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  1. Ayub Adem says:

    The same goes for the sound. Apple left integrated speakers just above the keyboard, it will cover the entire width of the laptop.

  2. Helmi Suleiman says:

    so it is logical to expect at least a second generation where we see a more sensible evolution and less experimental.

  3. Badara Brahmi says:

    On the positive side we have the design, weight, thickness, touchpad, and even screen keyboard, leaving the side of all constraints associated with the availability of a single multipurpose port, the keyboard itself and processor usage Core M

  4. Soad Zayed says:

    the new 12inch laptop is also equipped groundbreaking backup battery pack of their such slim devices is amazing

  5. Hema Rayan says:

    13 inches for this slimmest laptop is might be best option as compare to lenovo laptop look pretty

  6. Arash Tanha says:

    touchscreen base laptop be as light as expected

  7. Reendy Setiadi Metamorfoblues says:

    graphics are awesome and dell xps is also a unique

  8. Nidal Bayaydah says:

    lower cost and price are now down for a little bit; CPUs are expected to have intel board

  9. Ibrahim Wahhab says:

    notebooks are still very advance as compare to Lenovo and the Toshiba

  10. Bilal Aljakh Alabadi says:

    the best thing is the graphics and ofcourse the most slimmest body of the macbook pro

  11. Kama L Wafi says:

    so this one as like the air give uo to 12 hrs half a day with single charge?

  12. Van Halthing says:

    worn-down key is same as in macbook air 13 and there is same kind of design but i like pro 13 inches size laptop because it is so slim

  13. Ali Purvi says:

    follow-up laptop and really has nice feature that are extremely good

  14. Rao Tooha says:

    13 is little but you can find this one with good view

  15. Std Ahmed says:

    Though, the 2014 MacBook Air, which has Intel 5000 Series Graphics, also grabbed just 2:12. The 13-inch Pro is still twice as slow as previous year’s 15-inch MacBook Pro having a Retina display (and Nvidia graphics), which took just 1:06.

  16. Omar Salameh says:

    The MacBook Pro took 12 seconds to 2 minutes transcode a 1080p 205MB video preview to 720p in iMovie after relating the Dream effect and using the Enhance tool — that’s 16 seconds quicker than previous year’s model.

  17. Aryan Kapoor says:

    The Intel Iris graphics in MacBook Pro are not precisely distinct-level in terms of performance, but they do offer an additional bit of energy compared with most other unified GPUs.

  18. Mahi Singh says:

    I really desire the cards would insert entirely, instead of bulging from the side.

  19. Mahima Sharma says:

    Also comprised are an HDMI port, a headset jack and an SD Card reader as well.

  20. Kumar Mishra says:

    Because well-suited Thunderbolt accessories are not precisely ubiquitous, you can use the MacBook Pro’s 2USB 3.0 ports.

  21. Raju Chavan says:

    The MacBook Pro comes with2 Thunderbolt 2 ports, which provide up to 20 Gbps transfer speeds — 4 times quicker than USB 3.0.

  22. Sanjay Gupta says:

    The Acer Aspire S7, for example, has a 2560 x 1440p panel, and the Samsung Book 9 Plus has a 3200 x 1800p pixel panel display.

  23. Sarath Babu says:

    Though, other notebook manufacturers have followed uniform and, in certain cases, surpassed Apple.

  24. Ghiath Al Masalmeh says:

    behind each and every pixel this notebook become more powerful and give best performance

  25. Faris Aldhalam says:

    13‑inch MacBook Pro is all packed with the great features

  26. Alhsnawi Mustafa says:

    And why? Well, let’s say it’s an external drive, with a same mouse, but this device doesn’t require a mouse, touchpad works fine.

  27. Ghiath Hassan says:

    I note that I do not fully understand that people why complaining about the few no of USB-ports in laptops, how many flagships should be connected tell me

  28. El Sarab says:

    Right slot for SD, and as well the perfect laptops with HDMI port that instantly connected and USB is faster.

  29. Mukeem Dalal says:

    Two microphones, voice quality at 13MBP Retina that is the best and most outstanding display, with Skype, you can with no trouble communicate without a microphone.

  30. Amamra Syed says:

    On the right side is a connector for the power supply, two ports Thunderbolt, USB, mini-jack works as an audio output (digital / analog).

  31. Abdullah Suleman says:

    Above the display is the camera lens cover can be folded with one hand, the opening angle is great.

  32. Muna Kajjal says:

    The keyboard size is the same as that of 15 MBP Retina, as you can see in the photo, on the sides there are no perforated domains.

  33. Milad QaXmi says:

    The slots are located on the bottom of the sides, cover dynamics is unlikely to succeed, unless you put the laptop on the carpet with a very long snap.

  34. Nisar Mohammad says:

    Laptop thin, elegant, perfectly assembled – metal, glass, no gaps and squeaks, excellent sound quality built-in speakers (perfect for a laptop).

  35. Ahmed Lana says:

    This is especially noticed by those who moved by public transport – I just said about the Air, MBP Retina 13 weighs a little more, but the possibilities are broader than his younger brother.

  36. Masroor Ali says:

    I carry a laptop in the bag, the difference between the MBP 15 and 13 Retina Retina very clearly visible, especially not hand pulls.

  37. Nisar Mahmoud says:

    What is surprising if you know what there stuffing. Dimensions are 31.4 x 21.9 x 1.8 cm, weight 1.57 kg, five hundred grams heavier than the MacBook Air.

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