisition at the Souq, make sure you carry your bargaining pants with you. It is completely predictable that you negotiate the rate for any required goods, and if one doesn,t sound decent to you, don,t be frightened to keep travelling.
The gold marketplace is more than 130 workshops all crowded with a wonderful choice of jeweler. The gold is usually 18 carat and occasionally 22 or 24, styles variety from Indian to outdated Arab to modern Italian. In our estimation tourism has ruined the souk somewhat - all the workshops used to be crowded with traditional gold jeweler, chains, jewels, belts - a real Aladdin,s cavern. But now more than half have altered to vending the type of small gemstone diamond rings you can discover anyplace in Europe...but they're much inexpensive here. The jewelers selling old-style gold have enthused out to local spending areas such as Satwa, where you can still discover twenty or more side by side.
In Middle East, UAE and Dubai is known for truly inexpensive Gold- Expect that you will make negotiation for it. Either or not you are preparing yourself to purchase, a slow walk among the Deira Gold Souk is must. The Gold Souk store also provides from time to time Silver, Carat-Gold, Diamonds, and the Govt. continuously make control all through the quality of all the goods bought and sold in this business, so quite relaxation made sure that youre all the purchases will always be genuine and premium. Also certain calculate approximately 10tones of Gold are present for the time being at any provided moment in the market of Dubai Gold. Trade your goods hard, and retain in your memory that Gold achieves sales by its weight so (here you also see the daily international Gold Prices of UAE in Dirham, AED if you are deeply interested in it). With UAE greatly exceeding collection of Shops, its extraordinary quality of Goods and its uncommon reachable prices, the UAE and Dubai Gold Markets is the eventual destination for all the lovers of the jewelries. While UAE and Dubai is the most popular tourism stop in the Middle East also it looks sensational at night. Dubai is recognized as the City of Gold for some qualities of logics. The rapid growing Gold-Business at midpoint of the World Dubai imports on above than 400-tones of yearly Gold from all over Asia and East with great margin from all the designating market of Gold around the world as well.

The gold rate has experienced gain in past few years, but now the gold price is steadily dropping. There are various reasons behind the decline in the value and gold price in open market. Since the past few weeks, the gold price has dropped to almost 15 percent. It sank to $1,180 an ounce on June 27 2014 which is the lowest value in nearly three years, before rising again slightly to $1,229 when markets closed on June 28 2014. That thrust is in such spectacular contrast to the gold ground breaking price of $1,895 an ounce in 2011 that analysts generally say that gold is losing its shine for investors and could continue to weaken.

Gold variances of Dubai and designs are popular, which are very innovative in various varieties of modern designs to take a choice from. The extremely great in number contributor for Dubai to be completely having a favorable outcome in the gold industry which is free of cost trade-zone aptitudes as well, in that condition there is not a large amount of taxes or custom duties are imposed and that is also cause to become the most desirable city to purchase and trade Gold and others jewelries as well. In UAE, Middle East after the free of cost trading came into avail in a circle of 1940s and 1950s, Gold business and retailers usual self boom. As results of it, at the same areas many shops are open, so in this period Dubai Govt. determined to prepare official Souk which is an Arabic word which means in English Market at this period wooden pass over and design and graphics were developed on all side the soul to make precise more market Soak tender emotion and desirable surface. On the other hand you can also find exactly similar manufactures and designed Souk Markets in the Bur Dubai side as well, the other separate areas of the Greek. Approximately all of the Gold Shops you will notice are in a line and every one of a group is very close to each other. Each of the one shop is protected by modern security systems consider with cameras. All of these security systems are fastened together with the Police in Dubai. Also, memorize that Dubai non-uniform Police group is separated and go in different directions on all sides of the Gold Markets. Any person who makes an effort to offer sell of Gold, a security officer will be asked for the presence to approved identity of the seller.

Throughout the past history, gold has always been regarded as a precious resource and also has been used for trade as far back as the premature days of Mesopotamia. In Present days, it is still an tremendously popular item of trade and is considered to be a crucial part of a diverse asset collection. To be successful, Gold buying necessary for trade and it is necessary to recognize the subject inside out, not just to avoid making a bad investment assessment, but also to choose which type of asset is the most proper and to value the true cost of it. Whilst the buying of gold mining shares is measured a high risk savings, due to the prospective for natural adversities, mining disasters and political obstructions, they have the prospective to earn a grand deal of money.

Mining shares are a long-term savings because their cost cannot be realized until the gold is mined. Efficiently, they signify gold that has up till now to be mined at a very low price. Obviously, once it has been mined, it is profitable at the up to date market value, which can be up to 20 times upper. The Buying of 'actual' gold in the type of gold bars and coins has numerous profits. It does not need an enormous starting or initial investment, as it is achievable to progressively accumulate a considerable amount by buying gold small coins or bars over a period of time. Storage can be done at home in a high-quality safe or in a secure deposit box at a trustworthy bank or gold repository. Another main benefit of buying gold for trading is that it is extremely fast and easy to sell if money is needed quickly. Its price is almost forever far higher than its heaviness in gold because of the related scarcity or rareness of a piece which means that excellent profits can get by those concerns. There are many trustworthy companies that deal exclusively in virtual gold. The remuneration is that the gold actually exists in a vault everywhere, but the purchaser does not have to bear the charge of delivery and assurance or have the concern of finding where safe to store it.

The asset can be for any period of time desired and realizing the assets is comparatively fast and easy. Moreover, gold also have a propensity to trade for slightly higher costs than the current 'spot gold' cost. Gold is a trendy choice of commodity for any depositor assortment. How that speculation is completed is down to personal option and experience as well as the quantity that is presented to invest, the duration of time and the intensity of risk that can be taken. Gold is really fetching rarer as time goes on, which in revolve is forcing the value higher and this is expected to prolong. Add to that the current economical condition and investment in gold might be one of the more safe investments for the future and that is why gold is necessary for trading.

The investment in gold by people is based on two circumstances. One is when they dread inflation rates are eroding their spending power and they want an asset that they believe will hold its value better than cash. The other reason is when they see banks pay such low interest rates that gold rate seems to offer a better return on their investment than other options like savings accounts or bonds. However if such concerns have pushed people to buy gold since the global economic crisis started in 2008, recent events are giving them cause to reassess. There are additional reasons as of why the gold rate is declining steadily. The biggest concern is for the big fishes i.e. investors of the countries who buy gold. Read More

UAE GOLD RATE(AED) | Source: Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group
TYPE Morning EVENING Yesterday
OUNCE 4,719.62 4,719.62
24 CARAT 155.75 155.75
22 CARAT 146.25 146.25
21 CARAT 139.50 139.50
18 CARAT 119.50 118.50
BRENT$ 51.14 + 0.71
DME OMAN $ 49.65 + 0.30
WTI$ 47.82 + 0.43
International Gold
London $/oz 1,286.00 - 2.00
Mumbai Rs/10gm 30,139.00 - 320.00
Forex Rate


During the global economic crisis, many countries have required to increase their gold holdings so they would not be left with too much of their reserves in hard currency that could lose value. According to the World Gold Council, the last year’s gold purchase of the central banks rose to 48 year high and represented 12 percent of the global demand. As the gold rate declines the business seems unpredictable. Countries like Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan all boosted their gold holdings in March this year, only to see gold's price slump by $270 an ounce by mid-April 2014. The gold rate today for famous cities like Moscow, Istanbul, New York and others is searched on regular basis.
If we talk about the gold rate today with respect to the UAE market. There are various things to be unfolded. The latest gold price in Dubai or Dubai gold rate is calculated in the United Arab Emirates dirham and is updated on regular basis. The gold prices or gold rates are calculated both per ounce, kilogram, gram, and tola for most common karats. The prices are updated frequently of strong price moves on live bid price. The today’s gold rate in Pakistan is calculated in terms of per tola and per grams. The gold rate today for the particular cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Hyderabad is updated on regular basis online.
The gold prices in Dubai is available 24/7 with live international gold rates of per ounce in US dollar, and the prices refresh every 10 minutes for latest UAE gold rate and Dubai gold rate. For visitors the converted rates in UAE gold rates is available. The live international bullion rates and converted prices in UAE gold rate can facilitate the gold investors who take smart decisions which are suitable for investors of physical and online gold. The visitors from various business hubs may search gold price in Dubai, live gold rates in Abu Dhabi, and today’s gold rate in Ajman and Fujairah.
The Dubai gold rate and Dubai gold price is of major concern for the investors residing in UAE. The Today gold rate is mostly searched by the buyers in the UAE for the updated information. The Dubai gold price and rates for current and past days is searched in order to have an idea about the trend in the market. Similarly Abu Dhabi gold rate is searched on regular basis as it is the second most important emirates for business and trade in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi gold rates are influenced by the market fluctuations.
The gold forex rates are updated on the Khaleej Times for selected Asian currencies in UAE Dirhams. The live gold forex rates for world’s top markets are available in the form of streaming charts and forecast reports. The gold forex rates are subject to fluctuations.
The UAE draft rates for top currencies of Asian markets including Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, and Nepalese rupees, Bangladeshi Taka, and Philippines Peso are updated on Khaleej Times. The draft rates for morning, evening, and yesterdays are updated on regular basis for comparison.
Unlike gold rates, the second important and significant thing is silver rate. You can locate the silver rates in Pakistan, UAE another significant markets online. The latest gold rates and silver rates and prices on major websites are updated for assistance.



Reviews & Comments on Gold Rate and Gold Price in Dubai
today gold rate in dubai please give me notifications in my mobile phone through sms daily… this is my phone number 00-982-2322-6200


Well it has bounced up a lot of times provisionally throughout its long lasting descending tendency that initiated after the rates of the gold is at the peaked in previous some years.
Anas Albassam


Gold has been beaten some weeks, mainly since increasing hopes of an interest rate.. I am talking about the arise of the interest by the United States reserve just soon the end of the year 2015
Mhammad Al Qassab


Higher prices of the gold rate actually enhance and boost income producing replacements and tend to outgrowth the rate of $(dollar), compared to which gold is avoid.
Bent Elneel


The rates keeps in short territory on 8th of December Tuesday, adding up an approximately Dh12 per gram drop from its greatest level in October as we seen
Hesham Mohamed


amounts required to buy gold is stabilized on Tuesday, with the decay in the $ currency after the publication of strong statistics in the United States previous week
Mahmoud Avesta


gold rates overlooked tragic as the crude oil rates, which played very well with last 11-year but depths. Flaw in oil prices might cause doubts of depression, a bearish issue for such valuable metal, which is frequently used as avoid beside oil-led rise.
Mohammed Al Nemi


The metal might silently be below burden in the future days but certain forecasters are saying that additional affected drops and are not predictable soon.
Mostafa Mahmo


The Dubai prices estimated is a trade rate and contains all of minor premium to cover bullion supply custodies and taxes duties regarding the customs in UAE Middle East. It as well take in a margin to cover customers from rates variations.
Morhv Mslmani


The rates are united in reaction to the currency market changes so far. The gold is start trade in $ and turn out to be more cheap for dealers who use extra exchanges rates over currencies to trust their valuable metal purchases.
Abbas Abdulla


Gold actually clear-cut to a 5-year little bit low on Friday as increase in growth of $ rate and rumor that US officials will also increase their interest rates after month
Mohamed Abbas


Even in sudan now gold is boom because with a 5KG of gold search in the desert they phone a mine worth approx. AED 19.5million or may be more in the desrt of Nile State in Northern area
Hemo Aoso


The valuable steel, copper and gold metal was interchange at AED 3975.23/- an ounce at 2:13pm as estimated on Thursday, depressed 0.2 each cent from a daytime earlier.
Nuh Karakoyun


Just next to some of the newest placement a weakening, retail gold rates in Middle East maintan self-effacingly level, with the bullion interchange and exchange at $1,123.15 an ounce as start on the Monday. Trade rates continued unaffected since Sunday (Holidays), stand-up at AED 136/- each gm for 24k gold
Ahmed Amin


where can I sell gold online?? Please tell me any place so I can sell my own
Ahmed Emara


Gold, as it is extensively realized as a secure stock of worth in periods of worry, unavoidably helped from this.
Soad Zayed


prices different daily but need to find rates in different currency where can I find qatar rates and kuwait rates of golds
Hasan Beshkar


updated price of gold all carats required please update and give me any best application for qatar
Saci Hanchi


If this shows to be constructive and helpful many, as the market imagines, gold is probable to drop suddenly once again and might re-test this near to the ground.
Sowaf Labreki


24k per Tola previously price graph I wanted please give me information of all week rates on my mobile phone
Raed Kasha



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